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World Championship - Day 9 - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Dutch Team also wins vs. South Africa

Nederlandse tekst

WHITEHORSE, Yukon (Canada) - The Dutch National Softball Team on Tuesday, July 17, registered a big 13-0 shutout-victory against South Africa to win its fourth game in a row. The Orange collected 10 basehits, including the third homerun of the event by Nathalie Timmermans and the first by Virginie Anneveld. Pitcher Femke van Dusschoten threw a 4-inning No-Hitter in this game which started three hours later due to rain. On Wednesday, the Dutch Team faces Team USA.

While the team now has four victories, a spot in the Play-Offs is not sealed yet, as Puerto Rico won 9-6 vs. Venezuela. The latter was leading 6-0 in the third inning when the game was delayed by rain. When the game resumed, Puerto Rico rallied and won 9-6. The Dutch Team faces Puerto Rico in its last game of the preliminary round on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the Dutch Team can clinch the Play-Offs when Puerto Rico wins against South Africa. The following games on the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday then will determine in which spot the Dutch will finish in the ranking, which will set up the games in the Play-Offs.

After today's game, the Dutch Team was invited for a barbecue in a hangar of Air North at the airport. There, the team was able to explore the Boeing-737 which will be used next Monday for the flight that will bring the squad from Whitehorse to Vancouver.

All 66 games from the ISF XIII Women’s World Championship will be webstreamed live. Games will be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing as well. The games can be viewed on www.sportscanada.tv.

On a rainy day, the game of the Dutch Team was postponed for at least three hours. The field crew succeeded in preparing the field in time and so the game against South Africa started at 7 PM instead of 4 PM local time.

The Dutch Team reached base right away in the first at bat when lead-off hitter Nathalie Gosewehr was hit by a pitch. But after advancing on a sac-bunt by Anne Blaauwgeers (who did the catching today), Nathalie stranded at second base.

The Orange then opened the score in the second inning thanks to another long ball. Virginie Anneveld led off and drove the ball into centerfield for a homerun to put the Dutch ahead. Next, Merel Oosterveld (who played in rightfield today) was hit by a pitch and Petra van Heijst (who played at second base in this game) walked. After a flyout, Chantal Versluis doubled to bring in Merel and make it a 2-0 score.

Three runs were then added in the third at bat. Britt Vonk led off with a bunt-single and scored all the way from first base when Saskia Kosterink hit the ball over the head of the centerfielder for a double. Saskia moved to third base on the throw to home, then beat the throw to home on a comeback-grounder (with one out) by Merel Oosterveld. As no one was covering second base, Merel ran towards second base, then a throw by the catcher ended up in centerfield enabling Merel to score and lift the lead to 5-0.

In the fourth inning, leading 5-0, the Orange took a commanding lead, scoring eight runs. The runs were piled up quicker than your webmaster could type, but in the end, the Dutch were leading 13-0. It all began with a walk for Chantal Versluis and a following single by Nathalie Gosewehr. Next, Anne Blaauwgeers hit a 2-run double, stole second base and scored on a single by Yonina Sint Jago (who had just entered the game defensively in the outfield). Yonina also stole second base and then Saskia Kosterink walked, which led to a pitching change. saskia was then forced out on a grounder by Virginie Anneveld, but the bases were then loaded when Merel Oosterveld walked. Petra van Heijst then lined the ball down the leftfield-line for a 2-run single and Nathalie Timmermans followed with a 3-run homerun (her third of the event) that lifted the lead to 13-0. With two outs, Nathalie Gosewehr hit her second single in the inning, but this time was left behind.

Dutch pitcher Femke van Dusschoten encountered no problems and threw a 4-inning mercy-rule No-Hitter. Femke, who struckout six batters, missed the Perfect Game, as one of the 13 batters she faced reached base, which happened in the second inning on an error. After striking out the final two batters in the third inning, Femke struckout the side in the fourth the end the quick game which lasted one hour and 19 minutes.

In today's game, all 10 players who came into action for the Dutch squad offensively scored at least once. Nine of these players also hit at least one basehit, except for Merel Oosterveld, who was hitless, but she reached base three times and scored three runs. Eight players had at least one run batted in.

Box Score South Africa vs. Netherlands
Complete Schedule World Championship in Whitehorse

Due to rain, today's game was postponed for three hours

In the meantime, Britt Vonk, Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege, Meike Witteveen,
Petra van Heijst and Merel Oosterveld play some games

But then it's game time and so Head Coach Craig Montvidas meets his South African colleague and umpires Yu-Sung Lin (HP, Chinese Taipei),
José Chaparro (1B, Puerto Rico), Noreen Atkinson (2B, Canada) and Haruchi Goto (3B, Japan)

Time for the introductions, here 3B Virginie Anneveld enters the field

The teams line up for the National Anthems

Coaches Berend Mannessen and Craig Montvidas

Candice Stephens leads off for South Africa and strikes out in the 1st inning off Femke van Dusschoten

Matilda Mel follows in the batter's box and grounds out

In the 2nd inning, Virginie Anneveld leads off with a homerun
Matilda Mel is the catcher; Yu-Sung Lin is the Home Plate Umpire

Virginie Anneveld runs by 3B Shannon Daubermann to complete her HR-round...

...and is greeted by Head Coach Craig Montvidas...

