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Successful day in Moergestel - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Game completes teambuilding-day

Nederlandse tekst

MOERGESTEL (Netherlands) - The Dutch National Softball Team today had an enjoying day in the southern province Noord-Brabant. The team was the guest of Roef!, the inventive club from Moergestel, which today organized a Softball Happening on its field for the benefit of the Dutch Junior Softball Team.

On July 1-7, the Dutch Junior Softball Team ('Jong Oranje Rood'), which is the reigning European champion, participates in the World Junior Championship in Brampton (Canada). Unfortunately, the Netherlands Olympic Committee cannot support the financial means, as is the case with the Royal Dutch Baseball & Softball Association (KNBSB).

To answer this situation, since a few months, the players of the Junior Team and their parents are organizing several actions to bring together 21.000 Euros to participate in the global event and to minimize individual costs. Roef! supports these actions and organized a Softball Happening on its site. This included a practice session of the Junior Team, a pitching clinic by National Team Pitching Coach Karen Marr, a game of the Dutch National Team and a meet-and-greet with the players.

The Dutch Team played the game against the Brabant Bandits, a team compiled from players of southern clubs Roef!, Gryphons, Twins and Nuenen.

Where are we today?
Today, the National Team was in Moergestel and Diessen.

Moergestel was a separate municipality until 1997, when it became part of Oisterwijk. In the Middle ages, Moergestel belonged to the Quarter of Oisterwijk and had its seat in Castle Nieuwenhof (photo). Names of the Lords of Moergestel, who governed the village, are known since the 14th century. In 1840, the castle became a monastery. Moergestel already was an independent parish dating back to 1110. For centuries, Moergestel has always been known to be a village of shoemakers.

Like Moergestel, Diessen has been a separatie municipality before becoming part of Hilvarenbeek in 1997. The oldest mentioning of the village dates from 712, but there are archeological foundings dating back to 700 BC. In old writings, Diessen is mentioned as the area of a battle between Romans and Saxons in the year 370. In following centuries, the Abbey of Tongerlo had a lot of influence in the area. A period under French leadership began in 1795, but in 1810, Diessen became an independent municipality.

The players and staffmembers of the National Team already had an active day behind them when they arrived at the site in Moergestel for the game. The team got together at 11:30 AM in the clubhouse of Roef! to begin a teambuilding-day. At the clubhouse, everyone was welcomed by Bart van Knegsel of Roef!, one of the organizers of the Softball Happening, as well as the special day for the Dutch Team. Players and staffmembers were treated with a nice (and warm) apple turnover to start the day.

From the clubhouse, the team had a ride by tilt-cart to 'De Nieuwe Erf' in nearby Diessen. At this holiday farm, groups (and individuals) can combine activity and recreation. At the beautiful village square, created in one of the stables, the team enjoyed lunch. In March next year, 'De Nieuwe Erf' will be the new location for the BUBS-weekend, the annual 3-day get-together with meetings, instructional classes and workouts for umpires and official scorers (softball and baseball).

From 'De Nieuwe Erf', it was back into the tilt-cart for the next stop, another farm, where several games can be played. Initially, a laser-gun game was scheduled for the team. However, due to the rainy weather in the morning, the conditions of the playing site were muddy, so the laser-gun game was cancelled. Instead, a bongo-session was held. Host Wilbert told the group that he had discovered the instruments while being in the West-African country of Guinea. And so, the rhythm of the players and coaches got tested and that resulted in some fine musical melodies.

Next on the list was a toilet bowl-race. In two groups of three per race, eveyone got an engined toilet bowl to race around a track. After several rounds, Nathalie Gosewehr, Saskia Kosterink and Lindsey Meadows qualified for the final. Whether or not things went according to the rules, Nathalie was the winner in the end.

And hereafter, in the tilt-cart, it was back to the site of Roef! where the team enjoyed a nice pasta meal. Pitching Coach Karen Marr and pitchers Rebecca Soumeru, Lindsey Meadows and Ginger de Weert then held a pitching clinic for youth players. Also, the coaches of the Dutch Junior Softball Team announced their final roster for the World Junior Championship, which was followed by a practice session of this team.

