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Dutch Team gives clinic and plays game - Friday, November 20

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Dutch Team gives clinic and plays second indoor game of the season

Nederlandse tekst

AMSTERDAM (Neth.) - The Dutch National Softball Team on Friday, November 20 conducted a successful clinic for employees of the ING Bank at the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam, then played its second of six scheduled intersquad indoor games in the first part of the winter practices, which run through December 20. In the clinic, the employees were instructed in hitting, throwing and fielding, then played a game.

When the ING Bank requested for a clinic for some of its employees, the Dutch National Softball Team and its staff of course were available immediately to assist. By the way, if there are any other interested parties (like companies) who want to spend the afternoon with the Dutch National Softball Team and its staff and not only wants to enjoy a sportive afternoon, but also learn more about the ins and outs of the sport of softball, please feel free to contact us. We will always be available. Clinics can be conducted in combination with regularly scheduled practice sessions of the squad (in that case the entire team is available to assist), but also on non-practice days when players will be available for clinics individually or in a smaller group. Interested? Then mail to stoov@dutchsoftballteam.com.

OK, back to today. There were 17 employees of the ING Bank at Sporthallen Zuid, who were informed by Head Coach Craig Montvidas about softball in general and of course the Dutch National Team. Team Manager Paul Boonstra gave additional information, including a slide-show, while player Nathalie Gosewehr provided information about Right To Play and the ambassadorship of the Dutch Team for this organization. The employees even got more information than planned, as coincidentally someone of the Doping Control was visiting the practice to have a random check and then gave the ING-employees details about her work and that of the Doping Control Authority. The umpires, who worked the indoor games, also were available to give information about their role in the sport of softball. So, it must have a very instructive and informative afternoon for the ING-employees.

After having absorbed all the information, it was ready for the employees to get into action. They first got a warm-up session from Nathalie Gosewehr and Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont. Hereafter, the players of the Dutch Team, who in the meantime had ended their preparations for the practice, assisted in instructing the ING-employees in hitting, throwing, catching and fielding. Then, the entire group of employees and players played a brief game, which had several fine plays by some of the employees as well as some hard hit balls.

Then, it was time for the Dutch team to play its second intersquad indoor game of the winter season, which was again be played between the black and the grey team. The game was watched for several innings by most of the ING-employees, who left with a good feeling.

The players and staffmembers of the Dutch Team thank umpires Albert Jung and Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven for their participation in the clinic and both indoor-games. And we thank the employees of ING for their nice gift to everyone. We're looking forward welcoming them again in the future.

Head Coach Craig Montvidas informs the ING-employees about softball

The ING-employees watch the slide-show of the Dutch Team and
get additional info from Team Manager Paul Boonstra (above, under)

Nathalie Gosewehr tells about Right To Play and the ambassadorship of the Dutch Team

The players of the Dutch Team are having a conditioning program in the meantime (above, under)

Nathalie Gosewehr conducts a warming-up session with the ING-employees

The employees get more information from a representative of the Dutch Doping Authority

And then, the ING-employees get personal coaching from the Dutch players
in throwing, catching, fielding and hitting (above, under)

Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont participated in the throwing session
Head Coach Craig Montvidas watches her closely

Head Coach Craig Montvidas explains the next step of the clinic

Meike Witteveen gives instructions about hitting

...and so does Solange Starrenburg

...and Saskia Kosterink

Anne Vlietstra and Lotte Holvast look on during a hitting drill

Merel Oosterveld checks the swing,
while Fabienne van Uden and Anne Blaauwgeers (both at right) look on

Nadine Marinus shows a swing, while Karin Tuk tosses a ball

In the meantime are the pitchers working with Coach Tracy Bunge
Here, she gives detailed instructions to Malou van Dusschoten

Umpires Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven and Albert Jung

Team 1 of the ING-employees listens to Anne Vlietstra

One of the employees hitting in the ING-game with Anne Blaauwgeers doing the catching
Albert Jung is the umpire

Here, Solange Starrenburg gives instructions to Team 2 of ING

Another ING-batter, who just hit a line drive

The ING-employees and the Dutch players applaud each other for the fine game they just finished

Moments later, the Dutch Team is playing its own indoor game
Here, Saskia Kosterink faces pitcher Femke van Dusschoten
Anne Blaauwgeers is the catcher; Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven the umpire

A view from centerfield; in front of the camera is outfielder Areke Spel

Lotte Holvast is hitting, while Rebecca Soumeru is the pitcher;
Karin Tuk is the catcher and Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven is still behind the plate

Head Coach Craig Montvidas talks with the team after completion of the day

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