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Rob Oskam - Phys. Therapist / Strength & Conditioning (2007-2008)

PositionPhysical Therapist
Strength & Conditioning Coach
National TeamMarch 2007 - Jan. 2009
Games National Team32

Clubs / Teams as Player
WV-HEDW (soccer) (1982)
Amsterdam Pirates (baseball/softball) (1982-1984)
Allen Weerbaar (korfball) (1982)

as Physical Therapist
WV-HEDW (soccer) (1982)
Bloemendaal (men hockey) (1997-1998)
Thamen (men softball) (Sep. 2004)
National Teams
Netherlands National Team (March 2007-Jan. 2009)

...Tournaments Participated In...
with Thamen (as physical therapist)
2004 - CupWinners Cup Men Softball (Prague, Czech Republic)

with Dutch National Softball Team (as physical therapist)
2007 - Australia Test Series (Enschede/Oosterhout/Haarlem, Netherlands)
European Championships (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Ronchi/Castions/Staranzano, Italy)
2008 - American Tour I (California/Hawaii, USA)
American (NPF) Tour II (Pennsylvania/Illinois/Ohio, USA)
Holland Tour (Santpoort/Groningen/Oldenzaal, Netherlands)
Tri-Nation Exhibition Series (Sendai, Japan)
Olympic Games (Beijing, China)

Besides working as a physical therapist, Rob also is a podologist (the science which corrects postures) and sports instructor/personal trainer. He gives lectures in physical education at the Sports Medical Center Amsterdam, being specialized in sports medical sciences and using strength training in sports and for revalidation.

Rob has a longtime connection with softball. In the eighties, he plays himself for three years in the men softball-team of Amsterdam Pirates, which then plays in the highest division of the regional competition. It is Rob's first contact with fastpitch softball. Besides that, he plays some baseball for Pirates in the same period for the second and third team of the club. A year before a national men softball competition is introduced, Rob retires, but his connection with softball remains, as his daughter Elise goes on to play for DSS in the city of Haarlem. In 2008, she is on the roster for the Haarlem All Star Team. Besides having a daughter, Rob also has a son, Stijn.

April 2008 marks an anniversary for Rob, as he celebrates his 21st year as a professional physical therapist. In March 2007, Rob is added to the staff of the Dutch Women Softball Team, which in that year participates in the European Championships and qualifies for the Beijing Olympics after winning the Olympic Qualifier in Italy. Part of his job is to improve the physical strength of the team through practices and training sessions.

This is not Rob's first work as a physical therapist with a softball-team. In 2004, he accompanies the men's softball-team of Thamen to the European CupWinners Cup-tournament in Prague (Czech Republic), which the team from Uithoorn wins. Before this, he already had a long connection with sports teams.

In the past, Rob has been associated as a physical therapist with hockey (Bloemendaal and Hurley) and track & field at VANOS, which is based in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam, the site of the 1928 Olympics. For both these sports, he also was the strength and conditioning coach. He worked with athletes, who ran road endurance races, but also do track running. In the eighties, Rob played soccer for Amsterdam-based amateur-teams Martinus and WV-HEDW, where he also started his first jobs as a physical therapist. Rob, who loves running and mountainbike, also played American Football for the Amsterdam Rams and Amsterdam Crusaders. With this last team, he won the Dutch championship title.

2008 --- In his second year in the staff of the Dutch National Team as Physical Therapist, Rob also serves as Conditioning and Strength Coach --- This season, he travels with the team twice to the American continent for a monthlong preparation for the Olympic Games --- In the first American Trip, the team goes to California and Hawaii, in the second American Tour, the team plays professional teams from the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio --- Hereafter, three games are played during the Holland Tour, followed by the naming of the Olympic roster on July 14 --- The Japan Tour, including participation in the Tri-Nation Tournament, follows and then Rob participates in his first Olympic Games.
2007 --- In March, Rob becomes the thirteenth Physical Therapist working for the national team since 1974. He takes over from Heidi Vingerhoed, who was with the team since 2005 --- Rob makes his debut with the Dutch National Team in Enschede during the first game of a 5-game series vs. Australia.
1997-1998 --- In these two years, Rob is the physical therapist for the men's hockey-team of Bloemendaal, where he was succeeded by Heidi Vingerhoed, who later became Rob's predecessor with the softball-team.
1982 --- Rob plays amateur soccer for Amsterdam-based WV-HEDW, which plays in the highest division of the Amsterdam League. At the same time, he plays in the highest Amsterdam-division with the men softball-team of Amsterdam Pirates and in the highest national competition korfball with Allen Weerbaar.

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