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Marloes Fellinger - Flex Coach (Oct.-Nov. 2009)

PositionFlex Coach
Dutch National Team2006 - Jan. 2009 (as player); Oct. - Nov. 2009 (as coach)
Games Dutch National Team36 (as player); 0 (as coach)
Dutch National Junior TeamOctober - November 2009 (as coach)
Games Dutch Junior Team0 (as coach)

Clubs / Teams as Player
Run '71 (Oldenzaal, 1994-2001)
Sparks Haarlem (Haarlem, 2002-2009) (*)
(*)=Dutch Major League ('Hoofdklasse')

as Coach
National Teams
FC Netherlands National Team (October-November 2009)
FC Netherlands National Junior Team (October-November 2009)
(FC = Flex Coach)

Marloes' page as Player

...Tournaments Participated In...
as Player

with Sparks Haarlem
European Cup
2002 (Macerata, Italy), 2003 (Forlì, Italy), 2004 (Viladecans, Spain)
2005 (Macerata, Italy), 2006 (Bollate, Italy), 2007 (Haarlem, Netherlands)
CupWinners Cup
2008 (Bollate, Italy), 2009 (Parma, Italy)
International Mastenbroek Tournament
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Enschede, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior Softball Team
2000 - European Championships Juniors (Enschede, Netherlands)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2004 - World University Games (Plant City, Florida, USA)
2006 - Canada Cup (Surrey, Canada)
World Championships (Beijing, China)
2007 - Australia Test Series (Enschede/Oosterhout/Haarlem, Netherlands)
European Championships (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Ronchi/Castions/Staranzano, Italy)
2008 - American Tour I (California/Hawaii, USA)
American (NPF) Tour II (Pennsylvania/Illinois/Ohio, USA)
Holland Tour (Santpoort/Groningen/Oldenzaal, Netherlands)
Tri-Nation Exhibition Series (Sendai, Japan)
Olympic Games (Beijing, China)

with Former Nationals
2009 - Holland Tour (Zoetermeer, Netherlands)

2000 - Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy (Most Talented Dutch Youth Player)
2004 - Best Hitter Jan de Wit Tournament (Haarlem, Neth.)
2005 - Most Valuable Player, Holland Series
Best Hitter, European Cup
2009 - Most Valuable Player, Dutch Major League
Most Homeruns, Dutch Major League
In October 2009, former outfielder Marloes Fellinger is one of five former national team-players to be named a so-called Flex Coach, the others being Nathalie Franssen, Sandra Gouverneur, Marjan Smit and Maaike Zijlstra. Unfortunately, Marloes had to step down shortly hereafter, as she was unable to combine her regular job with coaching. The Flex Coaches, with 'flex' standing for 'flexible', will be assigned to several coach-duties for the national youth teams, but also will assist Head Coach Craig Montvidas with the National Softball Team. The Flex Coaches are introduced during a meeting with the 27 players on the preliminary roster of the Dutch Junior Softball Team on November 8.

Because her girlfriends were playing softball and she also liked the sport herself, Marloes starts to play in 1994, when she is 12 years old, for Run '71 in the city of Oldenzaal. After eight years with Run '71, Marloes decides to move to the west of the country where she is going to play for Sparks Haarlem. From the 2002 season on, Marloes becomes one of the regular outfielders (after having been an infielder in her early years) and plays eight years for the Haarlem-club, with whom she participates in eight European Cup Tournaments. After completion of the 2009 season, she announces her retirement, despite leading her team with a .420 batting average, 31 runs scored, 42 basehits, 5 homeruns, 28 RBI's and 16 walks. Her batting average is the third highest in the league, while her totals in homeruns, runs scored, total bases and runs batted in lead the league, which earned her the title of Most Valuable Player.

After participating with the Dutch Junior Softball Team in the European Junior Championships in Enschede (Netherlands) in 2000, Marloes makes her debut in a national squad in 2004 during the World University Games in Florida (USA), then makes her official debut in the Dutch National Team in 2006. From her on, Marloes becomes a regular member of the national squad and participates in 11 international events, including the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing (China) and playing in 36 official games.

Her favorite softball player is Team USA pitcher Cat Osterman, while she lists potato omelette, a broccoli-meal, pancakes, fish and french fries as her favorite food. She names Dutch Queen Beatrix, Sven Kramer and Inge de Bruijn as the three persons she would love to have a dinner with. Marloes likes all kinds of music, except hardcore and hardrock and lists Justin Timberlake, Alvin Clark, John Legend and Marco Borsato as her favorite male singers and Jordin Sparks, Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse as her favorite female singers. Hugh Grant is her favorite actor and Julia Roberts her favorite actress.

