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Team Haarlem suffers first loss - Saturday, January 25, 2014 - Tilburg

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First loss for Team Haarlem, but finishes in first place after third round

Nederlandse tekst

Team Haarlem won twice on Day 1 and on Day 2 of the World Championship Promo Tour, but today closed the preliminary round with its first loss. Despite that, the team ended in first place. Later in the day, the team opened the Play-Offs with a victory.

The event, which is held in the months of November, December, January and February, is set up to promote both the Netherlands Softball Team, as well as the World Championship, which will be held August 15-24 this year in Haarlem (Netherlands). Groups Accomodation 'De Nieuwe Erf' in Diessen is main sponsor of the event.

The six teams all represent a different part of the country, namely East, South, Central, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam. The players of the Netherlands National Teams have been divided over the six squads. The final round will be played on Saturday, February 22 in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam.

Today's games were played again in Sporthal T-Kwadraat in Tilburg, which also was the site for the first round. Initially, it was scheduled to play today in the northern city of Veendam, but unfortunately the indoor facility wasn't available. And so, it was decided to move today's games to Tilburg again.

Before the start of today's games, two clinics for youth players were held. First, players of the Dutch Junior Red Team instructed the players in the first session. Then, the players of the National Team did the same in the second clinic.

Participating in today's clinics were some 100 softball-players from eight different clubs. In the first clinic, players represented Cardinals, Ducks, Jeka, Roef! and The Stags. These clubs were joined by players from Gophers, Robur '58 and Saints in the second clinic.

After completion of the clinic session, Netherlands National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas thanked Yonina Sint Jago for her three years in the national team. Yonina recently resigned from the squad. In three years, she played in 18 official games for the Orange and participated in the World Championship in 2012 and the European Championship in 2013.

In the afternoon, there was another clinic, which was held for the players of the Dutch Junior Teams, but also interested coaches. The clinic was given by experienced Japanese coaches Taeko Utsugi and Yoshimi Kobayashi, who visited the Netherlands in this week.

The clinic-instructors discuss the set-up of today's activities

National Team Coach Berend Mannessen welcomes the participating players

Dutch Junior-players Eva van Knegsel and Wies Ligtvoet go through the details
Standing at right is Amsterdam Head Coach Rick Hetem

Amsterdam Coaches Chris Stuart and Rick Hetem at their station during the clinic

An overview of the huge indoor facility

Of course, All-American Sports had its own stance again today

National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas answers questions
Standing at left is Dutch Junior-player Shannon Hetem

Dutch Junior-players Wies Ligtvoet, Shannon Hetem and Jessica Waasdorp
inform the players about fielding a ball properly

Coach Berend Mannessen at a hitting station

Bart van Knegsel, member of the organising group of the Promo Tour
He also is one of the owners of sponsor Groups Accomodation 'De Nieuwe Erf' in Diessen

Annie Hekker also is one of the coaches during the clinic
In December, Annie won the Nol Houtkamp Award for her many activities
through the years in player development in the southern part of the country

Dutch Junior-player Amy Udink instructs her group of players

And here, Dutch Junior-player Aafje van Baal gives advice

In the meantime, Dutch Junior-player Fleur Bos enjoys handling the Orange Shop

Dutch Junior-player Shannon Hetem listens to a question

Coach Rieke Dirks oversees her part of the clinic

Coach Berend Mannessen throws during a hitting drill

The participants of the first clinic together on the photo

Players of the National Team start the second clinic

The Orange Shop is well-visited

Areke Spel gives instructions

Dagmar Bloeming oversees a hitting drill

Karin Tuk throws at a hitting station

Saskia Kosterink gives advice how to hold a bat

A fielding drill

Ginger de Weert and Jessie van Aalst enjoy themselves

Femke van Dusschoten and Merel Oosterveld have fun with the participants

Nathalie Gosewehr and Nathalie Timmermans show a batting stance

Chantal Versluis shows a stance during a fielding session

Marisèla de Wind keeps an eye on a hitting drill

Rebecca Soumeru and Anne Blaauwgeers during a throwing session

Experienced Japanese coach Taeko Utsugi looks on during a game

National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas adresses the participating players...

