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Sanne Oude Egberink - Physical Therapist

PositionPhysical Therapist
Dutch National TeamJan. 2009 - current
Games Dutch National Team16
Dutch Junior Team RedOct. 2009 - current
Dutch Junior Team WhiteOct. 2009 - current

Clubs / Teams as Player
GHHC (Groningen, hockey)
Schaerweijde (Zeist, hockey, 2005-current)

as Physical Therapist
National Teams
Netherlands Taekwondo Team (2008)
Netherlands National Softball Team (Jan. 2009-current)
Netherlands National Junior Teams (Oct. 2009-current)

...Tournaments Participated In...
with Netherlands Taekwondo Team
2008 - 3-week preparation for Olympic Games (Chuncheon, South Korea)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2009 - Holland Tour (De Bilt, Netherlands)
2010 - Holland Tour (several site, Netherlands)
Venezuela International Series (Puerto Ordaz/Barinas, Venezuela)
World Championship (Caracas, Venezuela)
2011 - American Tour (Florida, Tennessee, USA)
2012 - Holland Tour (Nieuwegein, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior Softball Team
2010 - Right To Play Future Stars Tournament (Amsterdam, Neth.)(Red/White)

In 2009, Sanne Oude Egberink (who celebrates her birthday on September 22) makes her debut as Physical Therapist with the Dutch National Softball Team and will share the position with Anouk Fermont. In October of 2009, Sanne also becomes involved with the Dutch National Junior Teams.

After Anouk was with the National Team during the international events in 2009, Sanne makes her international debut with the Orange in 2010 during the Venezuela International Series, which is followed by the World Championship in Venezuela.

Sanne is active is sport since her youth playing hockey and went on to play one season for GHHC in Groningen in the second highest national level (Overgangsklasse). In her hockey-years, Sanne participated in several tournament in the Netherlands, was selected for Regional All Star Teams, but never reached the national team. Currently, Sanne, who's position is left wing, plays on a lower level (Reserve Overgangsklasse) for Schaerweijde, the hockey club in Zeist. In Zeist, Sanne resides with her husband Gert Jan and their son Nils. Gert Jan also plays hockey since his youth and also coached teams.

After attending and successfully completing the Academy for Physical Education in Groningen for four years, she went on to follow a training for Physical Therapist in Utrecht, then worked in this profession for three years in Breda in the southern province of Noord-Brabant. In Breda, Sanne worked with several athletes, but then decided to join Tamminga Fysiotherapie in Utrecht for her current occupation. There, she also went on to specialize in sports orthopaedics and in 2009, she finished a 3-year course of manual therapy.

During her years at the Academy for Physical Education in Groningen, Sanne got involved in almost all sports, including softball. She mostly liked the hitting part of softball, as she had the feeling of ball handling from being an active hockey-player herself. During her study, she also trained and coached youth hockey-teams for girls.

In 2008, Sanne accompanied the Netherlands Taekwondo Team for three weeks during a stay in Chuncheon (South Korea) as part of their preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing (China).

At Tamminga Fysiotherapie, Sanne is one of 44 Physical Therapists working for Rob Tamminga, who is the director of the company and one of two Physical Therapists of the Dutch National Baseball Team, the other being Martijn van Berkel. When Rob Tamminga was approached for a female therapist for the Dutch National Softball Team, Sanne's name was mentioned, as she had affinity with the softball-sport and so she became a member of the staff of Head Coach Craig Montvidas.

As mentioned, Sanne started sharing the position in 2009 with Anouk Fermont and that had a reason, because Sanne and Gert Jan were expecting their first child. ,,Therefore, I will miss some nice trips, but on the other hand, something beautiful comes in it place'', Sanne stated then. And 'something beautiful' happened on June 23, 2009, when son Nils was born. On June 1, 2011, daughter Puk was born.

Besides being involved in sports as a Physical Therapist and playing hockey, Sanne is doing a lot of outdoorsports and loves to participate in wall-climbing and wild water kayaking! Sanne: ,,I like unusual sports, something to get my adrenaline pumped up.'' In both wall-climbing and wild water kayaking, Sanne also is an assistant instructor.

Regarding injuries in sports and then specifically in softball, Sanne states that because softball is an 'overhand sports', some players can get overburdened, as women use their body differently than men do. But Sanne and Anouk will keep a close eye to the players of the Dutch Softball Team to keep them in the right shape.

2011 --- On June 1, Sanne and husband welcomed daughter Puk.
2010 --- Sanne makes her international debut when the Dutch National Team is in Venezuela for an international exhibition series and the World Championship.
2009 --- In January, Sanne is added to the staff of the Dutch National Softball Team as one its two Physical Therapists, succeeding Rob Oskam, who was with the team since early 2007 --- On April 29, Sanne temporarily leaves the team as she goes on maternity leave, but she attends games of the team during the Holland Tour --- On June 23, Sanne and husband Gert Jan become the proud parents of son Nils.
2008 --- Sanne travels to South Korea with the National Taekwondo Team for a 3-week stay as part of their Olympic preparations.

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