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Dutch Team reaches semi-final unbeaten - Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Homeruns by Dinet Oosting, Nathalie Timmermans; strong pitching

Nederlandse tekst

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - The Dutch National Softball Team on Thursday, July 11 remained unbeaten and clinched the semi-final of the European Championship in the Czech Republic.

In the morning, the Orange squad shutout Austria 9-0, then also held Russia scoreless later in the day, winning 7-0 thanks to an impressive offensive show.

Today, Dinet Oosting and Nathalie Timmermans both homered. Dutch pitching threw a No-Hitter against Austria, while Lindsey Meadows threw an one-hitter vs. Russia.

After a few hot days with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, today was a cold day, so the team played in long trousers tonight, while everyone brought some additional clothing to stay warm.

On Friday, July 12, the Dutch Team meets Italy in the semi-final, starting at 4:30 PM.

Game vs. Austria
In the first game today, Dutch pitchers Ginger de Weert (4 innings) and Femke van Dusschoten (1 inning) threw a combined No-Hitter. Only one Austrian player reached base in the game and that was by a player with a Dutch connection. In the second inning, Martina Lackner led off with a walk and moved to second base on a sacrifice bunt. Lackner played in the Dutch big league in 2009-2012 for Tex Town Tigers, with whom she won the Dutch championship title and won the European Cup. During her period at TTT, she played together with Merel Oosterveld, Dinet Oosting, Karin Tuk, Britt Vonk and Ginger de Weert, who were in today's Dutch line-up, but also Virginie Anneveld and Lindsey Meadows, who didn't play in the game against Austria.

The Dutch Team opened the score with two runs in the second inning. Saskia Kosterink led off with a double and scored on a following triple by Dinet Oosting, who then scored on a squeeze by Karin Tuk. Hereafter, Marisčla de Wind doubled, but she was left at second base.

Three runs were added in the third inning. With two outs, Britt Vonk walked and stole second base. Hereafter, Saskia Kosterink was walked intentionally to set up a force play, but that failed, as Dinet Oosting drilled the next delivery over the centerfield-fence for a 3-run homerun.

A 4-run rally followed in the fourth inning. Marisčla de Wind set the rally in motion by leading off with a single and advancing on a wild pitch. Moments later, she scored when a drive by Nathalie Timmermans ended in an error. After Nathalie advanced on a grounder by Yonina Sint Jago, Merel Oosterveld walked, then both runners scored on a single by Anne Blaauwgeers. Next, Britt Vonk walked and an error was made on a fly by Saskia Kosterink, which led to a lot of traffic on the bases, but in the end, the bases were loaded, then Anne scored on a 2-out single by Karin Tuk to make it 9-0.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Austria

Official Scorers Lenka Richterová (Head Scorer), Jana Borovková & Veronika Čermáková

The Dutch dug-out is decorated for a new game

Today was a cloudy and cold day

The starting line-up against Austria hangs in the dug-out

Head Coach Craig Montvidas hits grounders

The umpires of the game against Austria
Pavel Vychodsky (3B, Czech Republic), Sara Dielen (HP, Belgium), Carsten Frederiksen (1B, Denmark)

Craig Montvidas meets Austrian coaches Francesca Fabretto and Marcel Kratochwil and the umpires

Ready for action

The National Anthems are being played

Time to Play Ball!

Ginger de Weert is the starting pitcher
3B is Dinet Oosting, 1B is Anne Blaauwgeers

Short stop Britt Vonk & 2B Merel Oosterveld

The cheering starts in the Dutch dug-out

Yonina Sint Jago again makes music

Austrian pitcher Lisa Wurm delivers; 1B is Cathi Weiser, 3B is Martina Lackner

Merel Oosterveld leads off the 1st inning, but flies out

Next hitter Anne Blaauwgeers also connects, but grounds out

And Britt Vonk pops out to end the first inning

Ginger de Weert throws four hitless innings

Catcher Karin Tuk looks at the signs

Martina Lackner is the lone Austrian runner in this game
1B is Anne Blaauwgeers

Head Coach Craig Montvidas has a talk with his players

Martina Lackner running at 2nd base; the umpire is Carsten Frederiksen

Belgian Home Plate Umpire Sara Dielen gives the count with Karin Tuk in front of her

The Dutch fans show that it is a lot colder today

But the cheering continues

Coaches Craig Montvidas and Berend Mannessen wear a jacket today

Saskia Kosterink hits a lead-off double in the 2nd inning
She then scores moments later...

