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Rob Walgien - Head Coach (2001); Asst. Coach (2000; 2006-2008)

PositionAssistant Coach
National Team2000 - 2001; 2006 - Sep. 2008
Games National Team110

Clubs / Teams as Player (baseball)
Schoten (Haarlem)
Terrasvogels (Santpoort)

as Coach
Terrasvogels (Santpoort, HC 1993-1999, AC 2000) (SB) (*)
HC DSC '74 (Haarlem, 2002-2004) (SB) (*)
Kinheim Rookies (Haarlem, 2013) (BB)
(*) = Dutch Major League ('Hoofdklasse')
National Teams
Netherlands National Team (HC 2001; AC 2000; 2006-Sept. 2008)
(HC = Head Coach / AC = Assistant Coach)

...Tournaments Participated In...
with Terrasvogels
European Cup
HC 1994 (Bussum, Netherlands), 1996 (Bussolengo, Italy), 1997 (Haarlem, Netherlands),
1999 (Bussum, Netherlands), AC 2000 (Macerata, Italy)
CupWinners Cup
HC 1993 (Schiedam, Netherlands), 1995 (Livorno, Italy), 1998 (Almere, Netherlands)

with DSC '74
European Cup
HC 2004 (Viladecans, Spain)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2000 - AC Torneo di Parma (Parma, Italy)
AC International Jan van Bakel Tournament (Haarlem, Netherlands)
2001 - AC Disney Fastpitch Festival (Orlando, USA)
HC International Jan van Bakel Tournament (Haarlem, Netherlands)
HC Canada Cup (Surrey, Canada)
HC Three Nations Tournament (Canada)
HC European Championships (Prague, Czech Republic)
2006 - AC Canada Cup (Surrey, Canada)
AC World Championships (Beijing, China)
AC Japan Cup (Yokohama, Japan)
2007 - AC Australia Test Series (Enschede/Oosterhout/Haarlem, Netherlands)
AC European Championships (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
AC Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Ronchi/Castions/Staranzano, Italy)
2008 - AC American Tour I (California/Hawaii, USA)
AC American (NPF) Tour II (Pennsylvania/Illinois/Ohio, USA)
AC Holland Tour (Santpoort/Groningen/Oldenzaal, Netherlands)
AC Tri-Nation Exhibition Series (Sendai, Japan)
AC Olympic Games (Beijing, China)

(HC = Head Coach; AC = Assistant Coach)

1996 - Best Coach, European Cup
1999 - Softball Coach of the Year, Dutch Baseball Softball Association
2008 marks Rob Walgien's third year in the coaching staff of the Dutch National Women Softball Team. He returns to the staff in 2006 after he had led the national squad as Head Coach in 2001. The year before, he is a member of the staff of then-Head Coach Ruud Elfers, who steps down in February 2001.

In 2004, Rob Walgien ends his career as clubcoach after three seasons with DSC '74, whom he leads to the national championship once. Starting in 1993, Coach Walgien begins a period of eight seasons, including seven as the Head Coach, leading the women softball-team of Terrasvogels. Except for one year, the team reaches the play-offs every season and wins the Dutch championship title three years in a row (1998-2000). After the 2000 season, when he is the Assistant Coach of then-Head Coach Renee van den Berg, Walgien steps down, but returns to coaching in 2002. Under the guidance of Walgien, Terrasvogels plays in an European Cup-tournament every year he is with the team. In 1995, Terrasvogels wins the CupWinners Cup and in 1996, it captures the European Cup.

When he is seven years old, Rob Walgien starts playing baseball with Schoten in the city of Haarlem. He plays 13 years for the first team of Schoten, which in that period plays in the First Division. While playing for Schoten, Rob is selected for the National Dutch Junior Baseball Team. Hereafter, he plays another three years for Terrasvogels in neighboring Santpoort.

