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Holland Tour - Day 6 - Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Lot of action in De Bilt

DE BILT (Neth.) - On Sunday, May 10, there was a lot of action in De Bilt where the Dutch National Softball Team played its fifth and sixth game of the Holland Tour. On a beautiful and very sunny day, the national squad scored 24 runs and collected 21 basehits in the double-header vs. Centrals, one of the eight teams in the Dutch Major League. The team of Head Coach Craig Montvidas won 13-1 and 11-1 to improve its record to 6-0.

The next two games initially were scheduled for next Wednesday, May 13 with the Foreign All Star Team to be the opponent for the first time. However, on Sunday, the staff of the Dutch Team decided to cancel this double-header due to several logistical reasons, as some of the foreign players in the Dutch competition were not available, while some others had slight injuries. On the other hand, some foreign players have yet to arrive, meaning the All Star Team would be incomplete. The Dutch Team now will meet the Foreign All Stars on May 27, also in Nieuwegein. Instead, the Dutch Team now will conduct a training session next Wednesday.

The next games in the Holland Tour will now be played coming Sunday, May 17 at Rosmalen, where Dutch Major League-team Gryphons will be the opponent in a double-header, that will start at 3:00 PM.
Schedule Holland Tour

Joining the team for the first time on Sunday was Pitcher Femke van Dusschoten of Terrasvogels, who was added to the active roster on Saturday. Catcher Nathalie Timmermans will re-join the squad for the practice session on Monday, as she returned home from the USA today after completing her season with the Lady Vols, the team of John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois. With the addition of Femke, there are now 22 players currently on the roster. For the international events in July, the roster has to be cut back to 17 players.

The Dutch National Team thanks Umpires Carolien Stadhouders and Frank Duits and Official Scorer Fred van der Kade for their contributions in the two games against Centrals.

Pitcher Rebecca Soumeru with Coach Nancy Evans before Game One

Attending the games in De Bilt was Physical Therapist Sanne Oude Egberink,
who currently is on maternity leave

Sanne Oude Egberink couldn't resist assisting Anouk Fermont before Game One
Here, Sanne treats Merel Oosterveld

Team Manager Paul Boonstra and Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont with Femke van Dusschoten,
who was added to the preliminary roster the day before

Meike Witteveen and Annemiek van Riessen prepare for the double-header

And so are Nadine Marinus and Petra van Heijst

Pitcher Ginger de Weert works out with Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont

Today's umpires Frank Duits and Carolien Stadhouders

Official Scorer Fred van der Kade put today's games on paper

Amongst the spectators today were Darwin Tolzin and his wife Jean

Game One: Netherlands vs. Centrals, 13-1

In the opening game against Centrals, the Dutch Team scored 13 runs on eleven basehits, including two doubles by Areke Spel. The score was opened with two runs in the first at bat. Chantal Versluis led off with a bunt-single, but later was caught up in a rundown between third and home and was eliminated. The rundown came on ball four for Britt Vonk, who advanced on a fielder's choice grounder by Saskia Kosterink and went on to score the first run of the game on a wild pitch by Centrals-starter Vendy Draha. This also enabled Saskia to reach third base and she then scored on a 2-out single by Annemiek van Riessen.

Three runs were added in the second inning. The first two on sacrifice flies by Chantal Versluis and Britt Vonk. The third came on a spectacular stolen base of home plate by Meike Witteveen, who had three stolen bases in this game.

The lead was increased to 9-0 after scoring four runs in the fourth, with three of them being unearned. Anne Blaauwgeers and Meike Witteveen led off with singles and the bases got loaded when Chantal Versluis walked. Anne then scored on a sacrifice fly by Britt Vonk, but next Meike was forced out at home on a grounder by Saskia Kosterink. A throwing error, wild pitch and single by Annemiek van Riessen then accounted for the next three runs.

The remaining four runs were scored in the fifth inning off 16-year old Eva Voortman, who relieved the Czech starter of Centrals. The lefthander gave up four hits, including an RBI-double to Areke Spel. A wild pitch, grounder and error resulted in the other runs in this at bat.

In the opening game, Areke Spel, Annemiek van Riessen, Nathalie Gosewehr and Anne Blaauwgeers all had two basehits each. Anne and Saskia Kosterink scored three runs.

Kirsten Scheele made her second start of the season for the national squad and gave up only one basehit, a single by Petja Sokolová in the third inning. Virginie Anneveld took over in the fourth inning and gave up the lone Centrals-run in the fourth on an infield-hit by Marjorie Henriquez.

Box Score Game 1 Netherlands vs. Centrals

A look in the dug-out before the opening game

Annemiek van Riessen, Petra van Heijst, Solange Starrenburg,
Nadine Marinus and Judith Diepeveen watch their teammates take infield practice

After completion of the in/outfield practice, the players high five each other

Chantal Versluis as runner on second base

Annemiek van Riessen singles in the first inning

Meike Witteveen stole three bases in the first game

Nathalie Gosewehr went 2-for-3 and scored twice

Here, Nathalie Gosewehr is on second base,
before scoring the first run in the second inning

Starting pitcher Kirsten Scheele in her wind-up

Judith Diepeveen, Karin Tuk and Petra van Heijst
return to the dug-out between innings

Anne Blaauwgeers catching for the Dutch Team with her twin-sister Maaike batting
Carolien Stadhouders is the Home Plate Umpire

Head Coach Craig Montvidas and Coach Nancy Evans

Virginie Anneveld lines out in the fourth inning
Kelly de Graaf is the catcher, Carolien Stadhouders the umpire

Head Coach Craig Montvidas coaching at third base

Catcher Anne Blaauwgeers prepares for another inning behind the plate

Britt Vonk (front) and Saskia Kosterink are rounding the bases in the fifth inning
to score on a double by Areke Spel
In the back, rightfielder Marjorie Henriquez is chasing the ball

Virginie Anneveld took over the pitching in the fourth inning

Britt Vonk played at first base in both games

Annemiek van Riessen and Solange Starrenburg look on

...between the games...

