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World Championship - Day 5 - Friday, July 13, 2012

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Dutch Team opens World Championship with loss

Nederlandse tekst

WHITEHORSE, Yukon (Canada) - The Dutch National Softball Team opened the World Championship on Friday, July 13 with a 3-2 loss vs. China. The Orange squad was one out away from an upset 2-0 victory, but then China hit two basehits and scored twice to tie the score in the bottom of the 7th inning to force extra innings.

Dutch pitcher Dagmar Bloeming threw a strong game, giving up only two hits in the first six at bats. The Dutch Team hit five and opened the score on two errors in the first inning. A squeeze by Chantal Versluis in the fifth inning made it 2-0. China then came alongside in the seventh and scored the winning run on an error in the eighth.

All 66 games from the ISF XIII Women’s World Championship will be webstreamed live. Games will be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing as well. The games can be viewed on www.sportscanada.tv.

Today, the World Championship was officially opened during the Opening Ceremony and moments later, the Dutch Team took the field for the first game, facing China. The game almost ended in historic fashion, as the Dutch Team held a 2-0 lead with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning. A third out would have led to only the second Dutch win in history against the Asian squad. But things went differently, as China came alongside and went on to win in extra innings.

Initially, the game went the Dutch way, as starting pitcher Dagmar Bloeming was in command. In the first six innings, she gave up only two basehits and no Chinese runner (there were only three) got into scoring position. Dagmar retired the first eight batters she faced, then gave up a 2-out single in the third inning, but that runner stranded.

In the fourth inning, with two outs, the second Chinese basehit was registered, but this time, the runner was caught stealing. In the sixth, after having retired five more batters, Dagmar issued her first walk, but that runner also was caught stealing.

The Dutch Team opened the score in the first at bat. Lead-off batter Nathalie Gosewehr reached on an error and moved to third base when another error was made on a grounder by next batter Meike Witteveen, who was able to advance to second base. The Orange then took a quick 1-0 lead when Nathalie scored on a sacrifice fly by Britt Vonk. Meike moved to third base on the flyout, but then was doubled up at home trying to score on a flyout by next batter Saskia Kosterink, that ended the at bat.

In the second inning, Virginie Anneveld led off with a single, but then a strikeout and double play followed. In the third, another lead-off single was hit, this time by Nathalie Timmermans. With one out, she moved to second base on a grounder and advanced on a wild pitch, but stranded at third base.

In the fourth, the Dutch got another baserunner when Saskia Kosterink singled with one out, but unfortunately, she was caught stealing moments later.

The Dutch then doubled its lead in the fifth inning. Areke Spel led off with a single, becoming the fourth lead-off batter to reach base in five innings. Everyone was then safe on a fielder's choice-grounder by pinch-hitter Anne Blaauwgeers. Next, the two advanced on a sac-bunt by Nathalie Timmermans. Hereafter, Chantal Versluis put down a perfect squeeze. Areke scored, beating the throw to home, while Chantal reached first base safely and Anne advanced to third base. Moments later, Anne was eliminated at the plate trying to score on a bunt by Nathalie Gosewehr. A pitching change followed and then the inning ended with a strikeout. Two runners were left behind, but the Orange had taken a 2-0 lead.

In the sixth inning, the fifth lead-off batter reached base, this time Britt Vonk, who singled. Britt then stole second base, but was left there, as the new Chinese pitcher ended the at bat with two strikeouts. In the seventh, she added two more strikeouts, while the Dutch was retired in order.

In the bottom of the seventh, China unexpectedly struck and tied the score. With one out, a single and a walk led to two runners. Next, a grounder followed for the second out, but China now had runners on second and third base. The two runners then scored when a single right through the middle by Na Li followed. This was followed by the third out, but China had forced an extra inning.

In the top of the eighth inning, the Dutch Team appeared to re-take the lead. First, tie-break runner Chantal Versluis moved to third base on a sac-bunt by Nathalie Gosewehr. Next, Meike Witteveen was hit by a pitch. Chantal was then elminated trying to score on a grounder to third base by Britt Vonk, but the Dutch Team then got the bases loaded when Saskia Kosterink singled. But the three runners were left, as next batter Virginie Anneveld unfortunately flied out.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, China completed its comeback. Rebecca Soumeru took over the pitching and began with a flyout. Tie-break runner Jing Zhao then moved on a sac-bunt and was able to score the winning run when an error was made on a following grounder.

Box Score China vs. Netherlands
Complete Schedule World Championship in Whitehorse

Virginie Anneveld and Britt Vonk during the Opening Ceremony

Anne Blaauwgeers shows the medallions the Dutch players threw
to the spectators during the Opening Ceremony

Coaches Tracy Bunge and Craig Montvidas

Virginie Anneveld, Chantal Versluis and Britt Vonk

Ready for the Opening Ceremony

Posing with players from Mexico

Saskia Kosterink and Lindsey Meadows with their Italian teammates from Bollate

Saskia Kosterink, Valeria Bortolomai, Greta Cecchetti, Lara Buila and Lindsey Meadows

Meike Witteveen with the Dutch Flag

Chantal, Virginie and Britt have fun taking photos

Posing with players from Puerto Rico

Coach Berend Mannessen and Petra van Heijst wait for the ceremony to start

Saskia Kosterink re-acquaints with Venezualan players

Femke van Dusschoten and Yonina Sint Jago

Head Coach Craig Montvidas has a talk with Fred Versluis, who contributes to this site with lots of photos

The Opening Ceremony gets underway; Standing at the left is ISF-President Don Porter

The Dutch Team enters the field...

