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Rich Hooff - Business Manager

PositionBusiness Manager
Dutch National TeamJan. 2009 - current
Games Dutch National Team26

Clubs / Teams as Player
VCS (The Hague, soccer-youth, 1973-1974)
VV Bodegraven (Bodegraven, soccer-youth, 1977-1978)
ADO (The Hague, baseball-youth, 1980-1981)
Sparta '25 (Beek en Donk, soccer, 1982-1985)
HAB (Helmond, boxing, 1982-1986)
Quick (Amersfoort, men softball, 2005-2007)

as Coach
Quick (Amersfoort, peanutball, 2005-2006)
'Orange Queens' Little League Team (softball, 2008-2009)
HCAW (Bussum, cadets softball, 2009)
All American Vipers (cadets softball, 2010)
HCAW (Bussum, juniors softball, current)

National Team
Netherlands National Team (Business Manager, Jan. 2009-current)

...Tournaments Participated In...
with 'Orange Queens' Little League Softball Team (as coach)
2008 - Netherlands Little League Championship (Almere, Netherlands)
EMEA Regional Tournament Little League (Kutno, Poland)
2009 - Netherlands Little League Championship (Almere, Netherlands)
EMEA Regional Tournament Little League (Castelfranco, Italy)

with Midden-Nederland Little League Softball Team (as coach>
2011 - EMEA Regional Tournament Junior League (Ramstein, Germany)
Junior League World Series (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

with All American Vipers (as coach)
2010 - Tuscany Softball Series (Florence/Grosseto, Italy)

with Dutch National Softball Team (as Business Manager)
2009 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
European Championships (Valencia, Spain)
2010 - Venezuela International Series (Puerto Ordaz/Barinas, Venezuela)
World Championship (Caracas, Venezuela)
2011 - American Tour (Florida, Tennessee, USA)

with Dutch Junior Softball Team (as Assistant Coach)
2011 - AC International Indoor Cup (Team White) (Schiedam, Netherlands) (Red)

(AC = Assistant Coach)

Rich Hooff (who celebrates his birthday on April 7) makes his debut in the staff of the Dutch National Softball Team in 2009. Early January, he is appointed as the Business Manager in the staff of Head Coach Craig Montvidas and will handle all financial affairs of the team.

The sportive past and present of Rich Hooff covers almost the entire country of the Netherlands, except the north. Because his father has to change locations frequently due to his work, Rich has lived in some 17 Dutch cities so far, including capital Amsterdam, The Hague, Vlissingen (in the southwest), Amersfoort (in the center) and Helmond (in the southern part of the country). Therefore, he plays different sports in a variety of cities. After being a youth soccerplayer for VCS (The Hague) and VV Bodegraven (Bodegraven) in the seventies, Rich plays baseball in the early eighties in youthteams for ADO in The Hague. He then moves on to play soccer in the highest youthleague (Hoofdklasse) for Sparta '25 in Beek en Donk in the southern province Noord-Brabant in 1982-1985, but also is a talented boxer in the same period (1979-1986). While living in Helmond, Rich is a member of boxing club Helmondse Amateur Boksers (HAB) in 1982-1986 in the heavy-welterweight and middleweight classes. Hereafter, he frequently trains himself, at one time together with boxing-talent Rocky Elfallah, at several boxing schools, including Sportschool Ben Smit in Amsterdam and Jan Brouwer Boxing in Utrecht, but also gives instructions himself. As a boxer, Rich reaches the so-called A-Class and goes on to obtain the necessary papers to become a boxing trainer. When he is 16 years old, Rich is second best in his class in the Netherlands, but never boxes in international events. Later, he plays men softball for Quick in Amersfoort.

After moving to Amersfoort in the middle of the country, Rich has a family of his own and his children are playing baseball and softball for Quick. There, he coaches the peanutball-team (T-ball) in 2005-2006 and is a catcher for the men softball-team from 2005-2007. In the meantime, he developes organizational and management skills and so he becomes the Chairman of the Board for Quick. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, he leads the club, which has a rich history in Dutch baseball, as it played on the highest level for several years. In 2008, Quick captures the title in the Fourth Division and promotes to the Third Division. In the past, the men softball-team also had played in the Dutch big league.