2010 --- On January 9, Marloes is named Most Valuable Player of the 2009 season in which she also hit the most homeruns (5).
2009 --- Before the start of the indoor practice-sessions, Marloes announces in January that she is unable to combine her work with the practice-schedule and withdraws from the national team --- On June 15, Marloes is one of the two softball-coordinators, with Daisy de Peinder, during a sports day for employees of Asics in Leiden. Players of the Dutch National Softball Team also assist on this day --- In August, Marloes participates with Sparks Haarlem in the CupWinners Cup Tournament in Parma (Italy), which is her eighth European Cup-event --- In the regular season, Marloes led Sparks Haarlem with a .420 batting average, 31 runs scored, 42 basehits, 5 homeruns, 28 RBI's and 16 walks --- Her batting average was the third highest in the league, while her totals in homeruns, runs scored, total bases and runs batted in led the league this year --- After completion of the season, Marloes announced her retirement --- In October, Marloes is one of five former National Team-players, who is named a so-called Flex Coach for the Dutch National Softball Teams; the five are introduced on November 8 --- However, some weeks later, Marloes has to withdraw, as it is not possible for her to combine coaching with other commitments.
2008 --- Hits 2-for-4, including a homerun and scores twice on February 16 vs. St. Mary's College in the opening game of the first American Tour by the Dutch National Team, which is part of the preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing --- On February 29, Marloes is 2-for-3 with a double and a homerun, scores twice and has five RBI's in the second game of a double-header vs. Brigham Young University-Hawaii --- Marloes is 3-for-3, including a homerun, scores three runs and has three RBI's in the first game of a double-header vs. Chaminade University of Honolulu --- During the second American Tour, on June 1, in the fourth and final game vs. Philadelphia Force, Marloes is 3-for-4 and scores once in a 5-3 loss --- Marloes has another successful fourth game when playing Rockford Thunder, as she is 2-for-4 and scores a run in a 3-0 victory --- After collecting one basehit the day before, Marloes hits a 2-run homerun in the second game vs. Akron Racers on June 19 --- On June 29, Marloes is 2-for-4, including a triple and scores twice in the opening game of the Holland Tour vs. Terrasvogels --- A week later, on Juny 6, Marloes hits her fifth homerun of the season in the first game vs. the Holland All Stars --- On July 14, Marloes is one of the 15 players being named to the roster for the Olympic Games --- After going hitless during the Japan Tour, Marloes has a dream-debut in her first Olympic game, as she hits a homerun to break a Perfect Game in the opening game of the Olympic Games vs. host China --- The next day, she doubles and scores a run in the game vs. Canada and adds another basehit in the match-up vs. Japan --- Marloes continues her Olympic hitting streak in the fourth game, going 1-for-2 vs. Venezuela, which is the lone Dutch basehit --- After going hitless in the next two games, Marloes is also without a hit in the final game vs. Chinese Taipei, but scores the fourth run in a 4-2 victory --- In the regular season, Marloes bats .323 and collects 31 basehits, including a homerun, playing for Sparks Haarlem, with whom she participates in the CupWinners Cup in Italy in September --- On December 11, Marloes is one of 28 players being named to the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Team for 2009 and is invited to start practice in January.
2007 --- On June 28, Marloes reaches base three times and scores twice in a 15-0 win vs. Greece during the European Championships in Amsterdam (Netherlands) --- Three days later, she goes 3-for-3, including a double, scores a run and has one RBI when the Dutch beat Great Britain, 3-0 --- On June 1, with team trailing 2-1 against Italy, Marloes doubles in two runs to move the Dutch ahead, then scores herself with was to be the decisive run in a 4-3 victory --- After completion of the European Championships, Marloes travels with the team to Italy for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament. However, two days before the event starts, she has to be replaced on the roster, due to an injury. Marloes remains with the squad to support them en route qualification for the Olympics in Beijing --- In the regluar season, she hits .337 and is in the top-3 of her team with 20 runs, 29 hits and 20 RBI's. She leads the team with two homeruns --- In Haarlem (Netherlands), Sparks finishes in third place in the European Cup Tournament.
2006 --- On July 1, against Chinese Taipei, which is the opening game of the Canada Cup Tournament, Marloes makes her debut in the Dutch National Team --- Later in the year, Marloes participates in the World Championships in Beijing (China) --- In the regular season, she bats .426, scores 26 runs and has 21 RBI's for Sparks Haarlem, with whom she wins the third Dutch championship in a row --- On the European Cup Tournament, Sparks finishes in second place.
2005 --- This year, Marloes finishes the season with a .344 average, scores 17 runs and also has 17 RBI's --- During the European Cup-tournament in Macerata (Italy), she is named most valuable player, while the team finishes in second place --- With Sparks Haarlem, she again reaches the Holland Series, which is won for the second year in a row by her team, while Marloes is being named MVP of the Series.
2004 --- In October, Marloes participates in the World University Games in Plant City, Florida (USA) --- Playing for Sparks Haarlem, she finishes the season with a .207 average --- In Viladecans (Spain), Marloes participates again in the European Cup Tournament, which is won for the second year in a row.
2003 --- In the regular season, Marloes hits .355, scores 12 runs and has 20 RBI's --- With Sparks, the Europan Cup Tournament is won in Forlì (Italy).
2002 --- Marloes makes her debut in the Dutch big league, playing for Sparks Haarlem. In her first season, she hits .373, scores 13 runs and has nine RBI's --- With Sparks, she participates in the European Cup Tournament in Macerata (Italy) with the team winning the silver medal.
2000 --- Marloes participates with the Dutch National Junior Team in the European Championships in Enschede (Netherlands), with the Dutch winning the title --- At the end of this season, Marloes, who plays for Run '71, wins the Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy for Most Talented Dutch Youth Player.

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