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Dutch game vs. Dominicans postponed - Haarlem - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Orange comes into action twice on Wednesday

Nederlandse tekst

The weather remains unstable in Haarlem and also interrupted Day 5 of the ISF World Championship. After three make-up games were played in the morning, the first two games of the regular schedule of today (Tuesday, August 19) got into a lengthy rain-delay.

When the showers cleared, it was decided to move all games ahead, which meant that the Netherlands Softball Team would play against the Dominican Republic with an expected starting time of no earlier than 11:30 PM (and possibly even later)!

Everything went fine when the program resumed, but during the USA vs. Australia and Japan vs. Canada games, it started raining again just before 11 PM and then the lights on both fields also went out.

It was then decided the cancel the remainder of the program.

The Dutch Team now meets the Dominicans at 10 AM on Wednesday-morning. In the evening, at 8 PM, the Dutch meets Great Britain.

(above photos made by Fred Versluis and Marco Stoovelaar)

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