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Dutch Team returns home safely - Clearwater/Tampa/London/Amsterdam - Monday/Tuesday, March 24/25, 2014

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Team complete first trip to USA

Nederlandse tekst

The Netherlands National Softball Team returned home safely on Tuesday, March 25, ending their first trip of the year to the USA. In July, the team travels to Illinois for its second trip as part of the preparations for the upcoming World Championship in August in Haarlem (Netherlands). The team arrived ahead of time on Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport after a flight from London.

The journey home began on Monday-afternoon when the team checked out from its hotel in Clearwater. It was then off to Tampa International Airport for the first leg to London.

The Boeing 777-200 of British Airways left the gate in Tampa at 8:34 PM local time (1:34 AM Tuesday, Dutch time) and took off from the runway at 8:56 PM (1:56 AM Dutch time). Flying at an average altitude of 37,000 feet (11,278 kilometers) and speed of 671 mph (1,080 kph), the plane had to travel 4492 miles (7229 km) to reach the British capital. There, the plane arrived at Gatwick Airport at 8:35 AM local time (9:35 AM Dutch time).

The team then had to wait for its connecting flight to Amsterdam, which left some three hours later. The Boeing 737-400 of British Airways touched down in Amsterdam at 1:34 PM local time. But it then took more than 50 minutes before the players and staff-members were reunited with their family members. After collecting their luggage, some of the equipment was handed over to the players, as they have exhibition games scheduled for the upcoming weekend. When that was all arranged, the team exited the customs area.

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