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Dutch Teams dominate in Indoor Cup Tournament - January 15-17, 2010

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Dutch Teams take first, second and third place in Schiedam

Nederlandse tekst

SCHIEDAM (Neth.) - Three Dutch Teams, compiled from the players on the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Softball Team, dominated over the weekend in the annual Indoor Cup Tournament, taking first, second and third place, as well as three individual awards. The event followed the first practice session of the second part of the winter season, which started on Wednesday, January 13.

It marked the first time that the Dutch National Softball Team participated in this annual event. In previous years, teams were formed with players from the Dutch National Junior Teams. The Dutch National Team participated this year with three separate teams (Orange, Blue and White). The players on the Preliminary Team Roster were divided over the three teams and completed with five players from the Dutch Junior Roster: Rebecca Duindam, Kimberly Jones, Kirsten Vierdag, Eva Voortman and Marisčla de Wind, who we compliment with their participation in the event.

Besides these five players, four other Junior-players participated in the event playing for their regular club team: Daphne Endlich, Cheryl Hiele (both Euro Stars), Debby Barbé and Sophie Bugter (both Twins).

Team Orange shutout Team Blue 5-0 in the final of the 3-day event in Schiedam, which was held for the 15th time. In the final, winning pitcher Kirsten Scheele struckout eleven batters and gave up only two basehits to raise her tournament-record to 4-0. Kirsten, who struckout 41 batters in 19 innings, was the lone pitcher in the tournament with four victories. In her previous three games in the event, she gave up only one additional basehit, as the righthander threw two complete game No-Hitters, including one Perfect Game.

Team Orange opened the score with a run in the fourth inning, then rallied for four runs in the sixth at bat to make it 5-0. In this inning, Team Blue-reliever Malou van Dusschoten gave up her first basehits in the tournament after having thrown 14 2/3 hitless innings. The inning was highlighted by a huge 2-run double by Areke Spel, which slightly touched the ceiling of the indoor hall. According to the rules, it is a foul ball when that happens, but after a discussion, the umpire crew stated that the ball didn't touch the ceiling, meaning the double would stand.

In the previous game, Team White had captured third place by winning 5-2 vs. Joudrs from the Czech Republic on a 5-hitter by lefthanded rookie Eva Voortman, one of five players being added to the team from the Dutch National Junior Team. Making her comeback in a Dutch national uniform was Noémi Boekel, who played for Team Orange on Saturday, but was unable to be with the team on Sunday, due to a bruised thumb.

Besides taking the first three places in the 16-team event, three individual awards also went to players from the Dutch Teams. Virginie Anneveld (Team Orange) was named Most Valuable Player, Britt Vonk (Team White) was the Best Hitter and Rebecca Soumeru (Team White) was named Best Pitcher.

Afterwards, we learned that our American opponents were thrilled to have been able to play against some Olympians. The players and staff of the Dutch National Team really enjoyed participating in the event and playing the games. Through this, we would like to thank Yvette van Schie, Debbie van Snek, Rox van der Hoeven, Evan Jalink and Jessica Janssen of the Indoor Cup-organization for the work they did. We also would like to thank American umpires Robert Allen, Tom Fitzsimmons, Steven Mitchell and Sonny Pompillii, Belgian umpires Benny Van Nuffel and Louis Vischschoonmaker and Dutch umpires Frank Duits, Bob Gieskens, Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven, Hans Hornstra, Bert Loggen (Umpire-in-Chief), Carolien Stadhouders, Albert Tolen, Peter Vonk and Gerard Zwier and scorekeepers Til Debets, Marjolein Fünke Kupper, Mireille Gill'ard, Cindy Goetgeluk, Erica Hanselman (Scorer-in-Chief), Mary-Ann Hatt, Jeroen Hijmans, Danny van der Munnik, Heidi van der Munnik, Annemieke Pot, Helma Verlaan, Marco Verlaan and Frank Zaal for their input during our games. And of course, another word of thank to all we didn't mention!

A complete lookback to the event, with brief recaps of all 19 games played by the Dutch Teams, as well as Box Scores and Photos, is available by opting for one of the next links:
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Tournament-winner Team Orange with their prizes of the Indoor Cup 2010
Back: Dagmar Bloeming, Kirsten Scheele, Nadine Marinus, Judith Diepeveen
Front: Areke Spel, Virginie Anneveld, Merel Oosterveld, Kirsten Vierdag

The winners of the Individual Awards
Britt Vonk (Best Hitter), Virginie Anneveld (MVP) and Rebecca Soumeru (Best Pitcher)

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