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Jeroen van de Wiel - Video Analyst (2011)

PositionVideo Analyst
Dutch National TeamOctober 2010 - 2011
Dutch Junior Team RedOctober 2010 - 2011
Dutch Junior Team WhiteOctobert 2010 - 2011

Clubs / Teams as Player
Audacia (Moergestel, 1981, 1982) (soccer)
Roef! (Moergestel, 1983-current) (baseball)

as Coach
C Roef! Peanutball (Moergestel, 1990-1991)
C Roef! several teams BB (Moergestel, 1992-2003)
C Roef! Juniors softball (Moergestel, 2003-2004)
C Roef! Women softball (Moergestel, 2005)
C Roef! Juveniles softball (Moergestel, 2006)
C Little League Den Bosch SB (2006-2007)
C Junior League Den Bosch SB (2008)
C Brabant Bandits SB Cadets (2008)
C Roef! Women softball (Moergestel, 2010-current)

as Video-analyst
Roef! (Moergestel, 2010-current)
National Teams
Nederlands National Team (October 2010-2011)
Netherlands National Junior Teams (October 2010-2011)
(C = Coach)

...Tournaments Participated In...
as Coach

with Roef!
2012 - HC International Indoor Cup (Schiedam, Netherlands)

with Little League Den Bosch
2006 - Little League Dutch Championship (Almere, Netherlands)
Little League European/Middle East Region Championship (Kutno, Poland)
2007 - Little League Dutch Championship (Almere, Netherlands)
Little League European/Middle East Region Championship (Arezzo, Italy)

with Junior League Den Bosch
2008 - Junior League Dutch Championship (Almere, Netherlands)
Junior League European/Middle East Region Championship (Ramstein, Germany)
Junior League World Series (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

with Dutch Junior Softball Team
2011 - AC International Indoor Cup (Team Orange) (Schiedam, Netherlands) (Red)

(AC = Assistant Coach)

In October 2010, Jeroen van de Wiel (who celebrates his birthday on June 7) is added to the staff of the National Softball Teams as video-analyst, a function he occupied in 2011. Jeroen comes from a real baseball- and softball-family with nine children (eight boys, one girl), who all played baseball and/or softball. At one moment, five brothers played together in the baseball-team of Roef!, while Jeroen was the bat-boy of the team. Several children of Jeroen's brothers currently still play baseball and/or softball at the club from Moergestel. Jeroen's wife currently plays softball in a recreation team, while his 4-year old daughter has started playing bee-ball.

After Jeroen had played soccer for two years at Audacia from Moergestel, he starts playing peanutball in 1983 at Roef! and never left the club since then. Jeroen is playing in all youth teams of the club, then is a member of the main baseball squad for seven seasons. He still plays baseball, but nowadays in the second team and only when he has time.

When Jeroen is 15 years old, he starts coaching and leads the peanutball-team of Roef!, then earns his coaching license two years later. Between 1990 and 2003, he is active as coach for several baseball-teams within the club.

In 2003, Jeroen directs his attention for the first time to softball when he is the coach of the juniors of Roef! Following later are the main softball-team (2005) and the juveniles, which whom he wins the championship in 2006. In the same year, together with Annie Hekker and Tom Deelstra, Jeroen starts Little League Softball in the province of Noord-Brabant, for more information you can visit Little League Den Bosch. With the Den Bosch Little League Team, he wins the Dutch title in 2006, then finishes in third place on the European Championship in the Polish city of Kutno. A year later, Jeroen joins Hannie Mulders, amongst others, and sets up several practices, resulting in four Little League Teams, who represent Noord-Brabant in the Dutch Championship. Two of these teams qualify for the European Championship, which this time takes place in Arezzo (Italy). One of these teams is Jeroen's, who then did the coaching with Jan Klomp and Corinne van der Griendt. Like the year before, his teams ends in third place during the Championship.