...then welcomed at home by her teammates

After Virginie's homerun, Merel Oosterveld is at 1st base after being hit by a pitch

Next, Petra van Heijst walks and here advances to 2nd base after a flyout
Short stop Melina Wilkinson awaits the ball to come in from rightfield

In the 3rd inning, Petra van Heijst flies out

Femke van Dusschoten delivers in the bottom of the 3rd inning
Playing at the corners are 3B Virginie Anneveld and 1B Saskia Kosterink

Candice Stephens strikes out to finish the 3rd inning; Anne Blaauwgeers is the catcher

Jackie Van Wyk takes over the pitching for South Africa in the 4th inning
Running at 2nd base is Yonina Sint Jago; at left is 2B Umpire Noreen Atkinson

Moments later, Yonina is at 3rd base
At left is 3B Umpire Haruchi Goto, at right is 3B Shannon Daubermann

Petra van Heijst moments before hitting an RBI-single that scored Yonina

With two runners on base, Nathalie Timmermans hits a 3-run homerun
For Nathalie, this was her third homerun in three days

Nathalie is greeted at home

Later in the at bat, Chantal Versluis flies out

South African 1B Candice Stephens is ready for action

Femke van Dusschoten strikes out the side in the 4th inning and the last 5 batters she faced

Femke van Dusschoten throws a 4-inning No-Hitter

End of the game

The Dutch Team wins today, 13-0

After the game, the team has a barbecue in the Air North hangar at the airport

Coach Tracy Bunge, Petra van Heijst and Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege
enjoy their dinner

Virginie Anneveld and Britt Vonk pose before an Air North Boeing-737

Dagmar Bloeming, Britt Vonk, Anne Blaauwgeers, Virginie Anneveld,
Lindsey Meadows and Nathalie Timmermans (front) explore one of the engines

And is Fred Versluis, Chantal's father

Dagmar Bloeming, Femke van Dusschoten and Meike Witteveen
' check the inside of the plane

The players pose with 'their' plane that will bring the team from Whitehorse to Vancouver next Monday

Six staffmembers do the same...

...and so are the parents, who were also invited for the barbecue

No, luckily Team Manager Paul Boonstra will not fly the plane on Monday

Below is the photo coverage of Fred Versluis of today's activities

The groundscrew works hard to make the field playable after the rain

After a 3-hour delay, the team starts preparing for the game

Britt Vonk checks if the Dutch Flag is in the right place

This sign is clear

Head Coach Craig Montvidas is ready for the game

And so are the orange wooden shoes in the hands of Chantal Versluis (left)
At right, Nathalie Gosewehr waits for the introductions

Head Coach Craig Montvidas goes over the final details with the team

Left: Chantal Versluis is introduced
Right: The teams line up

In the 1st inning, lead-off hitter Nathalie Gosewehr is hit by a pitch and later moves to 3rd base

Saskia Kosterink flies out in the first inning

2B Petra van Heijst makes two putouts at 1st base in the 1st inning
At left, Matilda Mel ends up short

In the 2nd inning, Virginie Anneveld leads off with a homerun...

...and accounts for the first Dutch run in this game

Is this and UFO?
No, it's the ball hit by Nathalie Timmermans, who flies out in the 2nd inning

Left: Petra van Heijst moves to 2nd base on Nathalie's flyout
Center/Right:"Chantal Versluis follows with an RBI-double that makes it 2-0

Time to make some noise, but Anne Blaauwgeers flies out in the 2nd inning

Britt Vonk leads off the 3rd inning with a bunt-single

Saskia Kosterink follows with a double, that enables Britt to score

Left: Chantal Versluis follows the action
Right: Virginie Anneveld grounds out in the 3rd inning

Left/Center: On a fielder's choice grounder by Merel Oosterveld, Saskia Kosterink avoids the tag
by catcher Matilda Mel, as observed by Home Plate Umpire Yu-Sung Lin
Right: Moments later, Merel scores herself on a throwing error

Left: Petra van Heijst flies out in the 3rd inning
Right: Chantal Versluis leads off the 4th inning with a walk

Nathalie Gosewehr follows with a single that brings Chantal to 3rd base

Chantal and Nathalie then both score on a single by Anne Blaauwgeers

Yonina Sint Jago follows with an RBI-single and steals 2nd base

Hereafer, Virginie Anneveld reaches on a fielder's choice (left),
then scores (right) on a single by Petra van Heijst (center)

And then Nathalie Timmermans follows with a 3-run homerun

Left: Chantal Versluis then flies out in her second at bat in the 4th inning
Center: Nathalie Gosewehr then hits her second single in the at bat
Right: Marcial Sint Jago, Yonina's father, shows the orange colors while taking photos

End of the game
Head Coach Craig Montvidas shakes hands with 1B Umpire José Chaparro

The fourth consecutive win is in the books

The Dutch fans applaus the team

Hi, Dagmar

The players and staff enjoy the barbecue in the Air North hangar at the airport

Physical Therapist Kathleen McGarvey in the Boeing-engine

Jacqueline, the mother of Dagmar Bloeming and Lenie, the mother of Yonina Sint Jago also pose in the engine

The parents on the staircase to the plane

Left: Where is Petra van Heijst thinking off?
Right: Dagmar Bloeming with her parents Ronald and Jacqueline

Outside, low-hanging clouds cover the mountains

Time to take a second course

Petra van Heijst and Physical Therapist Ingrid Holsteg check the wings

Eh, what is Team Manager Paul Boonstra checking?

And here we have Paul again

Chantal Versluis with her parents Karin and Fred

Yonina Sint Jago checks the width of the engine

Nathalie Gosewehr also enters the engine...

...as does Femke van Dusschoten

Virginie Anneveld embraces the engine

Saskia Kosterink, Chantal Versluis and Rebecca Soumeru also pose inside the engine of the Boeing-737

Merel Oosterveld and Petra van Heijst check out the cockpit

The Air North Boeing-737 that will bring the team to Vancouver next Monday

The clouds are thickening outside

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