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Sandd announces sponsorship of Netherlands Softball Team - Monday, February 24, 2014

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Passion, guts and perseverance deciding factors

Nederlandse tekst

Sandd, the business postal delivery service of the Netherlands, is the new main sponsor of the Netherlands National Women's Softball Team. Sandd announced the news to the National Team players on Sunday, February 23, between two games in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam, which also involved the Netherlands National Baseball Team. The games were played during the annual National Team Showcase, which also includes workshops and clinics for youth players by players from the National Softball and Baseball Teams.

After completion of the first game, which was an intersquad demonstration game of the National Softball Team, the players and staff-members were asked to line up between home plate and first base. The players of the National Baseball Team then entered and walked towards the players. There, to the suprise of the softball-players, the baseball-players went on their knee and handed them a shirt. In the meantime, Thiemo van Spellen, the Commercial Director of Sandd, entered the field, accompanied by Bob Bergkamp, the President of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association. The players going down on their knee, accompanied by the song 'Marry Me' by Bruno Mars, was sympbolic for the 'marriage' which was to be happen between the Netherlands Softball Team and Sandd. The announcement that Sandd will support the women on their road towards the Women's World Championship in August, was ratified in line with the campaign of the company with a convincing 'I do!'. The Netherlands Women's Softball Team captured the European Championship-title three times in a row and it's goal during the upcoming Women's World Championship in August is to finish in the top-five in order to keep its A-status of the Netherlands Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF). Currently, the team is ranked sixth in the world.

Netherlands Softball Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas is pleasantly surprised with the new sponsor: ''I almost fell of my chair when I got the phone call from Sandd. Finding such a great sponsor was listed high on my To Do List for 2014. Without this support, we cannot provide the girls with the practices and facilities they need to perform well. The sponsoring feels as a recognition for the hard work and the accomplishments of the last years. It provides us with an extra impulse to set a great result during the World Championship!''

Thiemo van Spellen, Commercial Director of Sandd, is happy with the cooperation: ''The cooperation between Sandd and the Women's Softball Team is not coincidentally. We see a lot of similarities in the way we had to fight to make Sandd grow and the perseverance the women show on their road to the World Championship. Passion, guts and perseverance is also part of our DNA. We support the team in their belief and admire the way they fight for recognition of their sport and the team under the leadership of Craig Montvidas.''

Sandd (Sort and Deliver) is THE Business Postal Service of the Netherlands. With passion and perseverance Sandd focuses on the delivery of addressed printed matter (such as magazines, direct mail and bank statements) for businesses throughout the Netherlands. Sandd also helps its customers to improve the range and the conversion with innovative services in the fields of address enrichment, segmentation and profiling. Sandd (www.sandd.nl) was founded in 2001 and has a market share of more than 20%. The head office is located in Apeldoorn; besides that, Sandd has more than 20 establisments spread over the entire country.

And so, two winners of 2013 joined forces today. The Netherlands Softball Team captured the European Championship-title unbeaten for the third consecutive time. And in February 2013, Thiemo van Spellen was crowned with the Award for the Best Commercial Director of the Netherlands. Under his commercial leadership, Sandd grew from a very small (and underestimated by its competition) player to a company no one can go around anymore. When you believe in something, you can reach everything was and is the drive of Sandd, which is characterized by its perseverance. When everybody says that something is impossible to reach, Sandd continues. As long as it takes to reach it. The belief and confidence in its strength made Sandd successful. Sandd grew from 0 to 400 million postal items per year!

The players of the Softball Team line up

The players of the Baseball Team enter the field

What is about to be happen?

The baseball-players arrive at the softball-players...

...line up...

...and go on their knee

In the back, Thiemo van Spellen and Bob Bergkamp enter the field

The baseball-players hand out shirts to the softball-players

Thiemo van Spellen announces that Sandd will be the team's main sponsor

The announcement leads to much joy, but also emotional reactions by the players
Here, Nathalie Gosewehr, shows her happiness

And here, we see emotional reactions by Rebecca Soumeru and Dagmar Bloeming,
who thank Thiemo van Spellen

Thiemo van Spellen explains why Sandd sponsors the Netherlands Softball Team

KNBSB-President Bob Bergkamp also addresses the team and wishes everyone lots of luck

Coach Berend Mannessen, Pitching Coach Karen Marr, Head Coach Craig Montvidas
and Team Manager Paul Boonstra look on and listen

Sandd joins forces with the Netherlands Softball Team

Team-captain Saskia Kosterink with Thiemo van Spellen

Head Coach Craig Montvidas is interviewed...

...as are team-captains Saskia Kosterink and Rebecca Soumeru

Bob Bergkamp and Thiemo van Spellen sign the official sponsor-contract

All thumbs up!
Players Eva Voortman, Marisèla de Wind, Karin Tuk, Anne Blaauwgeers,
Jessie van Aalst, Nikki Harte, Dagmar Bloeming and Merel Oosterveld
join Marlies Struyvé, KNBSB-boardmember for softball affairs, Thiemo van Spellen and Bob Bergkamp

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