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Holland Tour - Day 8 - Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Dutch Women register two wins vs. Foreign All Stars

Nederlandse tekst

HAARLEM (Neth.) - The Dutch National Softball Team continued its Holland Tour on Sunday, May 23, with two games against the Foreign All Star Team. The double-header was played on the second day of the Softball Gala 2010, which was held for the first time. The day before, all scheduled games in the Dutch big league were played on one day at the same complex for the first time in history. Tomorrow, the Dutch National Junior Team will play two games, preceeded by an intersquad game of players on the preliminary roster of the Dutch National Cadets Team. The Softball Gala was set up to create more promotion for the sport of the softball, as well to get more attention by the media for the sport. The weekend had the support of fantastic warm and sunny weather with the games being played under a bright blue sky.

Also today, players of the Dutch National Softball Team conducted a clinic for youth softball-players and in between the double-header, there was a Homerun Contest in which players participated, representing all eight Dutch big league-teams.

Today it was showtime, as the Dutch National Softball Team and the Foreign All Star Team put on a show with several great defensive plays in two attractive games, which were watched by a good number of spectators. The Dutch Team won both games. In the opener, the squad won 6-1. In Game Two, the Foreign All Stars managed to comeback from an 8-4 deficit and tie the score in the sixth inning. But the Dutch added a run immediately in its sixth to win 9-8.

The games were the 10th and 11th between the Dutch Team and the Foreign All Stars since the introduction of these games last year. In 2009, the Dutch Team was 5-4 against the All Stars and are now 7-4 overall. The 17 runs scored in today's second game tied a record in the Dutch-FAST series. On June 7 last year, both teams also scored 17 runs, but then the All Stars won 9-8. Coincidentally, the 23 basehits in today's Game Two also match the record set in the same game last year. As was the case then, the Dutch collected 12 basehits, the All Stars 11.

Today, a total of 24 runs was scored and that also ties a record. On June 7 last year, both teams also scored 24 runs. Preceeding the 9-8 win by FAST then was a 5-2 win for the All Stars. Today's 37 basehits however are a new record for a double-header between the two teams. On June 7 last year, 34 basehits were registered.

The 15 runs scored and 22 basehits by the Dutch Team in today's double-header are both records in the series against the Foreign All Stars. The previous run-record was 14 in the first double-header of last year on May 27. The previous hit-record was 15 set in the second double-header of 2009 on June 7.

The sixth Dutch run in Game One, scored by Areke Spel was the 50th overall against the All Stars. The fifth Dutch run in Game Two, scored by Chantal Versluis was the 100th overall scored by the two teams combined. The Dutch Team has now outscored the All Stars, 59-49 and outhit them 83-82.

Amanda Hess (DSS), Martina Lackner (Tex Town Tigers), Courtney Lyons (Olympia Haarlem) and Lindsey Meadows (Tex Town Tigers) also were part of last years Foreign All Stars, but Hess and Meadows have participated in all eleven games played so far. On the Dutch side, Areke Spel is the lone player to have appeared in all eleven games. With her basehit in today's Game Two, Lindsey Meadows brings her FAST-career total to nine. The all-time FAST-record is 12, set last year by Emma Barnes of Centrals. Before today, Meike Witteveen was the all-time career leader for the Dutch Team in games against the All Stars, hitting eight basehits in last years games. But today, Meike went 0-for-3 in Game Two, while Britt Vonk collected four hits in two games to bring her total against FAST to eleven and become the new all-time hit leader.

Fabienne van Uden became the first player of either the Dutch Team or the All Stars to hit four basehits in one game (Game Two). Meike Witteveen and Areke Spel both hit three hits in one game last year. Meike on June 7 in Game Two and Areke on June 10, also in Game Two. Fabienne also set a record by hitting six basehits in today's double-header. The previous record was four, set by Emma Barnes (Centrals, twice), Michelle Calderon (Run '71) of the Foreign All Stars and Areke Spel and Meike Witteveen.

Fabienne van Uden also set a record by scoring three runs in Game Two. The previous record against the All Stars was two, which was realized six times. Virginie Anneveld (Game One) and Anouk van den Heuvel (Game Two) tied a record by having three Runs Batted In. Three other Dutch players also had three RBI's in games played last year against the All Stars: Nathalie Timmermans in Game Two on May 27, Solange Starrenburg in Game One on June 14 and Britt Vonk on June 21. The overall-record for both teams is four, set by Leah English (Centrals) in Game Two on June 7 of last year.

In today's double-header Jessica Beaver (Robur '58), Laura Belardinelli (Euro Stars), Sarah Dooley (UVV), Kelly Gardner (Almere '90), Karlene Headley-Cooper (Olympia Haarlem), Morgan Parkerson (Gryphons) and Lisa Sweeney (Centrals) played in their first games for the Foreign All Star Team bringing the total to 28 players who have now played in the team. Karlene Headley-Cooper and Morgan Parkerson are both members of the National Team of Great Britain, which will participate in next month World Championship in Venezuela.

