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Dutch Team opens Second Round with huge win - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Nathalie Timmermans, Lindsey Meadows hit homeruns

Nederlandse tekst

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - On Wednesday, July 10, the Dutch National Softball Team opened the Second Round with another big shutout, winning 19-0 vs. Sweden. Today's game lasted one hour and 27 minutes and the Dutch Team batted for one hour and four minutes of them.

Twelve basehits were registered, including three by Virginie Anneveld and homeruns by Nathalie Timmermans and Lindsey Meadows.

The day started with breakfast and the celebration of the birthday of Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege.

In the evening, the Czech Republic upset Italy by winning 4-3.

On Thursday, the Dutch Team plays two games. In the morning, the Orange meets Austria, then faces Russia later in the day.

Today's game lasted only three innings in which 33 Dutch batters stepped up to the plate. On the other side, only ten Swedish players batted.

In the first inning, Merel Oosterveld singled with one out, but stranded on third base. The Orange squad then rallied for eleven runs on eight basehits in the second at bat, which lasted 29 minutes.

The inning began with a single by Virginie Anneveld, who then stole second base. After Karin Tuk walked, Virginie was forced out at third base on a grounder by Lindsey Meadows, but then the scoring started. Nathalie Timmermans drilled the ball over the centerfield-fence and so, a 3-0 lead was born. Next, the bases got loaded when Anne Blaauwgeers singled, Nathalie Gosewehr reached on a fielder's choice and Merel Oosterveld also singled. A double by Chantal Versluis and single by Saskia Kosterink then each accounted for two runs, that made it a 7-0 score. Virginie then followed with her second basehit in this inning, then a grounder by Karin Tuk produced a run and Lindsey Meadows added a 2-run homerun. Sweden then finally changed pitchers, but new pitcher Priya Mohlen was credited with three illegal pitches, leading to a walk for Nathalie Timmermans and was replaced again. Later in the at bat, a wild pitch enabled Nathalie to score the eleventh run.

An 8-run rally followed in the third inning. First, the bases were loaded by Chantal Versluis (walk), Saskia Kosterink (error) and Virginie Anneveld (walk). With one out, Lindsey Meadows batted in two runs with a single, an error led to the next run and the bases got loaded again when Nathalie Timmermans and Anne Blaauwgeers both walked. Following walks for Nathalie Gosewehr and Merel Oosterveld that gave the Dutch two more runs and lifted the lead to 16-0. After another pitching change, starter Karin Hjelm returned to the circle, three more runs were added on a single by Saskia Kosterink (2 runs) and a double by Virginie Anneveld.

Dutch starter Dagmar Bloeming (who played in her 50th international game for the Dutch Team) retired all six batters she faced, including three strikeouts. In the third inning, Rebecca Soumeru pitched and she gave up a 2-out single to Kehli Washington, but she then finished with a strikeout.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Sweden

Today's scores
Second Round (1st-8th place)
Pool EPool F
Italy vs. Great Britain7-0 (4½)Russia vs. Sweden1-0
Spain vs. Great Britain0-8 (5)Sweden vs. Netherlands0-19 (3)
Czech Republic vs. Italy4-3Russia vs. Austria2-0
Second Round (9th-16th place)
Pool GPool H
Denmark vs. Belgium2-9 (5)Germany vs. Ukraine7-0 (5)
Slovakia vs. Denmark6-2Ukraine vs. Croatia13-6 (5)
Belgium vs. Poland1-0Germany vs. Switzerland7-0 (5)
Second Round (17th-19th place)
Pool I
France vs. Hungary8-0 (4½)

Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege today celebrates her 31st birthday

Another day, another team-meeting

Action on Field A of Svoboda Park

In the meantime, the Dutch players start their warming-up

Marisčla de Wind has a new hair-style today

The warming-up continues

Coach Berend Mannessen throws batting practice

A young admirer watches Dagmar Bloeming in the bullpen
(photo made by Paul Boonstra)

Head Coach Craig Montvidas looks on before the game

Britt Vonk

Pitchers Femke van Dusschoten and Ginger de Weert check the pitching charts

Chantal Versluis takes a drink on another hot day

Today's umpires:
Florian Lautenschläger (1B, Germany), Alen Magdalenić (HP, Croatia), Raoul Machalet (3B, Germany)

