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Indoor Training - Sunday, Januay 9, 2011

Dutch Junior Teams resume practice-sessions

Nederlandse tekst

VEENENDAAL - The players of the Dutch Junior Red Team and Dutch Junior White Team resumed their indoor training on Sunday, January 9 in Veenendaal. The two teams started their practices in November, but halfway December an interruption followed for the holidays.

Today, the first group of the Junior White Team started at 10 AM, then the second group began its training at 12 PM. The Junior Red Team also was divided in two teams, with the first one starting practice at 2 PM.

In the weekend of Januari 14-16, the Junior Red Team will play its first games, as it participates in four separate teams in the Indoor Cup in Schiedam. The players of the Junior White Team will play their first games in the weekend of February 12 and 13 when the second Right To Play Future Stars Tournament in Amsterdam is scheduled. On February 26 and 27, both teams return to the (indoor)field when they play during the National Team Showcase in Amsterdam.

Sunday-afternoon, Karen Marr, the new Pitching Coach of the Dutch National Team came by and was introduced to the coaches and staffmembers of the Junior-squads. The Australian coach arrived on Friday, January 7.

On this page, a photo recap of the Junior White training.

Head Coach Marjan Smit and Supervisor Craig Montvidas address the first group;
standing at right are Pitching Coach Judith van Kampen and Team Manager Marco Molleman

Tessa Molenaar during the warming-up

Marley Martis, Naomi Andringa, ZoŽ Bood, Cher ten Hoope,
Tamara Immers and Denice van Dijk listen to the explanation of a drill

Gabi Obia, Jessica Waasdorp, Babs de Jonge, Laura de Zoete
and Tessa Molenaar are getting directions from Craig Montvidas

Maxime van Dalen drives back runner Katja Distel to a base
Standing in the back is Denice van Dijk

Time for a break for pitchers Fabienne Huigen, Nienke Verhofstad, Samantha van der Roest,
Ilona Andringa and Shanna te Vrede and Pitching Coach Judith van Kampen

ZoŽ Bood, Tessa Molenaar, Naomi Andringa and Noa Brand
wait their turn to go to bat

Babs de Jonge and Shanna te Vrede hitting

Marley Martis and Laura de Zoete during batting practice
Jeske Meewisse is the catcher

Nienke Verhofstad, Ilona Andringa and Gabi Obia are looking on,
while Merou Hesmerg is hitting and Katja Distel is doing the catching

Fabienne Huigen delivers a pitch during batting practice

Catcher Jeske Meewisse

Head Coach Marjan Smit addresses the second group
Dervisa Mutic, Quincey Catsburg, Craig Montvidas and Ashley Groot listen

Of course, the other players are also listening

Anouk Plooij, Danielle van Dijk, Ilona Marcelis, Odette Kuipers, Lauren Hooff, Dervisa Mutic
and Manoa Weijgertse make some 'moving images' when they start their warming-up

Lizzie Clarijs, Ingemarie Rumai, Demi Erkemeij, Jeske Meewisse
and Aafje van Baal during warming-up

Lauren Hooff, Odette Kuipers and Manoa Weijgertse perform a warming-up drill

Dutch Junior Supervisor and National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas
has a meeting with Rich Hooff, the Business Manager of the National Team

Junior White Team Head Coach Marjan Smit makes notes

Demi Erkemeij, Roos Heinis, Tamara Jansen, Wies Ligtvoet and Aafje van Baal throwing

Pitching Coach Judith van Kampen works with Lizzie Clarijs and Quincey Catsburg

Kelsey Huijzers, Ruby Jane Krikke, Ingemarie Rumai and Stacey Vermeulen
wait their turn during batting practice

Jeske Meewisse hitting

Quincey Catsburg makes her wind-up
Standing in the background are Roos Heinis, Dervisa Mutic and Kendra van Vliet

The players are listening to an explanation of Craig Montvidas

Pitching Coach Judith van Kampen gives advice to Kelsey Huijzers

Turns at bat for Tamara Jansen and Odette Kuipers

KNBSB-Boardmember Caroline Theunissen meets Karen Marr, the new Pitching Coach of the Orange

Danielle van Dijk, Lois Klamer, Lizzie Clarijs, Demi Erkemeij
and Quincey Catsburg discuss their hitting

The training is closed with a running/conditioning test

Craig Montvidas talks with Nathalie Franssen and Maaike Zijlstra,
respectively Coach and Pitching Coach of the Junior Red Team

Coach Nathalie Franssen addresses the first group of the Junior Red Team

Orange-pitcher Dagmar Bloeming today was in Veenendaal for a training
with Pitching Coach Karen Marr

Rebecca Duindam, Marjolein Merkx and Marit van Vulpen look on during a running-drill

The Junior Red-practice started with a running-drill
Kim Buizer (51), Shadeney Castillo (63), Floor van Dijk (54), Melissa Burger (58)
and Jasmin Carlson (56) look on

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