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Dutch Team has time off - Schaumburg - Friday/Saturday, July 11-12, 2014

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Time off after practice-session

Nederlandse tekst

After having played 11 games in only six days, the Netherlands Softball Team had free moments on Friday and Saturday. There was a practice scheduled, but on other moments, everyone had time to relax and rest. The team returns to the field on Sunday to play a double-header.

From Schaumburg, Peter Schuler, the Team Manager of the Orange Team during this Illinois-trip, report the following of Days 11 and 12.

A period of rest

The team was pretty tired. And was no surprise after all the traveling and the many games we played under warm circumstances. Friday, there was still a practice scheduled of a few hours, which focused mainly on tactical matters. The bats didn't leave the bags.

After practice back to the hotel, shower and then relax. Some swimming, shopping (of course), but also simply lying down.

At the end of the afternoon, it was off to Outback for a great dinner. Thereafter, tired to bed, but with a nice day in the books.

On Saturday, the departure of Coach Tracy was on the scheduled and therefore, the 'press conference' of Italy (Rebecca Soumeru, Virginie Anneveld and Jessie van Aalst) was moved to 9:45 AM, followed by a brief team-meeting, which also was used to discuss the tactics. Then saying goodbye to Tracy, followed by organizing a pendel service to the different shops in the neighborhood. We had planned to go to a swimming pool with a group, but moments later we were able to use the parking lot as a swimming pool after an enormous rainshower. Then with some watching Brazil against the Netherlands (bronze game at the World Cup Soccer) and then off to Appebee's for dinner. We also watched the game between the USA and Chinese Taipei in Irvine, California. Our first two opponenst during the World Championship.

On Sunday at 11 AM, we will go to the stadium of the university to play a double-header against the young Angels-team. Everyone is reporting that this is a strong team, so it can be an enjoyous afternoon.

Monday will be a 'heavy' day with the travel to Joliet, two clinics and then 'the battle of the sexes' against the local professional baseball-team. But more about that later.

The players wish the Netherlands Men Softball Team lots of success
during the European Championship this week in the Czech Republic

(photos made by Joanne Schuler)

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