...and thanks Yonina Sint Jago, who recently resigned from the National Team

Montvidas thanks Yonina for her dedication to the team and wishes her luck for the future
She is presented a special cake by Bart van Knegsel

Yonina with her 'thank you cake'

Japanese coaches Taeko Utsugi and Yoshimi Kobayashi address the Junior-players

Former Japanese National Team Head Coach Taeko Utsugi

Former Japanese National Team-player Yoshimi Kobayashi

Taeko Utsugi and Yoshimi Kobayashi with their Dutch colleague Craig Montvidas

The Tournament
For the World Championship Promo Tour Tournament, six teams are compiled representing six areas of the country, East, Central, South, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam. The teams all meet each other during the tournament, which has monthly game days. The fourth (final) round will be held in Amsterdam on February 22.

Players can be added for game days, but in general the six teams play with the same roster throughout the tournament. The players of the Netherlands National Team have been divided over the six teams. However, due to circumstances (such as injuries), it is possible for players to also play for another team, filling in as a guest-player.

Back: Rick Hetem (coach), Rebecca Soumeru, Areke Spel, Rhowan Stuart, Jessica Waasdorp,
Uchenna Jong Loy, Mandy van Alebeek and Chris Stuart (coach)
Front: Manoa Weijgertse, Jessie van Aalst, Shannon Hetem, Nikki Harte, Amy Udink and Eva Voortman

Back: Brenda Beers, Desiree Adriaansz, Kim Scholtes, Lorraine Kieft,
Judith Buschman, Marco Molleman (coach) and Werner Angermann (coach)
Front: Yonina Sint Jago, Eva Voortman, Stephanie Ruiter, Saskia Kosterink and Manoa Weijgertse

Back: Richard Foppen (coach), Virginie Anneveld, Franka van Dijk, Shawna van der Schouw,
Naomi Andringa, Ismay Poot and Edwin Pieneman (coach)
Front: Anne Blaauwgeers, Nikki Harte, Lindsey Meadows, Melissa Burger, Kelsy Pieneman and Marleen van Gastel

Back: Stanley Kock (coach), Romy van der Wielen, Amber Krijgsman, Elise ten Thij,
Annemiek Jansen, Maaike Ogink and Pauli Jansen (coach)
Front: Karin Tuk, Dagmar Bloeming, Shaneequa Kock, Nadine Marinus, Merel Oosterveld and Isa Los

Back: Chantal Versluis, Rachel van Veen, Kelsey Huijzers,
Sheila van der Tang, Sanne Korpel and Berend Mannessen (coach)
Front: Nathalie Gosewehr, Marisèla de Wind, Femke van Dusschoten, Tammie Lijbers and Dayenne Sluijter

Back: Jeroen van de Wiel (coach), Sophie Mollee, Marisèla de Wind, Eva van Knegsel,
Ginger de Weert, Rachel van Veen and Rieke Dirks (coach)
Front: Tammie Lijbers, Ilse van Kerkoerle, Naftalie Pietersz, Cindy van der Zanden and Wies Ligtvoet
Lying: Marjolein Merkx and Nathalie Timmermans

Today's umpires Carolien Stadhouders, Bert Loggen, Wout van der Horst,
Arjan de Wever, Hans Hornstra and Patrick Reus

Game 13 - Team East vs. Team Haarlem
Team Haarlem started the first game today as the lone unbeaten team, but that status changed during the course of the match-up against Team East, which won 4-0. Haarlem faced a dominating Dagmar Bloeming, who struckout eight batters and gave up only two basehits. Haarlem-pitcher Eva Voortman also struckout eight, but gave up four hits, which led to three of the four runs.

Team Haarlem got a chance to open the score in the first inning, as Desiree Adriaansz led off with a walk and Eva Voortman reached on an error on a sac-bunt with one out. The two moved into scoring position on a following grounder, but then stranded.

