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Double victory for Dutch Team - Chicago/Plainfield - Friday, July 18, 2014

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Orange squad recovers fine

Nederlandse tekst

The Netherlands Softball Team recovered fine on Friday, July 18, after the second loss against Chicago Bandits. Today, the team played a double-header against two different teams and won both games. First, a 6-3 victory against Beverly Bandits which included a homerun by Karin Tuk. Later in the day, a 4-3 win followed vs. Illinois Chill Gold and this time, Nathalie Timmermans and Dinet Oosting connected for a homerun.

Beneath, Team Manager Peter Schuler looks back to Day 18.

Today, Shareday Christina celebrated her 22nd birthday, but despite that we were having breakfast at 7:15 AM. At 8 AM, we were in the vans for a 45 minute drive to Plainfield. Luckily, there was no traffic jam and we never got lost. At 9 AM shar, we started the preparayions on the nice site of East Plainfield High School. A lot of Dutch clubs would be very happy with two baseball fields and two softball fields with all facilities.

Before I continue with the recap, we first want to congratulate the Men Softball Team, which in the Czech Republic secured a third place at the European Championships, which qualifies them for participation in the World Cup next year in Whitehorse (Canada). The men won for the second time against Great Britain (3-2) and now will play in the 'back-door' to try to advance to the final. On Saturday, they meet Denmark and the winner then will try to keep the Czechs from winning their next European title. And so, a good follow-up on the Silver Medal in 2012 is still possible. Men, congratulated!<> Where were we? Ah, yes, in Plainfield for the first game against the Beverly Bandits of coach Bill Conroy. Lindsey Meadows got the start, but, as she said herself, didn't pitch that well. But she held the opponent scoreless through the third inning. In the fourth inning, she gave up three runs due to some hits and defensive errors. Luckily, we had taken a 6-0 lead ourselves in the third inning via a walk, two errors and a double by Saskia Kosterink and a homerun by Karin Tuk. That appears to be an easy win, but the pitcher of the Bandits was a tough opponent: 12 strikeouts, 2 walks, 5 hits. Rebecca Soumeru closed the game and earned a save: 3 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 hit. That one was in the pocket.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Beverly Bandits

Then on to the next game against Illinois Chill Gold, which took an early 2-0 lead off of Ginger de Weert. That lead was intact through three innings and was even enlarged to 3-0 when Ginger gave up a homerun. In the top of the fourth inning, we came back via a homerun by Nathalie Timmermans (which has become a regular thing) and a run scored by Jessie van Aalst, who was batted in by Dinet Oosting and Virginie Anneveld. But still, trailing 3-2. In the sixth inning we came alongside when Dinet homered. In the seventh inning, Britt Vonk walked and advanced to third base on a hit by 'Timmie'. With two outs, the control of the Chill pitcher became less and with the bases loaded, she issued a walk and that gave us a 4-3 lead. Dagmar Bloeming (7 strikeouts, 3 hits) had taken over the pitching in the fifth inning and closed the door for the Chill.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Illinois Chill Gold

Two victories and it looked much better then the last game against the 'other' Bandits. The travel back was much longer than the way to the field. Almost the entire drive back to the hotel was a traffice jam and so, we skipped the refreshing and went in our uniforms to dinner at Longhorn. A candle for Shareday and then back to our 'home'. It was quiet very early in the hotel...

On Saturday, another early bride to the same field to play again vs. Beverly Bandits. On Sunday, two more games and then the laudry will be packed.

(photos made by Joanne Schuler)

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