...and takes its position on the field; the team is 'on the right track'

Kathleen McGarvey returns to the team to assist as Physical Therapist

Dagmar Bloeming starts for the Orange in the opener
Standing in the back is Australian umpire Diane Waller

A talk between innings

Chinese starter Lan Wang delivers with Virginie Anneveld running at 1st base in the 2nd inning

Rightfielder Areke Spel makes a catch for the 3rd out in the 2nd inning

Chantal Versluis bunts foul in the 3rd inning
Noreen Atkinson (Canada) is the Home Plate Umpire; Jia Guo is the catcher

Meike Witteveen hitting in the third inning

Saskia Kosterink singles in the fourth inning

3B Virginie Anneveld and 1B Britt Vonk takes their position,
as Dagmar Bloeming gets in her wind-up in the fourth Chinese at bat

Short stop Chantal Versluis tags out pinch-runner Huan Li in the 4th inning

Batter Chantal Versluis, runner at 3rd base Areke Spel
and runner at 2nd base Anne Blaauwgeers break up a meeting in the top of the 5th inning

Moments later, Areke slides by catcher Jia Guo to score the second Dutch run on a squeeze by Chantal
Home Plate Umpire Noreen Atkinson wil give the safe-signal

Nathalie Gosewehr running at first base in the fifth inning
Qi Li has just taken over the pitching and 1B Dongmei Wei and 3B Ying Lu take their position

Britt Vonk hitting in the sixth inning, she leads off with a single

Saskia Kosterink lets a ball go by in the sixth at bat

The team meets after the sixth inning

Below is the photo coverage of Fred Versluis of today's activities

Nathalie Timmermans and Dagmar Bloeming

The team is ready for the Opening Ceremony

Virginie Anneveld, Coach Tracy Bunge, Head Coach Craig Montvidas
and the team have fun during the Opening Ceremony

This is where it is all about

Femke van Dusschoten puts on the make-up for Chantal Versluis

Team Japan also is ready for the Opening Ceremony

An overview of the main field in Whitehorse

Chantal Versluis also takes some photos
Looking on are Virginie Anneveld and Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege

Having fun before entering the field for the Opening Ceremony
Top: Britt Vonk, Areke Spel, Meike Witteveen, Femke van Dusschoten, Anne Blaauwgeers and Merel Oosterveld
Bottom: Areke Spel, Virginie Anneveld and Britt Vonk

More fun
Top: Britt Vonk, Meike Witteveen, Femke van Dusschoten, Yonina Sint Jago and Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege
Bottom: Virginie Anneveld, Meike Witteveen and Areke Spel

The Flags of Canada, the State of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse enter the stadium

The Organizing Committee and representatives of the ISF line up for the Opening Ceremony

The festive opening of the World Championship 2012

The dignitaries welcome the dancers, the officials and the teams

The Umpires enter the field
Walking at left is Italian umpire Gianluca Magnani, in front of him Dutch umpire Rob Veldkamp

Rob Veldkamp (center) officiates at his first Women World Championship

The Dutch fans of course are also in the stadium

Argentina is the first to enter the field, followed by Australia and China...

...and then Chinese Taipei, the Czech Republic and Great Britain...

...being followed by Italy, Japan and Mexico...

...and then it's time for the Orange squad to be introduced...

...The team walks by the spectators and throw medallions in the stands...

...The Dutch players walk by the dignitaries...

...and walk by the Canadian Flags to take their position on the field...

The Dutch staff-members follow the players

The Dutch Team is followed by New Zealand, Puerto Rico and South Africa...

...and then the USA and Venezuela with host Canada closing the entrance of the athletes

A huge Canadian Flag is unfolded

And the ceremonial first pitch is thrown

The teams are ready for the tournament

And so is this young fan

The Dutch players are introduced before the game

The give-aways for China

The umpires for the game against China: 1B Nicola Ogier (New Zealand),
2B Bobby Shelton (USA), HP Noreen Atkinson (Canada) and 3B Diane Waller (Australia)

Nathalie Gosewehr leads off the game by reaching on an error

Nathalie advances when another error is made on a grounder by next batter Meike Witteveen
Short stop Na Li only can look on

Britt Vonk follows with a sacrifice fly...

...that enables Nathalie to score the first Dutch run right away in the first at bat

Nathalie is greeted by her teammates

Moments later, Meike Witteveen is tagged out at home by catcher Jia Guo
after trying to score on a flyout by Saskia Kosterink

Left: Virginie Anneveld leads off the 2nd inning with a single
Right: Karin Tuk grounds into a double play to end the 2nd inning

Centerfielder Saskia Kosterink makes a catch for the first out in the 2nd inning
Rightfielder Areke Spel is close by to cover

1B Britt Vonk retires a Chinese batter in the 3rd at bat; 2B Meike Witteveen looks on

Left: In the 4th inning, Saskia Kosterink reaches on a single
Right: Dagmar Bloeming delivers in the fourth inning

Pinch-runner Huan Li is tagged out by short stop Chantal Versluis in the 4th inning

Areke Spel reaches 2nd base safely in the fifth inning

Left: Chantal Versluis hitting in the fifth inning
Right: 3B Virginie Anneveld throws the ball to 1B Britt Vonk in the 5th

Britt Vonk steals 2nd base in the 6th inning; Short Stop Na Li has no play

2B Meike Witteveen tags out pinch-runner Chunmei Liao to end the 6th inning

The score is tied at 2-2 when the eighth inning starts

Tie-break runner Chantal Versluis at 3rd base in the 8th inning

Head Coach Craig Montvidas discusses the situation in the 8th inning with 1B Coach Tracy Bunge,
batter Britt Vonk, runner at 1st Meike Witteveen and runner at 3rd Chantal Versluis

Chantal Versluis is eliminated at home in the 8th inning by catcher Jia Guo
when she tried to score on a grounder to third base by Britt Vonk

Disappointment after the loss against China

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