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Tiffany McDonald - Assistant Coach (2009)

PositionAssistant Coach
Dutch National TeamMay - August 2009
Games Dutch National Team25

Teams as Player
North Mason High School (North Mason, Wash., USA, 2001-2004)
Washington Lady Hawks Gold (travel team, USA< 2001-2003)
Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida, USA, 2005-2008)
Robur '58 (Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 2009) (*)
(*)=Dutch Major League ('Hoofdklasse')
National Team
Great Britain (guest player, 2006)

as Coach
AC Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida, USA, 2009)
National Team
AC Netherlands National Team (May-August 2009)
(AC = Assistant Coach)

...Tournaments Participated In...
as Player

with North Mason High School
Conference/State Championship tournaments

with Florida State University
Conference/State Championship tournaments

with British National Team
2006 - Francesco Sanna International Tournament (Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy)
London Cup (Croydon, England)
World Cup of Softball (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
2009 - Holland Tour (Haarlem/Santpoort, Neth.)
(all as guest player)

with Foreign All Stars
2009 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)

with Robur '58
2009 - Holland Tour (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

as Coach

with British National Team
2006 - PC World Championships (Beijing, China)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2009 - AC Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
AC Canada Cup (Surrey, Canada)
AC World Cup of Softball (Oklahoma City, USA)
AC European Championships (Valencia, Spain)

(PC = Pitching Coach; AC = Assistant Coach)

2003 - Class 3A Most Valuable Player
2004 - Bremerton Sun Female Prep Athlete of the Year
2005 - ACC Freshman of the Year
Sunshine State All-Tournament Team
2006 - ACC All-Tournament Team
2007 - All-ACC Academic Softball Second Team
2008 - All-ACC Academic SOftball Second Team
Pitcher of the Week ACC

In 2009, Tiffany McDonald makes her debut as one of the coaches of the Dutch National Softball Team. Towards the end of May, she arrives in the Netherlands and joins Robur '58, one of the eight teams in the Dutch Major League, to be one of their pitchers in the regular season. On May 24, Tiffany joins the coachingstaff of the national squad, which is headed by Craig Montvidas and at that moment is playing in the Holland Tour to prepare for three international events in the month of July. With the National Team, Tiffany is the Batting Practice Pitcher and assists coach Nancy Evans with the scouting.

Tiffany McDonald, who is from Belfair (Washington), concludes her collegiate playing career as a pitcher after completion of the 2008 season, finishing with an impressive career for the Seminoles, the softballteam of Florida State University in Tallahassee. After her successful career, Tiffany returns to FSU for the 2009 season to be a so-called Student Assistant Coach with the team.

As a pitcher with the Seminoles, Tiffany McDonald breaks the all-time record by throwing 939 strikeouts in her four years at Florida State University. She breaks the record by throwing 13 strikeouts in the opening game of the 2008 ACC Softball Championships. She finishes the 2008 season with 244 strikeouts. By going 18-11, throwing 199 1/3 inning and finishing with an 1.69 ERA, Tiffany is named the to All-ACC Academic Second Team for the second year in a row, but also is one of 30 candidates for the 2008 Lowe's Senios Class Award.

In the 2007 season, Tiffany is the team captain, throws 211 innings and strikes out 235 batters and is being named to the All-ACC Academic Second Team for the first time and leads the conference in nine different categories.

2006 also is a successful season at FSU for the talented pitcher. The righthander strikes out a career high 312 batters, wins 30 games and throws in 329 1/3 inning, appearing in 57 games. With the Seminoles, Tiffany sets a single-season record in both the ACC and with FSU by throwing in 329 1/3 inning and is second in the country with her innings pitched, but also her 57 pitching appearances. At the end of the season, she is named to the ACC All-Tournament Team. In her first season at FSU (2005), Tiffany throws a No-Hitter, appears in 32 games and strikes out 148 to be named Freshman of the Year.

In 2003, Tiffany is recruited to play for FSU starting in the 2005 season. She becomes a member of a pitching staff which lost two strong pitchers after the 2004 season, as they finished their Senior year. One of the two pitchers is Jessica Van Der Linden, who has a Dutch background and at one moment was considered to play for the Dutch National Team. Instead, Jessica played for the national team of Puerto Rico, with whom she participates in the 2002 World Championships in Canada, where she is named Best Pitcher of the event.

Before chosing to play for Florida State University, Tiffany McDonald leads the team of North Mason High School in the State of Washington to the semi-finals of the district championships and is named Class 3A Most Valuable Player in her Junior year. A year later, she ends her career in North Mason. In her Senior year, Tiffany throws eleven No-Hitters, strikes out 294 batters, walks only 17 and ends with an astounding 0.30 Earned Run Average.

While playing for North Mason, Tiffany also is a member of a Travel Ball Team, playing for the Washington Lady Hawks Gold, with whom she wins the 2003 Pacific Northwest Championship.

In 2006, Tiffany plays for the national team of Great Britain as a guest pitcher and participates in three events, including the World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City (USA). In that year, the British squad is managed by current Dutch Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas. Now, three years later, she will return to the same event, but this time as a coach and is reacquainted with the same Montvidas. Also in 2006, in June, Tiffany participates in the Francesco Sanna International Tournament in Nuoro on the Italian island of Sardinia with the British national team, which finishes in second place. In the samen month, the national squad wins the London Cup. Later in the year, Tiffany travels with the British national team to Beijing (China) for the World Championships, but as she is not allowed to play in that event, being an American, she is part of the coachingstaff and acts as the team's Pitching Coach.

,,This is an amazing opportunity'', Tiffany McDonald is saying about her being a member of the coachingstaff of the Dutch National Softball Tea,. ,,It's tremendous to get this experience and go back to the same event I played in three years ago, but now in an other position.''

2009 --- In the Spring of this year, Tiffany McDonald makes her coaching debut with the Seminoles, the team of Florida State University --- On May 21, Tiffany McDonald makes her debut in the Dutch Major League, pitching for Robur '58 --- Three days later, she makes her debut in the coachingstaff of the Dutch National Softball Team, which then plays against Twins during the Holland Tour --- On August 1, during the European Championships in Valencia (Spain), Tiffany is a member of the coaching staff when the Dutch Team captures the first European title in 19 years --- In the regular season, while pitching for Robur '58 (which relegates), Tiffany is 1-9 and strikes out 55 batters in 64 innings.
2008 --- In her last season pitching for Florida State University, Tiffany McDonald breaks the all-time school record and finishes with 939 career strikeouts.
2007 --- This year, Tiffany leads the ACC in nine categories and is named to the All-ACC Academic Second Team for the first time.
2006 --- As a guest pitcher, Tiffany plays for the national team of Great Britain, participating in three international events, including the World Cup of Softball.
2005 --- On March 30 of this year, Tiffany throws a No-Hitter vs. Jacksonville, while pitching in her first season for Florida State University.
2004 --- Tiffany ends her career at North Mason High School by striking out 294 batters and throwing eleven No-Hitters in her Senior-season.
2003 --- This year, Tiffany is a member of the Washington Lady Hawks Gold Travel Ball-team that captures the Pacific Northwest Championship.

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