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Dutch Team empty-handed again vs. Bandits - Chicago - Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Orange squad shutout again

Nederlandse tekst

On Thursday, July 17, the Netherlands Softball Team played its second game against the professional team Chicago Bandits during its Illinois-trip. Just as a week ago, the Orange squad was unable to produce offensively and didn't score. The Netherlands Team hit only two basehits and lost 7-0. The team plays two more games on Friday.

Team Manager Peter Schuler looks back to Day 17 of the trip.

Bandits too strong again

The day began with a huge laundry-expedition. A van loaded with laundry and several 'laundrettes' spent a few hours in the local laundry. Almost twelve washing machines were working for the Netherlands at the same time. Then back to the hotel, change clothes and have a bite at Applebees. Thereafter, immediately off to the stadium for the second game against the Chicago Bandits.

Whether the freezing airco at Applebees was to blame, we will never know, but our girls could get things started very difficult. In other words, we never got started. Yes, both pitchers of the Bandits were good, but it was said that they weren't as good, as their combined stats (14 strikeouts, 2 walks, 2 hits) might suggest. Saskia Kosterink and Nathalie Timmermans were the only ones to avoid a strikeout. Offensiviley, we were unable to produce. Only Britt Vonk, 'Timmie' and Karin Tuk as pinch-hitter reached the bases.

How did it go defensively? First, Femke van Dusschoten (4 walks, three hits) got the task to stop the aggresive offensive. Hoewever, after two innings, we were trailing already 5-0. How aggresive is this team? Three times they led off an inning by hitting a towering homerun. In six innings, only one batter struckout. Twice a double-steal. And despite that, our defense made several very nice plays.<> Box Score Netherlands vs. Chicago Bandits

A game quickly to forget and change the focus to the next two games, on Friday at 10 AM and 12 PM, we meet another tough American contender.

(photos made by Joanne Schuler)

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