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Dutch Team goes over the details - Schaumburg - Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Wednesday was a cloudy and much cooler day in the Chicago-area.

Peter Schuler, who is the Team Manager during this trip, reports from Day 2 of the trip:

The day began with an extensive team-meeting. Head Coach Craig Montvidas and Peter Schuler, who organized all kinds of things for the trip, went into details for the upcoming three weeks, but als the period thereafter. Montvidas was proud of his team. From now on it's 100 percent focus on softball and the World Championship. All other things are secondary. Montvidas stated that a lot of persons have helped the team through the last years. The team will thank those persons on Thursday, August 14 during a meeting with a show-element and a social character. Invitations for that event will be send shortly. During the meeting, we also were able to show our new uniforms. Anne Blaauwgeers, Rebecca Soumeru, Jessie van Aalst and Nikki Harte presented the uniforms. But then, the uniforms quickly were stowed away again, as they will be officially presented of course in the Netherlands.

After the meeting, there was time to explore the neighboring Woodfield Mall. Some members of the team has plans to travel to Chicago at the end of the afternoon for attending a Major League-game of the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately, shortly after making the plans it started to rain and so, the plans were scrubbed. And so, we were almost complete when we went for dinner to Olive Garden. Assistant Coach Tracy Bunge had arrived just in time to join the team for dinner. She had traveled to Schaumburg by car from Kansas City! Tracy will stay with the team through July 11 and will re-joing the team towards the end of July for the start of the 11-City Tour back home in the Netherlands.

The weather forecasts for the coming day are fine: less chances for rainshowers and somewhat cooler. On Thursday, the team will practice from 9:30 AM through 1 PM at the site of the Chicago Bandits.

A quick look of the new uniforms

Dinner at Olive Garden

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