...when Dinet Oosting follows with a triple

Saskia is greeted after scoring the first run

Dinet Oosting scores the second run on a squeeze-bunt by Karin Tuk

Marisčla de Wind at second base after hitting a line drive double

Merel Oosterveld leads off the 3rd inning with a flyout

Anne Blaauwgeers bunts, but the ball goes foul

With two outs in the 3rd, Britt Vonk walks and steals 2nd base

Centerfielder Carola Krejci tries to catch the ball, but has no chance...

...and so, Dinet Oosting hits a 3-run homerun

Catcher Karin Tuk in action

Rightfielder Marisčla de Wind makes the final out of the 4th inning
Standing in front of her are 2B Merel Oosterveld and pitcher Ginger de Weert

Marisčla de Wind scores in bottom 4th on a double by Nathalie Timmermans
Waiting for the ball at left are short stop Lauren du Toit (2) and 2B Victoria Wildling (9)
At right, pitcher Jacqueline Kohlmaier covers home, while Yonina Sint Jago is coaching

Another angle of Marisčla de Wind's head-first at home plate

Nathalie Timmermans at 2nd base after her RBI-double

Anne Blaauwgeers hits a 2-run single moments later

Later in the at bat, Saskia Kosterink singles to load the bases

Whoops, some confusion after Saskia's drive into centerfield

With two outs, Karin Tuk singles in a run to make it 9-0

Femke van Dusschoten throws the 5th inning

Femke strikes out all three batters she faces

ESF President Andre van Overbeek (center) has a talk with former KNBSB President
Ruud van Zetten (left) and Michael Schmidt, Vice-President of the Austrian Federation

Yonina Sint Jago is the leftfielder against Austria

Saskia Kosterink is playing in centerfield

End of the game

The players shake hands...

...and thank the spectators

Game vs. Russia
After five big shutout-victories, Russia was the first 'serious' opponent, but in the end, the Dutch Team put on an impressive offensive show, resulting in a 7-0, 5-inning victory.

Pitcher Lindsey Meadows went the distance, struckout five batters and allowed only two players to reach base. In the second inning, she gave up an one-out double and with two outs, she hit a batter. Hereafter, Lindsey retired the next 10 batters.

The Dutch Team opened the score with one run in the first inning when both Britt Vonk and Saskia Kosterink both reached on an error.

In the second inning, Dinet Oosting drove the ball into rightfield for an apparent homerun, but it was caught by the rightfielder. With two outs, Nathalie Timmermans singled, but stranded.

In the third at bat, Nathalie Gosewehr led off with a single, advanced to third base, but also stranded.

The Dutch Team then took more distance in the fourth inning, scoring two runs. With two outs, Merel Oosterveld was hit by a pitch, then Nathalie Timmermans hit a towering homerun on the next delivery by Russian pitcher Ekaterina Eronina.

The offensive show was completed in the fifth inning when four runs were scored (again with two outs) on five consecutive basehits to reach the 7-run, mercy-rule difference. First, Britt Vonk singled and stole second base, then scored on a single by Saskia Kosterink. Virginie Anneveld then followed with another single. Saskia and Virginie scored when Dinet Oosting drilled a double into centerfield. A walk-off, RBI-single by Merel Oosterveld then completed the inning and the game.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Russia

Before leaving the hotel, the players are briefed over next opponent Russia

The field is being prepared

Lindsey Meadows standing in the rain?
No, this is water being sprayed on the field before the game

Berend Mannessen hits fly balls to the outfielders

And Craig Montvidas hits grounders to the infielders

This is how Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar made the previous photo

And this is Fred Versluis after making the previous photo

The umpires in the game against Russia
Raoul Machalet (1B, Germany), Gianluca Magnani (HP, Italy), Peter Kluszcynsky (3B, Canada)

Coaches Maria Kazantseva and Craig Montvidas shake hands and meet the umpires

The playing of the National Anthems

The players exchange gifts

Everyone is ready in the Dutch dug-out

Time to Play Ball!