The team has arrived in Moergestel...

...and is welcomed by Bart van Knegsel of Roef!

From the site of Roef!, the team travels by tilt-cart

Britt Vonk, Virginie Anneveld and Femke van Dusschoten

Rookie Shareday Christina has yet to get accustomed to the smell of the pastures

At 'De Nieuwe Erf', the team enjoyed lunch

Bart van Knegsel, with tilt-cart driver Wim (his business-partner), addresses the players
Bart tells about the holiday farm, but also the next item on today's to-do list

In the meantime, it started to rain again

Posing for the entrace of the village square of 'De Nieuwe Erf'

Back in the tilt-cart

Wim is a skilled driver

Where are Leonella Elizabeth, Femke van Dusschoten and Anne Blaauwgeers looking at?

Ah, they discovered some pigs

What will happen next?

Wilbert introduces the lasergun for the lasergun-game...

...the players listen...

...but Wilbert announces that it's not possible to play due to the muddy field

And so, everyone went inside

Wilbert addresses the players and coaches what to do next

It is decided to do something with music and rhythm

Wilbert hands out bongo's to the players

And then, the fun begins

Saskia Kosterink and Britt Vonk

Femke van Dusschoten, Nathalie Gosewehr, Head Coach Craig Montvidas, Pitching Coach Karen Marr,
Coach Berend Mannessen, Shareday Christina, Marisèla de Wind and Leonella Elizabeth

Coach Berend Mannessen, Shareday Christina, Marisèla de Wind, Leonella Elizabeth,
Team Manager Paul Boonstra (standing), Sophie Bugter, Jessie van Aalst, Karin Tuk,
Rebecca Soumeru, Eva Voortman, Nikki Harte and Chantal Versluis

Shareday Christina, Marisèla de Wind and Leonella Elizabeth

Yonina Sint Jago, Merel Oosterveld, Anne Blaauwgeers, Ginger de Weert,
Lindsey Meadows, Saskia Kosterink and Britt Vonk

Eva Voortman, Nikki Harte, Chantal Versluis, Virginie Anneveld and Yonina Sint Jago

Anne Blaauwgeers, Ginger de Weert and Lindsey Meadows

Merel Oosterveld and Yonina Sint Jago have a talk via bongo's

Femke van Dusschoten, Nathalie Gosewehr and Head Coach Craig Montvidas
Sitting in the back is Pitching Coach Karen Marr

Coach Berend Mannessen

Leonella Elizabeth, Sophie Bugter, Jessie van Aalst, Karin Tuk,
Rebecca Soumeru, Eva Voortman and Nikki Harte

Coach Berend Mannessen gets instructions from Wilbert

Afterwards, a drink and a snack follows

Chantal versluis tries another game

The team gets instructions how to drive the toilet bowls

Merel Oosterveld, Ginger de Weert and Head Coach Craig Montvidas

Craig Montvidas, Saskia Kosterink, Sophie Bugter and Jessie van Aalst

Jessie van Aalst and Sophie Bugter

Britt Vonk, Marisèla de Wind and Eva Voortman

Virginie Anneveld and Team Manager Paul Boonstra

Paul Boonstra, Leonella Elizabeth and Eva Voortman

Leonella Elizabeth, Britt Vonk, Eva Voortman and Marisèla de Wind

Eva Voortman, Britt Vonk, Marisèla de Wind and Virginie Anneveld

Berend Mannessen, Chantal Versluis, Nikki Harte and Anne Blaauwgeers

Merel Oosterveld and Yonina Sint Jago

Nathalie Gosewehr and Anne Blaauwgeers

Karin Tuk, Anne Blaauwgeers, Saskia Kosterink and Yonina Sint Jago

Head Coach Craig Montvidas

Saskia Kosterink, Sophie Bugter and Jessie van Aalst

Jessie van Aalst and Merel Oosterveld

Another race is about to start

Marisèla de Wind, Britt Vonk and Eva Voortman

Paul Boonstra, Leonella Elizabeth and Virginie Anneveld

And another race begins

Nikki Harte, Femke van Dusschoten and Chantal Versluis

Chantal Versluis and Lindsey Meadows

Shareday Christina and Berend Mannessen

Berend Mannessen's skills as toilet bowl-driver grew during the races

Yonina Sint Jago and Anne Blaauwgeers wait for the signal...

