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Coach-Team Meeting; First Practice Dutch Juniors - Sunday, November 8

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Staff introduction; Team Meeting; First Practice Dutch Juniors for 2010 season

Nederlandse tekst

NIEUWGEIN (Neth.) - Tonight, 27 players, who were named to the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Junior Softball Team ensembled at Sports Hall 'Merwestein' in Nieuwegein. The players were accompanied by their parents and clubcoaches, as they all came together for a meeting with the new staff of the Dutch National Softball Teams.

Craig Montvidas, who was named the new Head Coach of the Dutch National Team in December 2008 and led the national squad to the European title during the European Championships in Valencia (Spain) in July-August of this year, has become in charge of all national softball-teams recently. As Head Coach, Montvidas therefore will oversee all activities of all teams, including the National Team, the Junior-squad and the National Cadets Team. As Montvidas takes over the coaching, his staff succeed that of André Prins, who led the Juniors since 2006. The coaching staff of Prins also included Jaap Braakman and Mariana Prins-Atanasova.

After welcoming everyone, Montvidas presented the plans for the Dutch Juniors for their Road to South Africa, which first includes a trip to Vienna in Austria, where the European Championships will be played next year. The Championships also will be a qualifier for the World Championship of 2011, which will be held in South Africa, the ultimate goal. Included in the plans for 2010 and 2011 is that the Dutch Junior Team will be one of the teams that will play in the Dutch Major League, joining the eight clubteams to form the big league. The Juniors will play their games on Sundays and face the eight clubteams on these days.

Besides informing everyone, Montvidas also introduced his staff, which is the same of the National Team and include Coach Nancy Evans, Physical Therapists Anouk Fermont and Sanne Oude Egberink, Business Manager Rich Hooff, Team Manager Paul Boonstra and Media Officer/Statsman Marco Stoovelaar. Nancy Evans (recovering from a hamstring-surgery in the USA) and Rich Hooff were unable to be in Nieuwegein tonight. Nancy will be replaced in November and December by Tracy Bunge, the former Head Coach of the University of Kansas. But Montvidas also introduced the five so-called Flex(ible) Coaches, who will be involved in the coaching of both the Junior and Cadet Teams, but they also can be added to the National Team's coachingstaff. The five Flex Coaches are Marloes Fellinger, Nathalie Franssen, Sandra Gouverneur, Marjan Smit and Maaike Zijlstra, who played several years in both the Dutch Major League as well as the Dutch National Team. Marloes (who was unable to be at the meeting due to sickness), Sandra and Marjan participated in the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing (China).

After the introduction, Physical Therapists Anouk Fermont and Sanne Oude Egberink talked the medical aspects, then conducted a condition test in the sports hall. Hereafter, Montvidas and the Flex Coaches followed up with a regular practice session. From today on, the National Junior Team will practice every Sundays indoors at Veenendaal.

Team Manager Paul Boonstra opens the meeting in Nieuwegein.
Also attending the meeting were (left to right) Sanne Oude Egberink (Physical Therapist),
Anouk Fermont (Physical Therapist), Marjan Smit (Flex Coach), Maaike Zijlstra (Flex Coach),
Craig Montvidas (Head Coach), Sandra Gouverneur (Flex Coach) and Nathalie Franssen (Flex Coach)
Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar was behind the camera to take the photos

The 27 players of the Dutch Junior Team preliminary roster, their parents
and their coaches listen to the information being provided (above, under)

Head Coach Craig Montvidas addresses the attendees

Physical Therapists Sanne Oude Egberink and Anouk Fermont
talk about the medical aspects for the team

After the introduction, Head Coach Craig Montvidas has a brief meeting
with Flex Coaches Maaike Zijlstra, Marjan Smit, Sandra Gouverneur and Nathalie Franssen

Physical Therapist Sanne Oude Egberink works with Marisèla de Wind (66) and Kirsten Vierdag

Debby Barbé (51) and Nadia Bron perform a drill

Noemie Brandjes, Rosanne de Vries, Sophie Bugter, Eva Voortman,
Marjolein Merkx, Chantal Kradolfer and Beau van Gelder listen
to an explanation of Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont

Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont performs a drill with Beau van Gelder
In the back, Jessie van Aalst, Laura Treurniet, Cindy van der Zanden and Cheryl Hiele do the same
At right, Daphne Endlich (56), Noemie Brandjes (55) and Chantal Kradolfer (59)
are ready to follow the their example

Parents and coaches follow the practice session of the Dutch Juniors

Physical Therapist Sanne Oude Egberink instructs her group of players
Left to right: Mariëlle Vleugels, Dinet Oosting, Kiki Draaijer, Rebecca Duindam,
Laura Bakker, Inge Tishauser, Loes van der Vliet, Suzanne Meiring, Kirsten Vierdag,
Miranda van der Ham, Debby Barbé, Marisèla de Wind, Kimberly Jones and Nadia Bron

Rotating with the clock Kimberly Jones, Nadia Bron, Debby Barbé, Miranda van der Ham,
Inge Tishauser, Rebecca Duindam, Mariëlle Vleugels, Dinet Oosting, Kiki Draaijer and Laura Bakker
perform one of the conditioning drills

Eva Voortman (58), Rosanne de Vries, Marit van Vulpen, Daphne Endlich
and Sophie Bugter (69) listen to Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont for the next drill

Head Coach Craig Montvidas and the Flex Coaches talk with
the team after completion of the condition tests (above, under)

Head Coach Craig Montvidas tells the parents that there are
no secrets and that they are welcome to attend all practices

Kiki Draaijer (51 orange), Debby Barbé (51 blue)
and Laura Treurniet are ready to field

Flex Coaches Sandra Gouverneur, Maaike Zijlstra
and Marjan Smit keep a close eye on the action

Daphne Endlich, Noëmie Brandjes and Dinet Oosting
wait in line for a fielding drill

Head Coach Craig Montvidas oversees all the action

After conclusion of the practice, the preliminary Dutch Junior Team poses for a photo

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