Haarlem was retired in order in the second inning, which ended with a nice play by 3B Elise ten Thij on a grounder by Brenda Beers.

Team East then opened the score in its second at bat. Karin Tuk led off with a walk, moved on an error and a passed ball, then scored on a wild pitch. With runners on first and third base, Isa Los (who made her tournament-debut) was thrown out at the plate on an infield-grounder and the team stranded two runners.

But in the third at bat, East added two runs. With one out, Annemiek Jansen walked and Nadine Marinus singled to put runners on second and third base. With two outs, the two scored on a single by Maaike Ogink to make it 3-0.

Team East scored its fourth and last run in the fifth inning. Merel Oosterveld then led off with a single, stole second base and scored when a throw followed trying to eliminate Nadine Marinus, who had just hit her second single of the game.

Team Haarlem got another scoring opportunity in the fourth inning. With one out, Eva Voortman and Saskia Kosterink both singled, moved on a grounder by Yonina Sint Jago, but then the team again left two runners in scoring position. And so, Team Haarlem was left empty-handed for the first time in the tournament, but nevertheless, it already had secured first place before today's third round started. With this, they will meet the team that will finish in fourth place after the preliminary round in the Play-Offs, which is the final game of today's program (Game 18).

Besides Isa Los, Manoa Weijgertse (Haarlem) also made her tournament-debut in this game.

With the win, Team East claimed second place in the preliminary round.

Box Score Game 13 Team East vs. Team Haarlem

Coach Marco Molleman announces the line-up of Team Haarlem

The umpires for today's opening game: Patrick Reus, Bert Loggen and Hans Hornstra

Lorraine Kieft hitting in the first inning for Haarlem
Karin Tuk is the catcher, Bert Loggen the umpire

Eva Voortman strikes out eight batters pitching for Haarlem

Looking on from the dug-out of Team East with Isa Los being the hitter
Left to right Amber Krijgsman, Maaike Ogink, Annemiek Jansen, Shaneequa Kock,
Elise ten Thij, team-scorer Marije ten Thij and Merel Oosterveld

Amber Krijgsman at bat for Team East in the 2nd inning
Looking on in the back are Haarlem-coaches Marco Molleman and Werner Angermann and player Yonina Sint Jago

Moments later, Karin Tuk scores the first run on a wild pitch
Catcher Brenda Beers and Eva Voortman can't prevent the run

Dagmar Bloeming goes the distance for Team East and throws a 2-hitter

Desiree Adriaansz hitting for Team Haarlem in the 3rd inning

Karin Tuk in the batter's box for Team East in the 3rd inning

Maaike Ogink running at 1st base after hitting a 2-run single that made it 3-0 for Team East

Isa Los made her tournament-debut today

Saskia Kosterink at 1st base after hitting a single for Haarlem in the 4th inning
Standing in the back are 2B Amber Krijgsman and umpire Hans Hornstra

Kim Scholtes at bat for Team Haarlem in the fourth inning

Game 14 - Team Central vs. Team South
In the second game today, pitchers Marjolein Merkx (South) and Lindsey Meadows (Central) both also struckout eight batters in a low-scoring, low-hitting match-up. Marjolein gave up three hits, while Lindsey gave up only two, becoming the winning pitcher, as Team Central won 1-0.

The lone run was scored right away in the first at bat. Virginie Anneveld led off with a single, then her pinch-runner Ismay Poot (who made her tournament-debut) advanced when an error was made on a sac-bunt by Naomi Andringa (who also made her debut). With one out, Franka van Dijk singled, which was followed by a throwing error, enabling Ismay to score. Hereafter, two strikeouts followed to end the inning.

Team South got a chance to come alongside in the second inning. Nathalie Timmermans led off with a single in her first tournament at bat, but was forced out on a grounder by Cindy van der Zanden. The latter moved on a passed ball and a single by Sophie Mollee, who then stole second base. But the runners stranded on second and third base, as two strikeouts followed.

