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Vaughn Robinson - Strength & Conditioning Coach (Jan.-Feb.2012)
PositionStrength & Conditioning Coach
Dutch National TeamJanuary-February 2012
Games Dutch National Team0

Clubs / Teams as Player
as Strength & Conditioning Coach
Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball (2007-durrent)
National Teams
Netherlands National Baseball Team (2009-current
Netherlands National Softball Team (Jan. 2012-current)
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North American Softball Championships

Vaughn Robinson, who celebrates his birthday on June 2, is the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Dutch National Softball Team in the first two months of 2012. Vaughn, who is born in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), conducts weekly conditioning sessions with the Physical Therapists of the team and is a welcome addition to the staff, as he prepares the players with his knowledge for the upcoming international season. Working with the Dutch Team, he also works with the Dutch Baseball Team, is Vaughn's first experience working with national teams.

This is Vaughn's fourth year working in the Netherlands, but first to be associated with the National Softball Team. Besides working for the Dutch Teams, Vaughn also traveled to Sweden and presented during some conferences in Stockholm (Sweden), Brussels (Belgium) and Regensburg (Germany). ,,Other than that most of my work has been done in Holland. I have also spent my free time over here traveling as much as possible'', Vaughn adds. As Vaughn frequently is traveling, he lists 'his suitcase' as his current residence.

During his college-days, Vaughn played in several sports, including baseball, softball, american football, basketball and (ice)hockey. As a youth, he participated in some North American Softball Championships. But currently, he is not active in sports. Vaughn: ,,Not much time for sports anymore. Just general fitness activity now. Stand up padding, working out, etc.''

For eight years now, Vaughn is a Strength Coach. Vaughn: ,,I liked working out and liked learning about how the body functions. I was an intern at a University and liked it, so I stuck with it''.

This year, Vaughn will be working in his sixth season for the Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball-organization, which is his first professional team he works for. Before working for the D-backs, Vaughn worked at three different major universities. In February, Vaughn reports to the Diamondbacks for Spring Training, when the professional players in the Major League and Minor League prepare for their season. During Spring Training, Vaughn spent most of his time with the medical/performance staff of the Diamondsbacks, at that will be the only time during the year that all strength and conditioning coaches of the club are together. ,,So we can share our knowledge and experience'', says Vaughn. This year, Vaughn has been assigned to the Triple-A team of the Diamondbacks, but working for a Minor League-team is not much different from working with a Major League-squad. Vaughn: ,,The differences are small. For the most part, it's the same work with a smaller budget''.

What does Vaughn likes most of his job? ,,I like the problem solving aspect of my job. Fixing issues that players come in with on a daily basis during the season''.

Vaughn played softball as a youth from age 10-17, but he mostly played baseball. ,,Any sport with a bat and a ball'', he said. So, he is familiar with softball, but is their a difference working with men baseball or women softball players? Vaughn: ,,Not too much difference. Biggest difference is that men usually want to get bigger and women aren't as concerned with that''.

And so, we arrive at the favorites of Vaughn Robinson. He doesn't watch too many movies, but he lists Groundhog Day as a favorite. ,,Because it is my life during baseball season'', he explains.

Bill Murray, who stars in Groundhog Day is Vaughn's favorite actor, as is Kevin Spacey, while Eva Mendes is his favorite actress. What favorite books are concerned, he lists mostly text books.

Barbeque is his favorite food and country-music his favorite music genre, but he adds that he listens to everything. Who would he likes to meet? Vaughn: ,,Anyone that can make me better''.

2012 --- In January, Vaughn makes his debut as the Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Dutch National Softball Team, preparing and advising players for the new season.
2009 --- Vaughn travels to the Netherlands for the first time to act as a Strength Coach with the Dutch National Baseball Team. It will be the first of an annual trip to Europe.
2007 --- Vaughn starts working for the Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball Organization as one of its Minor League Strength Coaches.

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