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Olympic Roster Announcement

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Olympic Roster Announcement - Monday, July 14
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Olympic Roster Announcement

AMSTERDAM (Netherlands) - On Monday, July 14, Dutch National Team Head Coach Liz Kelly announced the names of the 15 players, who have been selected to represent the Netherlands on the Olympic Games in Beijing.

During a press conference at Sportpark Ookmeer (the home of Amsterdam Pirates) in Amsterdam, Head Coach Liz Kelly started by reading a statement:

,,I am honored to present to the press, the community and to the softball world, The Netherlands Olympic Softball Team. These fifteen players will represent the country at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Please know, I wish to thank the Federation, the National Olympic Committee and the Olympic softball staff, all of whom have worked and sacrificed to make this appearance at the Game possible. Most of all, I would like to recognize the contributions of the players, those who have so capably represented the country throughout the years in the World Championships, European Championships, the Olympic Qualifier.

The Olympic Games will be played in Beijing, China, a country with a great wall. This team deserves to be in a country with a Great Wall. To me, it will represent the length and breadth of resolve that it took this team to make it. Like China, who works hard until the last minute, we have prepared hard. Like China, who looks forward to the Game, to the ceremonies, to the games, we now look only forward. Like China, who hopes with pride for a great games, we hope with pride for great games.

Today I say, bring on The Games. While most of the world will see the wall in China, we will see the wall, and then, only orange. Thank you in advance for all of the positive support for our players, staff and team during the competition. I hope you appreciate always the accomplishment of this team, to become and be, an Olympic team. I can see the torch, it is burning...it is orange.''

In Dutch, Coach Kelly said: ,,Ik ben trots op dit team'' (I'm proud of this team).

Hereafter, Coach Kelly introduced the 15 selected players, some of which were accompanied by family members, to the press and representatives from the Dutch Federation. Next, Ruud van Zetten, the President of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association, stated to the now Olympic Team that it is always difficult to cut players, but that's part of the process and that from here we have to look forward. Van Zetten also said that the Dutch Federation doesn't expect the team to finish in first place. ,,But'', he said. ,,It's up to you to surprise us.'' The president also mentioned the long way the team took to get where it is now, from qualification to participation, and that there was a lot of respect for the team and its staff for all the work that has been done since it qualified. He then wished the players good luck in Beijing and hoped that every fan who will travel with them can enjoy good and attractive games.

Members of the press were then able to talk to Coach Kelly and the players.

The roster of the Netherlands Olympic Softball Team looks as follows:

Judith van Kampen, Rebecca Soumeru and Kristi de Vries.

Nathalie Timmermans and Ellen Venker.

Noémi Boekel, Sandra Gouverneur, Petra van Heijst, Kim Kluijskens, Daisy de Peinder, Marjan Smit and Britt Vonk.

Marloes Fellinger, Saskia Kosterink and Jolanda Kroesen.

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