...then start the next race

Karin Tuk

Enjoying the toilet bowl races

And another race gets underway

While Shareday Christina and Chantal Versluis gets underway,
Paul Boonstra's toilet bowl doesn't start

The rules

Saskia Kosterink, Craig Montvidas and Eva Voortman

Yonina Sint Jago and Nathalie Gosewehr

Craig Montvidas, Eva Voortman and Nathalie Gosewehr

Nikki Harte, Lindsey Meadows and Ginger de Weert
in one of the qualifiers for the final race

Lindsey Meadows and Lindsey Meadows
In the meantime, it started to rain again

Nikki Harte

Virginie Anneveld, Nathalie Gosewehr and Merel Oosterveld

Time to begin the final race

Nathalie Gosewehr, Lindsey Meadows and Saskia Kosterink
qualified for the final of the toilet bowl races

Nathalie Gosewehr is the overall winner

Back to the tilt-cart

And back to the field

At the clubhouse, the players and staffmembers enjoy a pasta-meal

The team of the Dutch Juniors that will participate in the World Junior Championship in Canada
Back row: Diana Remmers (Head Coach), Annemiek Jansen, Brenda Beers, Manoa Weijgertse, Rachel van Veen,
Jessica Waasdorp, Ilona Andringa, Eva van Knegsel, Denice van Dijk and Nathalie Franssen (Coach)
Front row: Dominique Sprengers, Aafje van Baal, Ruby Jane Krikke, Gini Ketelaars, Lizzie Clarijs,
Quincey Catsburg, Wies Ligtvoet and Gabi Obia

The Game
And then, it was time to start preparations for the game against the Brabant Bandits. The team was compiled from players from southern clubs Roef!, Gryphons, Twins and Nuenen and included Ilse van Kerkoerle, Gini Ketelaars, Eva van Knegsel, Wies Ligtvoet (all Roef!), Imane Allou Issa, Femke Duffhues, Lieke Duffhues, Michelle Edgtton, Noor Godefroy, Rachel van Veen (all Twins), Shannon Galea, Marjolein Merkx, Sophie Mollee (all Gryphons) and Noortje Tak (Nuenen). The team was led by Jeroen van de Wiel (Head Coach of Roef!) and Daisy de Peinder (Head Coach of Twins). Hannie Mulders (Gryphons) was the team-scorekeeper.

The Dutch Team was joined for the first time at a game by Shareday Christina, Leonella Elizabeth and Nikki Harte. They were added to the squad per May 18 and today made their debut in a game of the National Team. Also with the team were three players, who are active in the Italian Softball League, being Saskia Kosterink (Bollate), Anne Blaauwgeers and Femke van Dusschoten (both La Loggia). The Italian League has the upcoming weekend off and so, the players returned back home to be with their family for a few days. Dagmar Bloeming and Nathalie Timmermans, who both play for Caserta, were not with the Dutch squad today. Infielder Britt Vonk also was with the team for the first time again today. She returned the day before from the United States after having completed her third season with the Golden Bears, the team of the University of California in Berkeley. With the Golden Bears, Britt participated in the College World Series in 2011 and 2012. Also rejoining the team was pitcher Eva Voortman, who recently returned from her second college-season in Florida.

Before the start of the game, Head Coaches Craig Montvidas and Jeroen van de Wiel were interviewed by local tv-station Moergestel TV. The interview and highlights of the game were shown on Thursday-Saturday, June 6-8. The recap of Moergestel TV can be seen below.

After the players were introduced, Sander Klaasen, the chairman of Roef!, welcomed everyone. Hans Janssen, Mayor of the Municipality of Oisterwijk (where Moergestel is part of), then announced that the Municipality also contributes in the fundraising, making a financial donating for the three local players from Moergestel and Roef!, who were selected for the Dutch Juniors, being Gini Ketelaars, Eva van Knegsel and Wies Ligtvoet. Mr. Janssen then threw out the ceremonial first pitch and was handed a Dutch Team jersey and cap by Merel Oosterveld.