Jac van Riel became the first umpire to have officiated in four games of the Dutch-FAST series, while Sander Bootsman worked in his first games between the two teams.

The Dutch National Softball Team and the Foreign All Star Team thank umpires Jac van Riel and Sander Bootsman, Official Scorer Pieter van der Ploeg, Public Address Announcer Eric de Vries and Technician Luud van der Geest for their participation in today's double-header. Their support was much appreciated by both squads.


Before the first game, Dutch National Team-players Merel Oosterveld, Solange Starrenburg and Meike Witteveen, along with Head Coach Craig Montvidas conducted a clinic on the site of Olympia Haarlem. The clinic was attended by 15 youth softball-players.

Solange Starrenburg and Merel Oosterveld working with the youth players

Head Coach Craig Montvidas focused on bunts

Eye for details

More bunting

Merel Oosterveld gives instructions concerning the proper batting stance

Solange Starrenburg throws another ball, while Merel looks on

Meike Witteveen also works on hitting

Meike Witteveen throws a ball to a batter

Afterwards, the participants in the clinic pose with the Dutch National Softball Team

Game One: Netherlands vs. Foreign All Star Team, 6-1

In the opening game of today's double-header, the Foreign All Star Team opened the score in the first inning. Anne Blaauwgeers, who caught for the All Stars in this match-up, led off with a walk, stole second base and reached third base on a wild pitch. She then score on a sacrifice fly by Lindsey Meadows with one out, but that would be the lone run for the FAST.

In the third inning, the All Stars got two runners on base when Jessica Beaver singled with one out and Lindsey Meadows walked with two outs. But then a force out was made on a grounder by Lisa Sweeney to end the at bat.

In the fourth and fifth inning, Dutch short stop Chantal Versluis made two great defensive plays on grounders by Karlene Headley-Cooper and Jessica Beaver to support pitchers Femke van Dusschoten and Dagmar Bloeming. In the sixth inning, after eight batters had been retired in order, the All Stars got a runner on base again when Lisa Sweeney doubled with two outs, but she stranded as a flyout followed.

Trailing 1-0, the Dutch Team left a runner on second base in the first inning and another at first base in the second at bat, but then rallied for four runs in the third inning. All Star-starter Kelly Gardner gave up a lead-off bunt-single to Chantal Versluis, who then stole second base and scored the tying run when Nathalie Gosewehr followed with a single. After advancing on a wild pitch, Nathalie moved on a single by Fabienne van Uden. With one out, Nathalie beat a throw to home on a grounder by Areke Spel to give the Dutch a 2-1 lead. Next, Virginie Anneveld followed with a single that brought in two more runs and raised the lead to 4-1.

The fifth run was added in the next at bat off new pitcher Martina Lackner. Chantal Versluis led off with a walk and again stole second base (she did a lot of sliding today), then advanced on a single by Fabienne van Uden and scored on a sacrifice fly by Britt Vonk. However, while scoring, Chantal made a hard head-first sliding, which took her breath for a moment, but she was able to continue playing and moments later made her second great defensive play in two innings.

In the fifth inning, the Dutch Team made it 6-1. Areke Spel led off with a single, then scored all the way from first base when next batter Virginie Anneveld tripled to register the 50th Dutch run in history in games played against the Foreign All Star Team. With one out, Nadine Marinus reached base for the third time, but on her grounder, Virginie was eliminated, then Nadine herself also was eliminated after trying to advance to complete a double play.

Box Score Game One

The players of the Foreign All Star Team ensemble in the clubhouse of Olympia Haarlem

Outfielders Merel Oosterveld, Nathalie Gosewehr and Areke Spel
during pre-game preparations

2B Britt Vonk and Catcher Solange Starrenburg also prepare before the game
At right, Team Manager Paul Boonstra and Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar return to the dug-out

Today's umpires Jac van Riel and Sander Bootsman

Left to right: Official Scorer Pieter van der Ploeg, Public Address Announcer Eric de Vries
and Sound Engineer Luud van der Geest

The Foreign All Star Team
Back row: Caroline Powell (coach), Kelly Gardner, Laura Belardinelli, Lisa Sweeney,
Jessica Beaver, Martina Lacker and Karly McCormack (coach)
Front row: Sarah Dooley, Amanda Hess, Courtney Lyons, Karlene Headley-Cooper,
Lindsey Meadows and Morgan Parkerson

Head coach Craig Montvidas announces the starting line-up

Coaches Craig Montvidas and Caroline Powell meet with
umpires Jac van Riel and Sander Bootsman

Dutch starter Femke van Dusschoten

2B Britt Vonk played with a facial mask, which she wears
to support the recovery of her broken jaw, she sustained half April
In front of her is 1B Nadine Marinus