Between the two games of today's double-header, there was a special attention for the attending mothers of some of the players of the national team. As today was Mother's Day, they were surprised with a flower, given to them by their daughters.

Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar and Head Coach Craig Montvidas listen,
while Team Manager Paul Boonstra addresses some of the attending mothers
Standing at right is Judith Diepeveen

At left are Saskia Kosterink with her mother Trudy, accompanied by Kirsten Scheele's mother Joke,
Daisy Verstappen's mother Ellen, Areke Spel's mother Marjanne and Chantal Versluis' mother Karin

Chantal Versluis, Areke Spel, Saskia Kosterink,
Daisy Verstappen and Kirsten Scheele with their mothers

Between games, Rebecca Soumeru relaxed with some reading

Game Two: Netherlands vs. Centrals, 11-1

In Game Two of the double-header, the Dutch National Softball Team won 11-1 vs. Centrals, where Head Coach Glyniss Kenepa is assisted this season by Willy van der Lee, who in 2007 traveled with the Dutch National Softball Team to Italy for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament as its Batting Practice Pitcher.

In this game, the Orange squad collected ten hits, including two triples by Petra van Heijst, who also had four RBI's. The Dutch Team opened with a 4-run rally in the first at bat with two outs. Britt Vonk walked with one out and the bases got loaded when Saskia Kosterink singled and Karin Tuk also walked. Next, Saskia was forced out at third base on a grounder by Solange Starrenburg, but that enabled Britt to score the opening run. The bases were re-loaded when Nadine Marinus received the third walk from Centrals-starter Jeanine van Ancum. Hereafter, Petra van Heijst cleared the bases with a 3-run triple to make it 4-0.

The fifth run in the game was added in the second inning when Judith Diepeveen led off with a single and went on to score on a grounder by Saskia Kosterink. The lead was doubled when the Dutch Team scored five runs in the fourth inning, which were all scored with two outs. In this at bat, Britt Vonk singled with one out and scored on a 2-out single by Karin Tuk, who herself scored when a fly ball by Solange Starrenburg was missed. A single by Nadine Marinus then enabled Solange to score. Nadine then scored on the second triple by Petra van Heijst, who was awarded home plate when the throw from rightfield ended up in the dug-out.

The third inning was the lone in this game when the Dutch scored no runs. Two batters reached base with one out, but then pop flies by Merel Oosterveld and Judith Diepeveen ended this at bat. The remaining run was scored in the fifth inning when Chantal Versluis singled and scored on a single by Saskia Kosterink. The fifth inning for Centrals was pitched by Henk van Zijtveld, who is a former player of the Dutch National Men Softball Team and also played several years in the Dutch Men Softball Major League. And so, Henk got re-acquainted with Media Officer and Statistician Marco Stoovelaar. 17 years ago, in 1992, the two traveled with the National Men-squad to the World Championships in the Phillipines. Back then, Henk was one of the pitchers, while Marco was the team's scorekeeper.

The lone run by Centrals was scored in the first inning off Dutch starter Dagmar Bloeming, who made her second start for the national squad in the Holland Tour. The run was scored by a national team-player, as Anne Blaauwgeers did the catching this game for Centrals, the club where she plays in the regular season. Anne led off with an infield-hit and scored on a 2-out double by Amber Dammers. Hereafter, the next thirteen batters were retired in order, including the last six by Daisy Verstappen, who relieved Dagmar in the fourth inning. For Daisy, this was her debut in the national squad, as she pitched for opponent Euro Stars in the opening series last Sunday and didn't play in last Wednesday's games against the Dutch Juniors.

After the game, both teams, the umpires and official scorer enjoyed a meal prepared by hosting club Centrals. The players and staff of the Dutch National Team thank Centrals for their fine hospitality during Sunday's games. The games were attended by a good crowd, included several parents of national team-players, but also Terrasvogels' Head Coach Darwin Tolzin and his wife Jean. In 2007, Darwin was the Pitching Coach of the Dutch National Team and threw batting practice in 2008 when the squad was in Illinois during its second American trip.

Box Score Game 2 Netherlands vs. Centrals

The team meets before the start of the second game

Centrals-starter Jeanine van Ancum with Nadine Marinus running at first base

Players look on from the dug-out

Starting Pitcher Dagmar Bloeming takes in the signs from Catcher Karin Tuk

Dagmar Bloeming then follows with her wind-up; at 1B is Britt Vonk
In the back is umpire Carolien Stadhouders

Chantal Versluis was 2-for-4 in Game Two

Karin Tuk running at first base
Playing at 1B for Centrals is Marieke Brouwer

Petra van Heijst runs towards third base for one of her two triples
At left is short stop Nikki Harte

Head Coach Craig Montvidas and Coach Nancy Evans exchange details

Daisy Verstappen threw two perfect innings in relief

Daisy Verstappen delivers to Maaike van Aarle
Also watching the pitch is Home Plate Umpire Frank Duits

Former National Team-pitcher Henk van Zijtveld threw the last inning for Centrals

A good crowd enjoyed the sun and the games in De Bilt

Players of both teams shake hands after completion of the double-header

Head Coach Craig Montvidas helds a talk after the games

Team Manager Paul Boonstra, Head Coach Craig Montvidas, Coach Nancy Evans
and Physical Therapist Anouk Fermont enjoy dinner afterwards

And so do the players

(special thanks to Fred Versluis for submitting several photos)

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