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Ingrid Holstege - Physical Therapist

PositionPhysical Therapist
Dutch National TeamJan. 2011 - current
Games Dutch National Team28
Dutch Junior Team RedJan. 2011 - current
Dutch Junior Team WhiteJan. 2011 - current

Clubs / Teams as Player
played gymnastics, tennis, soccer in the past
currently does bicycling, mountainbiking,
running, beachvolleyball

as Physical Therapist
National Teams
Netherlands National Softball Team (Jan. 2011-current)
Netherlands National Junior Teams (Jan. 2011-current)

...Tournaments Participated In...
Several tournaments with gymnastics,
running and bicycling

with Dutch Junior Softball Teams
2011 - Right To Play Future Stars Tournament (Amsterdam, Neth.) (White)
2013 - Future Stars Tournament (Amsterdam, Neth.) (Red/White)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2011 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
Torneo 150 Anni Unitá d'Italia (Bollate, Italy)
2012 - American Tour (Tennessee/Florida, USA)
Holland Tour (Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
World Cup of Softball (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
Seattle Series (Seattle, Washington, USA)
World Championship (Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada)
2013 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
European Championship (Prague, Czech Republic)

In January 2011, Ingrid Holstege (who celebrates her birthday on July 10) is added to the staff of the Dutch National Softball Teams as its third Physical Therapist. Ingrid joins Sanne Oude Egberink and Anouk Fermont, who are with the teams since 2009. A third Physical Therapist became necessary at the time, as Sanne was pregnant and Anouk was busy studying for her work.

Ingrid also plays several sports, doing gymnastics and tennis, but stopped with these sports when she was 18. ,,I never was a star'', Ingrid says. Hereafter, she starts playing soccer, which she then for some five years. All these sports, Ingrid plays in her birthplace of Laren in the east of the country.

During her study in Zwolle she does a lot of sports and since a few years, she is active in bicycling, mountainbiking, running and in the summer beach volleyball.

While doing gymnastics, Ingrid participates in some tournaments, but while playing tennis and soccer, she only plays in competitions. In her current sports of running and bicycling, she participates in several events which are organized throughout the year.

At Tamminga Fysiotherapie, Ingrid is one of 44 Physical Therapists working for Rob Tamminga, who is the director of the company and one of two Physical Therapists of the Dutch National Baseball Team, the other being Martijn van Berkel.

As she wants to combine sports and the human body, Ingrid starts to study physical therapy. Before starting her study, Ingrid studies NAAM (2000-2004), but misses several things, she then found back in physical therapy. Next, she does an abbreviated study physical therapy (2004-2007). She first works a fitness- and spinning-instructor at Tamminga Fysiotherapie and then starts working for Rob as one of his Physical Therapists in 2007.

,,I never really knew what I wanted to do, but I always was interested in sports'', Ingrid explains on becoming a Physical Therapist. Therefore, she starts a study at the ALO and finally makes the switch to physical therapy a few years ago.

For Ingrid, this is the first time that she officially is a staffmember of a team and her first impression is good. Ingrid: ,,I always was 'afraid' of standing on the sideline, as I wanted to participate in a sport myself. But now, I like it to join in thinking together in this kind of sport and play an important part to get the girls as fit as possible and keep them that way''.

Ingrid knows softball from her schoolperiod. She was a member of the schoolteam and participated in several school-tournaments. She always was a pitcher and liked both the position and the sport. ,,However, after concluding school, there never came a moment to continue in this'', Ingrid looks back.

Regarding her favorite movies, actors, actresses and book, Ingrid says: ,,I don't have a real opinion about this. To be honest, I can see a movie or read a book three times and then still don't know who's who. No, this isn't the case in my work! Then, I do know what I'm doing and know who's who.''

2011 --- On January 12, Ingrid is introduced as new Physical Therapist of the Dutch National Softball Teams --- In June, Ingrid participates with the Dutch National Team as Physical Therapist in the Torneo 150 Anni Unitá d'Italia in Bollate (Italy) and therefore is a member of the team's staff when it plays the 100th game in history against Italy on June 2 --- For Ingrid, this is her first international game with the Dutch National Team.
2007 --- Ingrid starts working as Physical Therapist.

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