After giving up the single to Sophie Mollee, Lindsey Meadows retired 11 batters in a row in the remainder of the game.

Team Central got three more runners in scoring position, but was unable to add more runs. In the second inning, Ismay Poot reached on a fielder's choice and stole second, then was left behind. In the third, 3B Naftaly Pietersz made a nice play on a lead-off grounder by Naomi Andringa. Hereafter, Lindsey Meadows was hit by a pitch and Franka van Dijk walked, but the two stranded. In the fourth inning, Kelsy Pieneman led off with a walk and Virginie Anneveld walked with two outs, but also were left behind.

Three more players made their tournament-debut in this game, being Ilse van Kerkoerle, Naftalie Pietersz (both South) and Shawna van der Schouw (Central).

Box Score Game 14 Team Central vs. Team South

The umpires for this game: Wout van der Horst, Arjan de Wever and Carolien Stadhouders

The coaches of Team South announce the starting line-up

Lindsey Meadows strikes out 8 batters and throws a 2-hitter for Central

Team South-pitcher Marjolein Merkx strikes out 10 batters in this game
Standing in the back is short stop Cindy van der Zanden

Shawna van der Schouw makes her tournament-debut in this game
Nathalie Timmermans is the catcher, Wout van der Horst the umpire

Nathalie Timmermans running after a lead-off single in the 2nd inning
Also on this photo: 2B Naomi Andringa, RF Ismay Poot, Coach Rieke Dirks and umpire Arjan de Wever

Sophie Mollee moments before hitting a single in the 2nd inning

Ilse van Kerkoerle in her first tournament at bat in the 1st inning
Kelsy Pieneman is the catcher, Wout van der Horst the umpire

Naftalie Pietersz also made her tournament-debut today

Ismay Poot at 1st base in the 2nd inning
In the back are 2B Wies Ligtvoet and RF Rachel van Veen

Players of Team Central look on while Lindsey Meadows is the batter
Sitting on the bench are Shawna van der Schouw, Marleen van Gastel and Anne Blaauwgeers
Sitting in front is Virginie Anneveld and the on-deck hitter is Franka van Dijk

Ismay Poot is a concentrated observer

Nathalie Timmermans is ready to connect in the 4th inning

Game 15 - Team Rotterdam vs. Team Amsterdam
In the final game of the preliminary round, Team Rotterdam remained winless, losing 5-0 to Team Amsterdam. Before the start of today's games, Team Rotterdam already knew it would finish in last place. By winning, Team Amsterdam ended up in a 3-way tie for third place with Team Central and Team South.

Based on their head-to-head results, Amsterdam finished in third place, followed by Team Central and Team South, setting up the match-ups in the first round of the Play-Offs, which began with Game 16.

Team Amsterdam opened the score with one run in the first inning. Guest-player Eva Voortman led off with a single, then next batter Shannon Hetem was hit by a pitch. After the two advanced via a double-steal, a grounder by Jessie van Aalst led to the first run. Hereafter, Nikki Harte and Manoa Weijgertse singled. The bases got loaded when pitcher Kelsey Huijzers hit Jessica Waasdorp with a pitch, but the bases were left loaded when two outs followed.

A 4-run rally was then staged in the second at bat. Three of the runs were unearned, as the Rotterdam-defense committed four errors. Lead-off hitter Uchenna Jong Loy was hit by a pitch, then an error was made on a sac-bunt by Eva Voortman. The two scored on a double by Shannon Hetem. Two errors then followed on grounders by Jessie van Aalst and Nikki Harte. A throwing error after a stolen base and a wild pitch then accounted for the next two runs to make it a 5-0 score.

Hereafter, Femke van Dusschoten took over the pitching and pitched three scoreless innings, giving up one basehit and striking out six.