In 2008, Brabant participates in the Junior League Tournaments (which is also part of the Little League-organization). Coaches are former Dutch National Team-players Carolien Sins and Jeanette In den Kleef (the mother of Anouk in den Kleef, who currently is a member of the preliminary roster of the Dutch Junior Red Team). Jeroen is the Team Manager of the team. On the photo at right, Jeroen poses with coaches Jeanette In den Kleef (left) and Carolien Sins. For the third year in a row, his team celebrates the Dutch title. This time, the European Championship follows on the American Air Force Base Ramstein in Germany where an exciting final is played against the Russian Junior League Team. In the sixth inning, the Dutch are facing a 9-3 deficit with two outs. But in this at bat, the team scores 10 runs and takes a 13-9 lead. Russia comes back to 13-12, but in the end, the Brabant Junior League Team wins 14-12 and captures the European title. On the photo at left, Jeroen celebrates the victory. Because of this, it qualifies for the World Series in Kirkland in Washington State in the USA, where it finishes in eighth place. ,,This year was one big softball hightlight'', Jeroen looks back to 2008.

In Jeroen's Little/Junior League-years, Femke Duffhues, Gini Ketelaars, Eva van Knegsel and Jenna van Rijen are members of the teams and currently all are on the preliminary roster of the Dutch Junior Red Team.

Also in 2008, Jeroen founds the Brabant Bandits, which is compiled from players from Twins and Roef!, which led to a cooperation between these two clubs. Jeroen coaches the team together with Nicolas Vlyminckx, who earlier was the coach of the National Belgian Junior Baseball Team. In its first year, the Bandits win the Dutch championship in the Cadets-category.

After not being active for one year, Jeroen and Nicolas Vlyminckx, become the coach of the women softball team of Roef! in 2010, after it had promoted to the First Division the year before. The team qualifies for the final round, wins a best-of-five vs. Onze Gezellen from Haarlem 3-1 and promotes to the so-called Overgangsklasse. In 2011, Jeroen again is the coach of the team.

In 2010 Jeroen starts working with a video-analyses program at Roef! to improve the batters. The program corrects on 12 points, as well as 10 points in pitching. During the clinic of the Dutch National Softball Team at Roef! in September 2010, Jeroen discusses the analyses-program with Head Coach Craig Montvidas and then finds himself involved in the Dutch National Teams.

Besides coaching, Jeroen is one of the organisors at Roef! of the annual pre-season indoor/outdoor tournament. In the future, Jeroen hopes to bring back new life into softball in the provinces of Brabant and Limburg, as currently there are only nine youth-teams in this region, who are all linked to only four clubs.

Jeroen's favorite movies are Hard Ball, Boyz in the Hood, *61, The Babe and Fever Pitch. His favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves, while Nicole Kidman is his favorite actress. What television programs are concerned, Jeroen's favorites are Baseball Tonight, This Week In Baseball and NOS Studio Sport. Hij would love to have a diner with Terry Francona, Mike Candrea and Tommy Lasorda and it would be a favor when the food would be Mexican, Greek, Chinese or Italian, as these are Jeroen's favorites. Former National Team-player Anouk Mels is Jeroen's favorite softball player and David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox his favorite baseball player.

2011 --- In the weekend of January 14-16, Jeroen serves as Assistant Coach of Team Orange, one of the four squads of the Dutch Junior Red Softball Team that participates in the International Indoor Cup in Schiedam (Netherlands). During the tournament, this team is led by Head Coach Nathalie Franssen.
2010 --- Jeroen becomes one of the coaches of the women softball team of Roef!, which promotes to the 'Overgangsklasse' --- In October of this year, Jeroen is added to the staff of the Dutch National Softball Teams as video-analyst.
2008 --- This year, Jeroen is one of the coaches of the Junior League Den Bosch Team, which wins the European title in Germany and qualifies for the World Series in Kirkland (USA), where the team finishes in eighth place --- He leads the Cadets of the Brabants Bandits to the Dutch championship.
2007 --- The Little League Den Bosch Team again finishes in third place on the European Championship, which this time is held in Arezzo in Italy.
2006 --- With the Little League Den Bosch Team coach Jeroen qualifies for the European Championship in Poland, where it finishes in third place --- With juveniles softball team of Roef! he wins the championship.
2003 --- For the first time, Jeroen is active as coach of a softball team, the juniors of Roef!
1990 --- Jeroen coaches his first team, the peanutball-team of Roef!
1983 --- Jeroen starts playing baseball at Roef! in Moergestel, where he is active since then.

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