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Marco Molleman - Team Manager (Oct.2010-Apr.2011)

PositionTeam Manager
Dutch Junior Team WhiteOctober 2010 - April 2011 (as Team Manager)
Games Dutch Jr Team White0 (as Team Manager)
Dutch Junior Team (Red)1991-1992 (as Regional Coach)
Games Dutch Jr. Team (Red)0 (as Regional Coach)
Dutch Juveniles Team2008-2009 (as Field Manager)
Games Dutch Juv. Team8 (as Field Manager)

Clubs / Teams as Player
Haarlem Nicols (baseball)
SC Haarlem (baseball)
Sparks Haarlem (baseball)
Kennemerland (soccer)

as Coach (softball)
C / HC Kinheim Juniors (Haarlem, 1980)
HC Giants Diemen-1 (Diemen)
HC Giants Diemen Juniors (Diemen)
HC DVH (Amstelveen, 1986)
AC Onze Gezellen (Haarlem, 1987-1989) (*)
HC RCH (Heemstede, 1990-1991)
HC Onze Gezellen Juniors (Haarlem, 1995)
HC Onze Gezellen-2 (Haarlem, 1996)
AC Onze Gezellen-1 (Haarlem, 2005)
AC Terrasvogels (Santpoort, 2005-2007) (*)
HC Terrasvogels (Santpoort, 2013-current) (*)
(*) - Dutch Major League
National Teams
C Regional Staff Dutch Juniors (1991-1992)
MGR Netherlands Juveniles Team (2007-2008)
TM Dutch Junior Team White (Oct. 2010-Apr. 2011)
(HC = Hoofd Coach / MGR = Field Manager
C = Coach / AC = Assistent Coach; TM = Team Manager)

...Tournaments Participated In...
as Coach

with Onze Gezellen Juniors
1995 - HC Dutch Championship Juniors

with Terrasvogels
2006 - AC Cup Winners Cup (Saronno, Italy)

with Regional Team Amsterdam
1985 - HC Dutch Championships Regional Teams

with Netherlands Juveniles Team
2008 - MGR Intern. Oldenzaal Softball Week (Oldenzaal, Netherlands)
MGR European Cadets Championship (Prague, Czech Republic)
2009 - MGR Intern. Oldenzaals Softball Week (Oldenzaal, Netherlands)
MGR Lisa Fernandez Challenge (Hamburg, Germany)

with Dutch Junior Softball Team
1991 - AC Apeldoorn Softball Series (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
1992 - AC Apeldoorn Softball Series (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior White Softball Team
2011 - TM Right To Play Future Stars Tournament (Amsterdam, Neth.)
(HC = Head Coach / MGR = Field Manager / AC = Assistent Coach / TM = Team Manager)

In October 2010, Marco Molleman (who celebrates his birthday on June 23) is named Team Manager of the Dutch Junior White Team. It is not the first time that Marco is affiliated with the national youth-teams, as he has been one of their coaches for four years. Due to personal reasons, Marco steps down in April 2011 as Team Manager of the Junior White Team and is succeeded later by Vera Van De Ven.

In November 2012, Marco is named Head Coach of Terrasvogels and will make his debut in that position in the Dutch big league in 2013.

Because his father Jan plays baseball for EDO, EHS and Haarlem Nicols in the fifties and sixties, Marco himself also want to play baseball for Nicols. And so Marco, who at that moment also plays soccer for Kennemerland, starts his baseball career. A few years later, hij moves on to play for SC Haarlem, which later becomes Sparks Haarlem.

But at a young age (,,I wasn't a great player'') Marco gets in touch with softball, as a friend asks him (when he is 17 year old) to become his assistant for the junior-B softball-team of Kinheim. ,,I really had no idea what I had to do, but it sounded fun'', says Marco, who shortly thereafter becomes the Head Coach and closes the year with a championship. While at Kinheim, he gets the opportunity for attending a coaching course and a year later he earns his coaching license.

In de Summer of 1982, Marco Molleman is working for several months as a swimming instructor in Camp Mendocino (California, USA), before he starts to study in Amsterdam. In that period, he resides in Diemen, close by the playing site of Giants Diemen, a club which doesn't exist anymore. And it didn't take long for him to become a coach at Giants Diemen, where he leads both the main womensquad, as well as the junior softball team.

His coaching career is speeded up hereafter, as he also becomes the coach of the Amsterdam regional softball team and is coaching the softball team of DVH, located in Amstelveen. While being coach of DVH, he gets re-acquainted with Hannie Joosten, a classmate during his coaching course, who at that moment is the Head Coach of Amsterdam-based De Meteoor. Shortly hereafter (1987), Marco becomes the Assistant Coach of Hannie at Onze Gezellen, which is playing in the Dutch Major League. In the following two years at Onze Gezellen, he also is the assistant of Don Wedman, who in 1985-1986 is the Head Coach and in 1994-1996 Assistant Coach of the Dutch National Softball Team. Next, he is a member of the Regional Coaching Staff of the Dutch Junior Team for two years (1991-1992), but also becomes the coach of RCH in Heemstede, whom he guides from the Second to the First Division.