Currently, Rich's four children all play for HCAW in Bussum. His eldest daughter plays in the softball-cadets, then his youngest daughter and her twin-brother play in the juvenile softball/baseball-team, while his youngest son is just starting his baseball career. Because he is unable to combine his work with being the Chairman of the Board at Quick and of course because his children now play for HCAW, Rich announces his resignation early 2009. At HCAW, Rich also is a coach for a youth softball-team since 2009. In 2011, he coached the junior softball-team of the Bussum-based club. In October 2010, Rich becomes a member of the board at HCAW, where he will handle the softball affairs. Rich's eldest daughter Lauren was a member of the preliminary roster of the Dutch Junior White Team in 2011.

In 2008, Rich is one of four coaches of the Utrecht Little League Softball Team, the 'Orange Queens', which wins the Dutch Little League Championships in Almere, then participates in the European/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) Regional Tournament in Kutno (Poland). There, the team wins three games and is beaten only once, a narrow 3-2 loss to Milan from Italy, which therefore qualifies for participation in the Little League Softball World Series in the United States. In 2009, Rich coaches the team again during the EMEA Championships in Poland and while the goal was to qualify with the team for the World Series, it didn't happen unfortunately. In Castelfranco (Italy), the team finishes in second place. For a look back to the both seasons go to the website of the Orange Queens Little League Team. In 2010, Rich is the coach of the All American Vipers, a cadets softball-team, which wins the Tuscany Softball Series in Florence (Italy). In 2011, the team of Rich finally accomplishes its goal of advancing to the World Series. In the final of the European Middle East African Regional Championship Tournament in Ramstein (Germany), the team (top photo left) beats Poland 9-8 in the final to qualify for the Junior League World Series in Kirkland (USA). During the World Series (bottom photo left), the team wins one of the five games.

In 2003, Rich starts his own company, Miles Interim-Management, which specializes in interim management for all kind of branches, such as insurances, social security, universities and civil services. He therefore is able to prepare projects, outline plans and can motivate people, which he now also uses in being the Business Manager of the Dutch National Softball Team. During one of the practice sessions of the Little League Softball Team in 2008, Craig Montvidas is a guest instructor and so, the first contacts were born. Rich then meets Craig again during the Winter Softball School, organized by HCAW in Bussum in November-December 2008.

As Business Manager, Rich Hooff will handle all financial and sponsoring affairs, but also the contacts with the Dutch Federation (KNBSB). All administrative affairs, paperwork and contacts with tournament organizations will be done by Paul Boonstra, who returns to the National Squad in 2009 as its Team Manager.

2011 --- In the weekend of January 14-16, Rich serves as Assistant Coach of Team White, one of the four squads of the Dutch Junior Red Softball Team that participates in the International Indoor Cup in Schiedam (Netherlands). During the tournament, this team is led by Head Coach Anouk van den Heuvel --- In the Summer, Rich is one of the coaches of the Midden-Nederland Little League-team that wins the title of the EMEA Junior League Championship in Ramstein (Germany) and qualifies for the Junior League World Series in the USA.
2010 --- In April, Rich steps down briefly as Business Manager, but remains active on the background, then returns a few weeks later --- As a coach of the All American Vipers (Cadets), Rich leads the team to first place in the Tuscany Softball Series in Florence (Italy) --- During the World Championship in Venezuela, Rich fills in for Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar, who is unable to travel with the team due to working commitments --- In October, Rich becomes a member of the board of HCAW in Bussum.
2009 --- In January, Rich is named Business Manager of the Dutch National Softball Team --- In the Summer, Rich again is one of the coaches of the Little League Team, which this time finishes in second place during the European/Middle East Championship in Castelfranco (Italy) --- From there, Rich travels to Spain, where, on August 1, during the European Championships in Valencia, he is a member of the staff when the Dutch Team captures the first European title in 19 years.
2008 --- After being the Chairman of the Board for Quick in Amersfoort for three years, Rich steps down, as he is unable to combine it with his regular job --- As coach of the Utrecht Little League Softball Team, Rich participates with the team in the EMEA Regional Championships in Poland and finishes in second place.

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