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Be Part of the Challenge Sponsor Run - Sunday, February 2, 2014 - Amsterdam

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Amsterdam 'Bosbaan' colors orange

Nederlandse tekst

The players of the Netherlands National Softball Teams and the two National Youth Teams participated in the Be Part of the Challenge Sponsor Run on Sunday, February 2.

The event was held at the Bosbaan in capital Amsterdam and was organized by Junior Red-players Lizzie Clarijs and Rhowan Stuart.

On a chilly, but beautiful blue-skyed morning more than some 70 players accompanied by a second runner ran for either 5 or 10 kilometers.

At the end of the run a nice amount of money could be announced as the result of today's fundraiser. More than 6200 Euros were raised for the Netherlands Softball Program.

When you (also) like history and movies (like the webmaster of this site does), today's location was special.

The Sponsor Run took place at the historic 'Bosbaan', a rowing lake situated in the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Woods), which officially is located in the city of Amstelveen. It is the oldest artificial rowing course in the world. 80 years ago, in 1934, the building of the course started. On May 6, 1937, the first rowing games were held.

The Bosbaan measures 2200 metres in lenghth. It was widened from five to six lanes in 1954 when Amsterdam hosted the European Rowing Championships. In 2006, it hosted the World Junior Championships. From August 24 through 31 of this year, the World Rowing Championships will be held here. The last time, the event was held in the Netherlands was in 1977 when the Bosbaan also was the site.

In 1957, the 'Bosbaan' was an important location for the first-ever Dutch color movie, which was released on February 21, 1958. It was called 'Jenny' and starred wellknown and legendary actors as Ko van Dijk, Andrea Domburg, Kees Brusse, Maxim Hamel and Teddy Schaank. The title role was played by newcomer Ellen van Hemert, who was the daughter of director Willy van Hemert. She played Jenny, who is a rowing athlete, but has several family problems. Of course, the film has a happy end and she wins her rowing game.

With this, Willy van Hemert made his debut as a movie director. He is more known as a director of television series, including classic series such as 'De kleine waarheid', Bartje and 'Dagboek van een herdershond'.

OK, back to the Sponsor Run. Let the photos speak for themselves.

Rhowan Stuart hands out the special orange shirt to Denice van Dijk

Tanisha van Krevel and Michelle Leening pose for a photo

Junior Red Head Coach Marjan Smit is running 10 kilometres today
Standing at left is Junior Red Coach Nathalie Franssen, who accompanied the runners by bike
Standing at right is former National Team and Junior Coach Fred Remmers

Lizzie Clarijs addresses the participants to start preparations

The beautiful 'Bosbaan', which was the set for Jenny, the first Dutch color movie in 1958

Despite the chilly cold, Isa Los and Lisa Hop ran with bare legs!

All participants of the Be Part of the Challenge Sponsor Run on the photo
with the 'Bosbaan' and bright blue sky in the background


10 km-runners Lisa Hop and Marjan Smit approach the finish line

Lisa Hop is the first to finish in the 10 km-run

Marjan Smit will be the second to finish in the 10 km-run

10 km-winner Lisa Hop

Brenda Beers takes a refreshment after finishing

National Team Coaches Craig Montvidas, Karen Marr and Berend Mannessen return from their walk
They walked the length of the 'Bosbaan' back and forth

Craig Montvidas introduces organisors Chris Stuart, Lizzie Clarijs and Rhowan Stuart...

...who then reveal the amount of money that is raised today

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