Scorer-in-Chief Feiko Drost with four of the Czech Official Scorers
Veronika Čermáková, Tereza Závranská, Jana Borovková & Lenka Richterová

Head Coaches Mattias Grimstoft and Craig Montvidas meet with the umpires

Time for the National Anthems

Cobus Oosting again leads the Dutch fans in the singing of the National Anthem

The Umpires face the flags during the playing of the National Anthems

The gift-exchange

Ready for the team-yell...

...and then Play Ball!

Swedish starting pitcher Karin Hjelm

A view from the Dutch dug-out

Lead-off hitter Nathalie Gosewehr grounds out on a close play at 1st base

The Dutch defense starts the first inning

Short stop Chantal Versluis waits for the ball

Dagmar Bloeming throws the first two innings

Anne Blaauwgeers plays at first base in this game

And Merel Oosterveld is at second base

Taking her position at short is Chantal Versluis

And playing again at third base is Virginie Anneveld

Nathalie Gosewehr is playing in leftfield

Saskia Kosterink is the centerfielder

And Lindsey Meadows is the rightfielder

Nathalie Timmermans is the catcher today

Dagmar Bloeming retires six batters in a row

A meeting between innings

Coach Berend Mannessen and Virginie Anneveld clap hands
after a lead-off single in the second inning

With runners on 1st and 2nd, Lindsey Meadows puts down a bunt...

...but Virginie Anneveld is forced out at 3rd base

Hereafter, Nathalie Timmermans hits a 3-run homerun

Anne Blaauwgeers and Nathalie Gosewehr running at 2nd and 1st base
in the 2nd inning; 1B is Johanna Grauer

Concentration in the dug-out

Lindsey Meadows is greeted after her 2-run homerun in the 2nd inning

Priya Mohlen (one batter) and Emma Teght-Nordin also pitch for Sweden in the 11-run 2nd inning

Nathalie Timmermans scores the 11th run in the 2nd inning on a wild pitch

Nathalie Gosewehr moves to 2nd base on the wild pitch

Even while being treated by Physical Therapist Ingrid Holstege,
Yonina Sint Jago keeps on making music in the dug-out

Croatian umpire Alen Magdalenić makes a strikeout-call in the bottom of the 2nd inning
Nathalie Timmermans is the catcher

Head Coach Craig Montvidas looks on

Annakarin Solčn Westling hitting for Sweden in the 2nd inning

Coach Berend Mannessen with Chantal Versluis running at 1st base
after her lead-off walk in the third inning

Moments later, Chantal is at third base, thanks to a throwing error
3B is Priya Mohlen, the umpire is Raoul Machalet and the photographer is Ed Kosterink

Karin Tuk hitting in the third inning

Lindsey Meadows hits a 2-run single

Nathalie Gosewehr looks at a pitch in the 3rd inning

Yonina Sint Jago enters the game as pinch-hitter in the 3rd at bat

Virginie Anneveld arrives at 2nd base with an RBI-double

Rebecca Soumeru throws the third inning

Yonina Sint Jago takes over at short in the bottom of the 3rd
Standing in the back is leftfielder Nathalie Gosewehr

Marisčla de Wind is the new rightfielder in the bottom of the 3rd inning

Rebecca Soumeru makes another delivery

End of the game

The players thank their supporters

Dutch Scorer-in-Chief Feiko Drost with a big glass of cola (or is it something else?)

Johan Kluijskens (left) and Peter van der Aart (right) also arrived today, representing the
Organizing Committee of the 2014 World Championship in Haarlem (Netherlands)
Sitting in the middle is former KNBSB-President Ruud van Zetten

Relaxing after the game with family members

Shareday Christina and Leonella Elizabeth are sitting in the shadow
Shareday and Leonella were members of the preliminary roster of the Dutch Team and were alternates

And here we have former Dutch Junior-player Kimberly Jones

Returning at the hotel

(photos made by Marco Stoovelaar (MS) and Fred Versluis (FV)

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