Amsterdam-starter Jessie van Aalst walked Nathalie Gosewehr with one out in the first inning, then retired the next nine batters in a row, striking out six. With one out in the fourth inning, Shannon Hetem took over the pitching. She saw the bases being loaded when Femke van Dusschoten walked, Sanne Korpel reached on an infield-hit and Dayenne Sluijter also walked. A force out at home then followed on a grounder by Rachel van Veen. The bases were then left loaded and the inning ended when a groundout followed, which also ended the game.

In this game, Team Amsterdam set a tournament-record with eight stolen bases. Three of them were stolen by Nikki Harte, which also was a record. Mandy van Alebeek, Uchenna Jong Loy (both Amsterdam), Tammie Lijbers and Sheila van der Tang (both Rotterdam) made their tournament-debut.

Box Score Game 15 Team Rotterdam vs. Team Amsterdam

The umpires for this game are Bert Loggen, Hans Hornstra and Patrick Reus

Berend Mannessen announces the line-up for Team Rotterdam
Mannessen filled in as coach again today, just as in the first round

Kelsey Huijzers started for Team Rotterdam
Standing in the back are umpire Bert Loggen and short stop Rachel van Veen

Looking on from the Amsterdam dug-out are Jessica Waasdorp, Nikki Harte, Amy Udink,
Rebecca Soumeru, Mandy van Alebeek, Uchenna Jong Loy and Manoa Weijgertse

Nathalie Gosewehr steals 2nd base for Rotterdam in the 1st inning
Short stop Nikki Harte has no play, 2B Jessica Waasdorp covers

3B Dayenne Sluijter, SS Rachel van Veen and 1B Femke van Dusschoten
are ready for action, while pitcher Kelsey Huijzers starts her wind-up

Shannon Hetem at 2nd base after hitting a 2-run double in the 2nd inning

Femke van Dusschoten takes over the pitching for Rotterdam in the 2nd inning

Jessie van Aalst throws 3 1/3 hitless innings as starter for Amsterdam

Dayenne Sluijter hitting for Team Rotterdam in the 2nd inning; on-deck is Rachel van Veen
Sitting in front of the bench are Tammie Lijbers and Chantal Versluis
Manoa Weijgertse is the catcher and Hans Hornstra the umpire

Veteran umpire Hans Hornstra is behind the plate in this game

Jessica Waasdorp hitting for Amsterdam in the 4th inning
Tammie Lijbers is the catcher, Hans Hornstra the umpire

Official Scorers Stefan Slinger and Ben Goorts; Ben also did the announcing today

Game 16 - Team South vs. Team Rotterdam (Play-Offs)
Team Rotterdam had to play again after completing its previous game. In the opener of the Play-Offs, Rotterdam faced fifth placed Team South, but was empty-handed again, this time losing 4-0.

Ginger de Weert went the distance for Team South, struckout nine batters and threw a 2-hitter. Nathalie Gosewehr led off the third inning for Rotterdam with a double, but later stranded on third base. In the fourth inning, Sanne Korpel singled with one out, then Mandy van Alebeek walked, but hereafter, Ginger struckout the next two batters.

Team South scored its first run in the second at bat off of starter Femke van Dusschoten. With two outs, Marjolein Merkx singled, then a throwing error following on an infield-hit by Naftelie Pietersz led to the first run.

Three runs were added in the third inning off of new pitcher Kelsey Huijzers. Wies Ligtvoet led off with a single, then stole second base and scored on a following double by Marisèla de Wind. An outfield-error on a hit by Eva van Knegsel then led to the next run. Eva reached third base on the error, then Nathalie Timmermans was hit by a pitch. After a foul-out, the next run was scored on a single by Sophie Mollee.

In the fourth inning, Tammie Lijbers led off with a single. Tammie, who made her tournament-debut in the previous game playing for Team Rotterdam, was left on second base.

As the Play-Offs has the double elimination format, Team Rotterdam is now one loss away from elimination.