2008 --- In his third season as one of the coaches of the Dutch National Softball Team, Rob Walgien travels with the team twice to the American continent for a monthlong preparation for the Olympic Games --- In the first American Trip, the team goes to California and Hawaii, in the second American Tour, the team plays professional teams from the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio --- Hereafter, three games are played during the Holland Tour, followed by the naming of the Olympic roster on July 14 --- The Japan Tour, including participation in the Tri-Nation Tournament, follows and then Rob participates in his first Olympic Games --- During this year, Rob shares coaching at first base with Mary-Ann Hatt, but is also in charge of the video-scouting of the team.
2007 --- As a member of the coaching staff of the Dutch National Softball Team, Rob participates in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which is won by the Dutch, resulting in qualification for the Beijing Olympics.
2006 --- Rob returns to the Dutch National Softball Team, as he is being added as an Assistant Coach to the staff of Head Coach Liz Kelly.
2004 --- In his third season with DSC '74, the team again reaches the play-offs, but is eliminated 3-0 by Sparks Haarlem, which wents on to win the Dutch title in the Holland Series --- After the season, Rob steps down as Head Coach. In his ten big league-seasons as head coach, his record was 212-118 with twelve ties.
2003 --- In his second year with DSC '74, Rob leads his team to the play-offs, then defeats Sparks Haarlem in an attractive 5-game series to reach the Holland Series --- In the final of the Dutch big league, DSC '74 sweeps Twins, 3-0, including two 2-1 victories, to claim the Dutch title.
2002 --- Rob returns as coach in the Dutch big league after being named Head Coach with DSC '74.
2001 --- After Ruud Elfers steps down in February after completion of the Disney Fastpitch Festival in Orlando (USA), Rob is being named the new Head Coach of the Dutch National Softball Team in April --- In September, he steps down again due to working commitments for his regular job.
2000 --- Rob makes his debut as a coach with the Dutch National Softball Team, assisting then-Head Coach Ruud Elfers --- After he initially had stepped down as Head Coach with Terrasvogels after the 1999 season, his seventh with the club, he came back this year as an assistant coach when Renee van den Berg (who was then the recordholder of most games played in the Dutch National Women Softball Team) took over as Head Coach --- The team finishes in fourth place on the European Cup-tournament in Macerata (Italy) --- In the regular season, Terrasvogels claims first place, then eliminates HCAW in the play-offs to reach the Holland Series for fourth year in a row --- In the final of the big league-season, there is more success, as Terrasvogels wins its third consecutive Dutch title, again defeating Sparks Haarlem, this time with a 3-0 sweep.
1999 --- This year, Terrasvogels reaches the final of the European Cup-tournament in Bussum (Netherlands), but is beaten 5-0 by Macerata from Italy --- In the regular season, Terrasvogels eliminates Twins in the play-offs to reach the Holland Series --- In the final, Terrasvogels again faces Sparks Haarlem and hands their rivals a 3-1 loss in the Holland Series to claim their second Dutch title in a row --- After the season, Rob is named Softball Coach of the Year by the Dutch Federation.
1998 --- In his third season with Terrasvogels, the team participates in the European CupWinners Cup Tournament in Almere (Netherlands) and wins the the Cup by beating Peanuts from Italy 7-6 in the final --- In the regular season, Rob leads Terrasvogels again to first place. In the play-offs, the team eliminates Tex Town Tigers and Amsterdam Pirates en route to the Holland Series --- Terrasvogels now has a successful final, as it wins 3-0 against Sparks Haarlem to win the Dutch championship.
1997 --- Coached by Rob, Terrasvogels finishes in first place in the regular season, eliminates Twins in the play-offs, but is beaten 3-0 in the Holland Series by HCAW.
1996 --- In Bussolengo (Italy), he leads Terrasvogels to victory, wins the European Cup and is being named Best Coach of the tournament --- In the regular season, Terrasvogels finishes in fifth place and therefore misses the play-offs.
1993 --- Rob makes his debut as coach in the Dutch big league, as he is being named Head Coach of Terrasvogels in Santpoort --- In his first season, he leads the team to the Holland Series.

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