FAST-pitchers Kelly Gardner and Martina Lackner

Some photographers do anything to take a nice shot, like Fred Versluis, the father of Chantal
Fred made several photos that illustrate this page

Virginie Anneveld is eliminated at first base in the 2nd inning
1B Lisa Sweeney has the ball in time
A good crowd watched today's double-header in Haarlem

At look at the Dutch dug-out

The Foreign All Star Team has a meeting before the third inning

FAST-coaches Caroline Powell and Karly McCormack talk with Anne Blaauwgeers
At right, Umpire Jac van Riel enjoys the sun during this break

Moments later, Anne Blaauwgeers is eliminated at first base after a bunt
2B Britt Vonk took over first base and made the putout
At right is coach Karly McCormack

A collission in centerfield between CF Merel Oosteveld and RF Areke Spel
on a drive by Amanda Hess in the third inning; Merel caught the ball

The collission from another angle

Chantal Versluis steals second base in the third inning, then scores the tying run

The uniforms of the Dutch Team were donned with a commemorative emblem
to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Women's World Championship

Nathalie Gosewehr, who singled in the tying run, at third base
At right is 3B Amanda Hess

Moments later, Nathalie Gosewehr beats the throw to home and scores
Catcher Anne Blaauwgeers has the ball, but Nathalie already is safe

Head Coach Craig Montvidas has a talk with batter Virginie Anneveld (17)
and runner Fabienne van Uden

A meeting in the pitching circle for the All Stars

After having singled in two runs in the third inning, Virginie Anneveld is caught stealing

Short stop Chantal Versluis throws out a batter in the fourth inning

In the home of the fourth, Chantal Versluis makes a hard head-first sliding
to score the fifth Dutch run

Dagmar Bloeming threw the last three innings for the Dutch squad

Areke Spel scores the sixth Dutch run and the 50th overall vs. the All Stars
in the fifth inning; Solange Starrenburg signals that Areke doesn't have to make a sliding

All Star Lindsey Meadows (Tex Town Tigers) at bat, being the designated player

All Star Lisa Sweeney (Centrals) at bat and playing at first base

All Star Courtney Lyons (Olympia Haarlem) at bat and playing at second base

All Star Jessica Beaver (Robur '58) at bat and playing at short

All Star Amanda Hess (DSS) at bat and playing at third base

All Star Morgan Parkerson (Gryphons) at bat and playing in leftfield

All Star Karlene Headley-Cooper (Olympia Haarlem) at bat and playing in centerfield

All Star Laura Belardinelli (Euro Stars) at bat and playing in rightfield

Homerun Contest

After completion of the first game, eight players, representing the eight Dutch big league-teams, participated in a Homerun Contest, being Laura Belardinelli (Euro Stars), Karlene Headley-Cooper (Olympia Haarlem), Amanda Hess (DSS), Areke Spel (Sparks Haarlem), Solange Starrenburg (Iber Lengua Terrasvogels), Lisa Sweeney (Centrals), Karin Tuk (Tex Town Tigers) and Fabienne van Uden (Twins), who, by the way, all hit at least one homerun.

All players took part in three rounds, with each one of them getting the opportunity of hitting the ball (which came from a pitching machine) five times. In Round One, Areke Spel was the lone player to hit a homerun and she did it twice.

In Round Two, eight homeruns were hit. Karin Tuk hit three homeruns, while Fabienne van Uden hit two. Solange Starrenburg, Karlene Headley-Cooper and Amanda Hess all hit one.

In Round Three, nine homeruns were added. This time, it was Areke Spel who hit three to give her a total of five. Solange Starrenburg hit two to give her a total of three. Karin Tuk hit one, which gave her four overall. Laura Belardinelli, Lisa Sweeney and Amanda Hess each hit one homerun.

With this, Areke Spel (5), Karin Tuk (4), Solange Starrenburg (3), Amanda Hess (2) and Fabienne van Uden (2) qualified for the final round, which was scheduled after completion of the second game. However, because of the length of the game (almost two hours), it was decided to drop the final and honor Areke as the Homerun Contest-winner, which earned her a bag of Dutch sponsor Donnay.

The participants in the Homerun Contest
Lisa Sweeney, Karlene Headley-Cooper, Solange Starrenburg, Amanda Hess,
Laura Belardinelli, Karin Tuk, Fabienne van Uden and Areke Spel

Solange Starrenburg and Areke Spel in action during the Homerun Contest

Karin Tuk and Fabienne van Uden are about to make contact

Amanda Hess and Karlene Headley-Cooper have just connected

Laura Belardinelli and Lisa Sweeney are meeting a ball

An overview of the Homerun Contest

Game Two: Netherlands vs. Foreign All Star Team, 9-8

Game Two was another attractice match-up between the Dutch Team and the Foreign All Stars. The game lasted one hour and 55 minutes, but loaded with action, hitting, running, slidings and nice plays

Again, the All Stars opened the score in the first inning. With one out, Morgan Parkerson reached on an error and advanced to third base on two consecutive wild pitches by Ginger de Weert. The Dutch starter made her first appearance of the year in the squad after having returned last weekend from the USA, where she had studied and played in the winter at Central Arizona College. With two outs, the first run was scored when Karin Tuk (who did the catching for the All Stars in this game) singled.