In 1995, he celebrates the Dutch championship with the junior team of Onze Gezellen, but after he coaches the second team of the Haarlem-club Onze Gezellen, Marco takes some distance from coaching for awhile. But he remains active in softball, as from 1991-1999, Marco is a member of the Organizing Committee of the Haarlem Softball Week, the international (bi-annual) event that develops into a high-caliber tournament with the participation of National Team from such countries like de USA, Canada, Italy and China. Besides that he is active in an organisational manner at Onze Gezellen, where he becomes the coordinator of the technical committee of this club, a position he still holds.

But in 2005, he returns to the coaching box. He again becomes an Assistant Coach for Onze Gezellen, which is playing in the First Division at that time. Towards the end of that season, he becomes one of the coaches of Santpoort-based Terrasvogels, where he is the assistant a year later of American coach Darwin Tolzin, with whom he reaches the Holland Series and participates in the European Cup Winners Cup Tournament in Saronno (Italy). In 2007, Tolzin is the Pitching Coach in the staff of the Dutch National Softball Team.

After having being a member of the Regional Coaching Staff of the Dutch Juniors in 1991 and 1992, Marco returns to a National Youth Team in 2008. He becomes the Field Manager of the Dutch Team Under 14 (Juveniles), with whom he wins the European championship in 2008 in the Czech Republic. In 2010, Marco is the coach of the Cadets Team of Onze Gezellen.

Marco Molleman has a teaching background in English and history and during his study, he gains knowledge in education and development psychology. Later, he attends several management-courses. In 2003, he starts with a study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (a method for training, coaching and communication improvement, developed in the seventies at the University of California at Santa Cruz) , which he combines with other studies. For four years Marco does the NLP-course, then in May of 2010 finishes his Post-HBO study and then can call himself a 'certified professional coach'. A month later, he founds his own little company, Unwired Coaching, in which he focusses on mental coaching and training for athletes and coaches.

And so we've reached the favorites of Marco, who explains several of them himself. His favorite movie is Field of Dreams. ,,A wonderful film about the fulfillment of your dreams: ''If you build it, they will come'', Marco says. Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray (,,and of course Shrek...'') are Marco's favorite actors and Helen Mirren, Andie McDowell and Hilary Swank his favorite actresses.

Favorite TV-shows?
Marco: ,,I don't really have one. I like to watch documentaries (about sports) of movies that have some meaning, like Coach Carter and Saving Private Ryan, or no meaning at all, like Monty Python and the films of director Kevin Smith.''

Who would he like to meet most?
Marco: ,,Well, that are a lot. I would like to spent two weeks with Terry Francona, the Manager of the Boston Red Sox, to see how he leads his team.''
And with which three persons would he like to have dinner?
,,Nelson Mandela, George Lucas and of course Barack Obama! It will be two dinners: my girlfriend and I will be there when se share the table with Mandela en Obama, my sons of course will be ther when we will visit George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch'', Marco mentions the complex of the director/producer of the famous Star Wars-movies. For your information: Marco shares his passion for Star Wars with the other Marco in the Oranje Staff, Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar. And now we're talking about food, you can wake up Marco any moment of the day for Indonesian food.

Marco's favorite baseball-player is his nephew Jelle Kroft. ,,With a lot of passion and perseverance, he has accomplished a lot and I love to see that'', says Marco.
His favorite softball-player? Marco: ,,I cannot name her, because she is a member of the current group of the Dutch Junior White Team. Outside that group, I enjoy very much players like Linda Hoenderdos and Jessica Mendoza. The passion and dedication that these players show is something you like to see in every softball-player.''

2012 --- In November, Marco is named Head Coach of Dutch big league-team Terrasvogels.
2011 --- In April, Marco steps down as Team Manager of the Junior White Team due to personal reasons.
2010 --- In October, Marco is named Team Manager of the Dutch Junior White Team.
2008 --- Marco is the Field Manager of the Netherlands Juveniles Team, which wins the European title in Prague.
2007 --- This year, Marco again shortly is one of the coaches of Terrasvogels.
2006 --- This season Marco is the Assistant Coach of Terrasvogels, which reaches the Holland Series and participates in an European Cup Winners Cup Tournament.
2005 --- After an interruption of several years, Marco returns into the coaching box and becomes the Assistant Coach of First Divisionist Onze Gezellen --- Towards the end of the season, he coaches a few games of big leaguer Terrasvogels.
1995 --- The junior softball-team of Onze Gezellen wins the Dutch title under guidance of Marco.
1991-1992 --- Marco is one of the Regional Coaches of the Dutch Junior Softball Team.
1991-1999 --- In this period, Marco is a member of the Organizing Committee of the Haarlem Softball Week.
1987 --- As Assistant Coach of the softball-team of Onze Gezellen, Marco makes his debut as coach in the Dutch big league.
1982 --- This year, Marco is staying a few months in Camp Mendocino (California, USA) as a swimming instructor.
1980 --- Marco makes his debut as coach when he is actice with the junior softball-team of Kinheim, which wins the championship this year.

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