Box Score Game 16 Team South vs. Team Rotterdam

The umpires for this game are Arjan de Wever, Carolien Stadhouders and Wout van der Horst

Home Plate Umpire Arjan de Wever sitting behind catcher Amy Udink

Eva van Knegsel hitting for Team South

Sheila van der Tang playing at 2nd base for Team Rotterdam

Ginger de Weert struckout nine batters and gave up 2 hits, pitching for South
Standing at left are 3B Naftalie Pietersz and umpire Wout van der Horst

Femke van Dusschoten threw the first 2 innings for Rotterdam
Playing at 3B is Mandy van Alebeek
Looking on in the back is Netherlands Team Pitching Coach Karen Marr

Tammie Lijbers hitting for Team South

Nathalie Gosewehr on 2nd base after hitting a lead-off double in the 3rd inning

The umpires come together to discuss a situation

Marisèla de Wind on 2nd base after her RBI-double in the 3rd at bat

Cindy van der Zanden hitting for Team South in the 3rd inning
Amy Udink is the catcher, Arjan de Wever the umpire

Kelsey Huijzers pitched the last two innings for Rotterdam

Amsterdam-coach Rick Hetem and Team East-pitcher Dagmar Bloeming look on
Rotterdam-coach Berend Mannessen takes a comfortable sit on the bench

Chantal Versluis is the centerfielder for Team Rotterdam

Rotterdam short stop Shannon Hetem and LF Dayenne Sluijter take their position

Nathalie Gosewehr played at 1B for Rotterdam in the final 2 innings
Playing in rightfield is Sanne Korpel

Team East-player Merel Oosterveld looks on

Coach Berend Mannessen and Femke van Dusschoten on the Rotterdam bench

Game 17 - Team East vs. Team Amsterdam (Play-Offs)
The second game in the Play-Offs was the match-up between second-placed Team East and third-placed Team Amsterdam. After being the winning pitcher, throwing a 2-hitter with 9 strikeouts in four innings in the previous game for Team South, Ginger de Weert now filled in as pitcher for Team Amsterdam. She again dominated, this time striking out 10 batters and giving up three hits in five innings to become the winning pitcher again, as Amsterdam won 3-0.

Amsterdam opened the score in the first inning. With two outs, Jessie van Aalst singled and stole second base, then scored on a single by Nikki Harte. After the latter also stole second base, she was thrown out at the plate trying to score on a single by Nathalie Timmermans, who also played for Team South in the previous game.

Team Amsterdam then struck with two runs in the fifth inning. Uchenna Jong Loy led off with a double and advanced on a grounder by Jessica Waasdorp. She then scored on a single by Shannon Hetem, which was followed by an RBI-double by Jessie van Aalst, that lifted the lead to 3-0.

For Team East, Isa Los singled with two outs in the second inning, but was left behind. In the third inning, Romy van der Wielen singled in her first tournament at bat with one out, but stranded on second base after a passed ball. In the fourth at bat, Aafje van Baal tripled, but then Ginger de Weert struckout the next two batters.

Mandy van Alebeek and Amy Udink (both Team Amsterdam) both played in their third consecutive game today. In the previous game, they both were 'borrowed' by Team Rotterdam.

Team Amsterdam collected eight basehits to tie the tournament-record. With the loss, Team East is now one loss away from elimination.

Box Score Game 17 Team East vs. Team Amsterdam

The umpires for this game are Bert Loggen, Patrick Reus and Hans Hornstra

Team East is ready to take the field

East 3B Karin Tuk retires the first batter in the 1st inning
Pitcher Amber Krijgsman looks to first base
Standing in the back are umpire Hans Hornstra and short stop Merel Oosterveld

And here 2B Shaneequa Kock eliminates a batter
Standing in the back is centerfielder Isa Los

Amsterdam-pitcher Ginger de Weert strikes out 10 batters and gives up 3 hits
Standing in the back is short stop Nikki Harte

Dagmar Bloeming looks on while her team is hitting

Amber Krijgsman goes the distance for Team East

Amy Udink hitting for Team Amsterdam in the 2nd inning

Umpire Bert Loggen and Amsterdam-Coach Chris Stuart take care of first base

Romy van der Wielen hitting for Team East in the 3rd inning

Romy then singled and advances to 2nd base on a passed ball
Waiting for the ball are short stop Nikki Harte and 2B Jessica Waasdorp