The Dutch Team answered with three runs in its first at bat off starter Sarah Dooley. With one out, Fabienne van Uden doubled and advanced on a bunt-single by Britt Vonk, who then stole second base. Nexr, Areke Spel also singled to bring in the tying run, then Anouk van den Heuvel followed with a 2-run single to make it 3-1.

The All Stars got one run back in the second inning when Karlene Headley-Cooper doubled with one out, moved on a wild pitch and scored when an error was made on a 2-out grounder by Laura Belardinelli.

The Dutch Team added a run in the third inning off new pitcher Lisa Sweeney. Fabienne van Uden and Britt Vonk led off with singles, then the first scored on a 2-out single by Solange Starrenburg.

The Foreign All Stars tied the score in the fourth inning. Lindsey Meadows then walked and the bases got loaded when Lisa Sweeney singled and Karlene Headley-Cooper also walked. A single by Courtney Lyons then accounted for two runs and made it a 4-4 score. Laura Belardinelli also followed with a single, but then two outs followed to end the inning.

The Dutch Team re-took the lead immediately in the home of the fourth. With two outs, Chantal Versluis singled, then stole her third base of the day and scored when Fabienne van Uden followed with her third basehit in the game.

In the fifth at bat, the Dutch added three more runs to increase the lead to 8-4. New pitcher Martina Lackner walked lead-off hitter Anne Blaauwgeers, then an error was made on a sacrifice bunt by Anouk van den Heuvel to put runners on second and third base. Next, Solange Starrenburg hit a sacrifice fly to bring in a run, then another run was scored when and error was made on a grounder by Nadine Marinus, who then went on to score herself on a 2-out double by Nathalie Gosewehr.

Trailing 8-4, the Foreign All Stars had a productive sixth at bat, rallying for four runs on five consecutive basehits off Rebecca Soumeru to make it a tie score again, 8-8. With one out, Courtney Lyons and Laura Belardinelli both singled, then Jessica Beaver followed with an RBI-double. Hereafter, Morgan Parkerson and Amanda Hess added RBI-singles to make it an 8-7 score. A sacrifice fly by Karin Tuk equaled the score.

Again, the Dutch Team responded well and scored a run of their own in the home of the sixth inning on four consecutive bunts. Fabienne van Uden led off with a bunt-single, then Britt Vonk did the same. Sacrifice bunts by Anne Blaauwgeers and Anouk van den Heuvel then brought in the ninth Dutch run.

In the top of the seventh inning, Rebecca Soumeru retired the side and was supported by another great defensive play, this time by short stop Britt Vonk on a grounder by Karlene Headley-Cooper. Britt added another assist on a following grounder by Courtney Lyons to end the spectacular game and finish a great day of softball.

Box Score Game Two

Dutch starter Ginger de Weert

The hole in front of the pitching rubber got deeper and deeper

Physical Therapist Sanne Oude Egberink makes fun of umpire Sander Bootsman, who was hit by a foul ball

FAST-pitchers Sarah Dooley and Lisa Sweeney

Fabienne van Uden connects for one of her six hits today

Fabienne van Uden, who was 4-for-4, running on second base

Anouk van den Heuvel hitting a 2-run single in the first inning

1B Kim Donkers and 2B Chantal Versluis

Solange Starrenburg connects for her RBI-single in the third inning

Rebecca Soumeru took over the pitching in the fifth inning

Coach Nancy Evans talks with runner Anne Blaauwgeers

Craig Montvidas coaching at third base

Meike Witteveen waits her turn at bat

Anne Blaauwgeers slides past catcher Karin Tuk to score the seventh Dutch run in the 5th inning

Nadine Marinus on her way scoring on a double by Nathalie Gosewehr

Nathalie Gosewehr on second base after her RBI-double in the 5th inning

Pitching Coach Nancy Evans meets with pitcher Rebecca Soumeru and catcher Anne Blaauwgeers

Short stop Britt Vonk and LF Nathalie Gosewehr both end up short
trying to catch a single by Courtney Lyons in the sixth inning

Morgan Parkerson slides into second base, advancing on a single by Amanda Hess in the 6th inning
2B Chantal Versluis has no play

Afterwards, the players of the two teams pose together

(thanks to Fred Versluis and Robert Jan de Vries for submitting several photos)

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