Coaches Craig Montvidas and Karen Marr

Lindsey Meadows goes the distance against Russia
3B is Virginie Anneveld, 1B is Anne Blaauwgeers, the umpire is Raoul Machalet

Lindsey Meadows throws a one-hitter

Cheering from the Dutch dug-out

Russian pitcher Ekaterina Eronina

With two outs in the 1st inning, Britt Vonk reaches on an error

Saskia Kosterink follows with a drive, that is missed in the outfield
and enables Britt to score the first Dutch run; Eygeniya Eglazarova is the catcher

Saskia Kosterink dives back to 2nd base after reaching it on an error
2B Tatiana Zhuchkova tags Saskia, but has no play

Moments later, Saskia takes off on a fly by Virginie Anneveld, but that is caught
Short stop Anastatia Buchenkova sees that the ball is caught

Short stop Chantal Versluis and 3B Virginie Anneveld

Anne Blaauwgeers playing at first base

Rightfielder Merel Oosterveld and 2B Britt Vonk

In the 2nd inning, Elena Povarova is the lone Russian player to reach second and third base in the game

Pitcher Lindsey Meadows and catcher Nathalie Timmermans have a talk
after Tatiana Beltyukova is hit by a pitch; Standing at right is coach Lyudmila Petrova

Nathalie Timmermans shakes hands with Coach Berend Mannessen after her 2-out single
in the bottom of the 2nd inning; 1B is Alexandra Larionova

Looking on from the dug-out

In the bottom 3rd, Nathalie Gosewehr leads off with a single

Moments later, Nathalie advances on a grounder by Chantal Versluis
2B Tatiana Zhuchkova gets the ball; 3B Alina Afanasyeva looks on, as is umpire Peter Kluszcynsky

Nathalie then moves to 3rd base on a flyout by Britt Vonk, but is then left behind

Centerfielder Saskia Kosterink makes the first out in the top 4th
Leftfielder Nathalie Gosewehr is covering

Nathalie Timmermans moments before hitting a 2-run homerun in the bottom 4th

Nathalie rounds the bases after her homerun

Lindsey Meadows struckout five batters

Britt Vonk reaches on a bunt-single with two outs in bottom 5th
1B Alexandria Larionova gets the ball too late

Britt takes off from 1st base to steal second base moments later, as seen by umpire Raoul Machalet

Short stop Anastasia Buchenkova awaits the ball, but Britt already reaches the base

Britt then goes on the score on a single by Saskia Kosterink

Virginie Anneveld scores on a 2-run double by Dinet Oosting

Dinet on second base after her 2-run double...

...and is cheered by her teammates

Merel Oosterveld connects for a walk-off single that makes it 7-0

Cheering after the mercy-rule victory...

...which came on an overpowering, offensive show

Merel Oosterveld is greeted

The players shake hands

The Dutch players thank their supporters

Head Coach Craig Montvidas talks with the team afterwards

(photos made by Marco Stoovelaar (MS) and Fred Versluis (FV)

Today's scores
Second Round (1st-8th place)
Pool EPool F
Italy vs. Spain6-1Netherlands vs. Austria9-0 (4½)
Great Britain vs. Czech Republic5-3Austria vs. Sweden3-1
Czech Republic vs. Spain8-0 (4½)Netherlands vs. Russia7-0 (5)
Second Round (9th-16th place)
Pool GPool H
Poland vs. Slovakia2-11 (5)Croatia vs. Switzerland9-5
Poland vs. Denmark0-7 (5)Switzerland vs. Ukraine7-6
Belgium vs. Slovakia8-7Croatia vs. Germany2-11 (5)
Second Round (17th-19th place)
Pool I
Israel vs. France4-3 (8)

Final Standings Second Round (1st-8th place)
Pool EPool F
2Czech Republic3212Russia321
3Great Britain3213Austria312
Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia qualify for 1st-4th place Play-Offs
Great Britain, Austria will play for 5th-6th place
Spain, Sweden will play for 7th-8th place
Final Standings Second Round (9th-16th place)
Pool GPool H
Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine qualify for 9th-12th place Play-Offs
Denmark, Switzerland will play for 13th-14th place
Croatia, Poland will play for 15th-16th place

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