The Dutch Team took a 3-0 lead in the first inning off of Australian starting pitcher Michelle Edgtton. Merel Oosterveld led off with a single and stole second base, then score on an one-out double by Britt Vonk. With two outs, Britt scored the next run on a single by Karin Tuk. After the latter had stolen second base, Yonina Sint Jago walked, then Karin scored when an error was made on a hit by Marisèla de Wind.

The Dutch Team was then retired in order in the second inning, but added two runs in the third inning off of Marjolein Merkx, who also recently returned from Florida, where she had completed her second college-season. Britt Vonk led off with a single and stole second base, then scored when an error was made on a grounder by Jessie van Aalst. The latter moved to second base on an additional error, then advanced on a wild pitch and scored on a sac-fly by Yonina Sint Jago.

Two more runs followed in the fourth inning. Nikki Harte led off with her first basehit as player of the National Team and she advanced to third base when an error was made on a sac-bunt by Merel Oosterveld. A throwing error on a 2-out grounder by Jessie van Aalst enabled both runners to score and lift the score to 7-0.

In the fifth inning, Nathalie Gosewehr and Marisèla de Wind began with singles and moved on a double-steal. A strikeout then followed. Shannon Galea was then brought in as new pitcher and she also retired the next two batters, meaning Nathalie and Marisèla were left behind.

In the sixth inning, Jessie van Aalst singled with two outs and Sophie Bugter walked. Hereafter, Femke Duffhues became the fourth pitcher for the Bandits and ended the inning with a strikeout, so two more runners were left behind.

Femke van Dusschoten started for the Dutch Team and retired the first six batters she faced, including three strikeouts. She then gave up a lead-off single to Ilse van Kerkoerle in the third inning, who moved on a grounder by Rachel van Veen and a passed ball, but stranded at third base.

Eva Voortman took over the pitching in the fourth inning. The lefthander walked Imane Allou Issa with one out and gave up a 2-out single to Eva van Knegsel, but held the Bandits scoreless. She retired the side in the fifth at bat.

Rookie Leonella Elizabeth pitched the sixth and final inning for the Dutch squad. She began with a strikeout, which ended in an error, enabling Ilse van Kerkoerle to reach first base. The bases then got loaded when Rachel van Veen walked and Noor Godefroy was hit by a pitch. A force out at home followed on a grounder by Gini Ketelaars, but then the Bandits scored a run on a force play-grounder by Femke Duffhues. A following grounder then ended the game, which lasted almost two hours.

After completion of the game, the players of the Dutch Junior Softball Team were introduced, entering the field through a lane formed by the players of the Dutch National Team. Junior Head Coach Diana Remmers then thanked the organizers of Roef! and everyone involved in making today a successful and special day.

The players and staff of the Dutch National Softball Team thank Roef! and especially Bart van Knegsel for the organization and hospitality of today's activities in Moergestel and Diessen.

Another thank you goes to umpires Patrick Reus and Sara Dielen, as well as Rieke Dirks, who was the Public Address Announcer.

Box Score of today's game

Head Coaches Craig Montvidas and Jeroen van de Wiel are being interviewed by Ron Hermus of Moergestel TV

Ready to play ball

Anne Blaauwgeers during the preparations

Starting pitcher Femke van Dusschoten gets a massage from Nathalie Gosewehr

Who is enjoying this the most? Femke or Nathalie?