Uchenna Jong Loy leads off the 5th inning for Amsterdam with a double

Amber Krijgsman makes another delivery

Players and coaches of Team Haarlem (who are warming up for the next game) look on
while Jessie van Aalst reaches 2nd base with an RBI-double in the 5th inning
Short stop Merel Oosterveld and 2B Shaneequa Kock wait for the ball

Aafje van Baal tripled in the 5th inning, but was left behind

Game 18 - Team Haarlem vs. Team Central (Play-Offs)
After losing its first game of the event earlier today, Team Haarlem closed the day with a 2-0 win in its Play-Off opener vs. fourth-placed Team Central.

Eva Voortman dominated as pitcher and gave up only one basehit. With the tournament-rule 50-minute playing time approaching in the top of the 5th inning, she struckout her 12th batter of the game. She then had a chance of tying the tournament-record with 13, but instead walked Ismay Poot, who then also was the last batter in the game. And so, Eva had to settle for 12 strikeouts in this game. The lone basehit, the lefthander gave up was registered in the second inning when Kelsy Pieneman singled with one out. This brought Melissa Burger (who had walked) to third base, but then Eva struckout the next two batters.

Team Haarlem threatened to open the score in the first inning. Judith Buschman opened with a single, but was eliminated oversliding third base after advancing on a single by Stephanie Ruiter. Hereafter, Eva Voortman also singled, but they then stranded on second and third base.

After Melissa Burger struckout the Haarlem-side in the second inning, she gave up two runs in the third at bat. With one out, Desiree Adriaansz reached on an error, then Judith Buschman was hit by a pitch. Next, Stephanie Ruiter singled, but Desiree was thrown out at the plate on a nice throw from centerfielder Franka van Dijk. Hereafter, the bases got loaded when Eva Voortman walked. Haarlem then scored twice on a single by Saskia Kosterink and that was enough to secure the win.

In the fourth inning, Manoa Weijgertse and Kim Scholtes led off with singles for Team Haarlem, but then three outs followed.

Box Score Game 18 Team Haarlem vs. Team Central

The umpires for the last game of today
Wout van der Horst, Carolien Stadhouders and Arjan de Wever

Lindsey Meadows has her eyes on the ball in the 1st inning

Manoa Weijgertse is the catcher for Team Haarlem in this game

Judith Buschman tries to advance to 3rd base in the 1st inning on a single by Stephanie Ruiter...

...but is tagged out by 3B Ismay Poot after a throw by RF Lindsey Meadows
After Judith overslides the base, umpire Carolien Stadhouders makes the call

Melissa Burger throws for Central in this game

Stephanie Ruiter running at 2nd base in the 1st inning

Eva Voortman strikes out 12 batters and throws a 1-hitter

Umpire Carolien Stadhouders is behind the plate in this game; Manoa Weijgertse is the catcher

Kelsy Pieneman moments before hitting a single in the 2nd inning for Team Central

Looking on from the Central dug-out are Shawna van der Schouw, Nikki Harte,
Franka van Dijk, Naomi Andringa and Ismay Poot

Yonina Sint Jago is at 3rd base for Team Haarlem in this game
Standing in the back is Central Coach Edwin Pieneman

Ismay Poot hitting for Team Central in the 2nd inning

Central team-scorer Karin Pieneman and Virginie Anneveld have fun

National Team Pitching Coach Karen Marr and Anne Blaauwgeers talk details

Judith Buschman is the rightfielder for Team Haarlem

Lindsey Meadows is receiving her 2nd walk in this game in the 3rd inning

Coach Marco Molleman shakes hand with Saskia Kosterink
after her 2-run single in the 3rd inning that gives Haarlem a 2-0 lead

Brenda Beers hitting for Team Haarlem in the 4th inning

Day 3 of the World Championship Promo Tour is in the books

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