Today's umpires
Sara Dielen from Belgium and Patrick Reus

Karin Tuk, Merel Oosterveld, Chantal Versluis
and Anne Blaauwgeers are waiting for player introductions

Marisèla de Wind and Jessie van Aalst are ready to play

And so is Yonina Sint Jago

The players are introduced

And so are the players of the Brabant Bandits

Time for some speeches

Sander Klaasen, the chairman of Roef!, addresses the spectators
On his left side is Oisterwijk's Mayor Hans Janssen

Youth players of Roef! perform a dance

Then all players join in

And the other way

Oisterwijk Mayor Hans Janssen announces that the Municipality will support the three players
of Roef!, who are selected for the Dutch Junior Team to participate in the World Championship
Two of them are standing on the right: Wies Ligtvoet and Eva van Knegsel

Mayor Hans Janssen throws the ceremonial first pitch
Looking on are Wies Ligtvoet, Eva van Knegsel, Lieke Duffhues, Sophie Mollee,
Noortje Tak, Ilse van Kerkoerle and Rachel van Veen

Merel Oosterveld hands Mayor Janssen a National Team-jersey and cap

The Dutch National Team and Brabant Bandits together on the photo
Back row: Berend Mannessen (Coach NL), Femke van Dusschoten, Marjolein Merkx, Merel Oosterveld,
Karin Tuk, Eva van Knegsel, Sophie Mollee, Rachel van Veen, Noortje Tak, Jeroen van de Wiel (Coach Bandits),
Imane Allou Issa, Jessie van Aalst, Daisy de Peinder (Coach Bandits) and Michelle Edgtton
Center row: Leonella Elizabeth, Nikki Harte, Shareday Christina, Lieke Duffhues,
Marisèla de Wind, Yonina Sint Jago and Shannon Galea
Front row: Nathalie Gosewehr, Chantal Versluis, Virginie Anneveld, Wies Ligtvoet, Ilse van Kerkoerle,
Gini Ketelaars, Britt Vonk, Femke Duffhues, Noor Godefroy and Anne Blaauwgeers

The spectators see how Anne Blaauwgeers fouls off a pitch
Imane Allou Issa is the catcher, Patrick Reus the umpire

Merel Oosterveld en route to scoring the first Dutch run in the 1st inning

A day after returning from the USA, Britt Vonk is hitting for the Dutch squad

Britt doubles in her first at bat in the first inning

Mayor Hans Janssen looks on from the dug-out of the Brabant Bandits

Head Coach Craig Montvidas waves home Karin Tuk in the 1st inning

Shareday Christina makes her debut in the Dutch Team

Femke van Dusschoten starts for the Dutch Team
3B is Nikki Harte, 1B is Jessie van Aalst

Nikki Harte also plays in her first game for the National Team

Britt Vonk starts the game at short

Coaches Craig Montvidas and Berend Mannessen follow the action

Former Dutch Junior-pitcher Marjolein Merkx takes over in the 3rd inning
At the corners are the Duffhues-sisters, Lieke at 3rd base and Femke at 1st base

Players look on from the Dutch dug-out

Despite the cloudy and rainy weather, a good crowd watched the game in Moergestel

Junior-players Annemiek Jansen, Denice van Dijk and Gabi Obia hand out signatures

Nikki Harte hit her first Dutch Team-basehit in the 4th inning

Eva Voortman becomes the second Dutch Team-pitcher in the bottom of the 4th inning
3B is Virginie Anneveld, 1B is Jessie van Aalst, Imane Allou Issa is the runner

Nathalie Gosewehr leads off the 5h inning with a single
Ilse van Kerkoerle plays at first base

Another view from the Dutch dug-out

Head Coach Craig Montvidas has a talk with the players

Femke Duffhues threw for the Bandits in the 6th inning
Running at first base is Sophie Bugter, 1B is Ilse van Kerkoerle

Jessie van Aalst singles and reaches 2nd base in the 6th at bat

Leonella Elizabeth is the third player to make her debut in the Dutch Team

Ilse van Kerkoerle is the lone player of the Bandits to reach 3rd base twice
Running at 2B is Rachel van Veen; 3B is Virginie Anneveld

End of the game

Former big league Official Scorer Rieke Dirks was the announcer during the game

The players of the Dutch Team form a lane when the players of the Dutch Junior Team are announced
Here, Annemiek Jansen enters the field

Junior Head Coach Diana Remmers thanks everyone

Yonina Sint Jago signs autographs for youthplayers of Roef!

And so do Merel Oosterveld, Lindsey Meadows and Femke van Dusschoten

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