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Dutch Team closes Preliminary Round with third shutout - Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Dutch pitching throws second consecutive No-Hitter

Nederlandse tekst

PRAGUE (Czech Republic) - The Dutch National Softball Team completed the Preliminary Round of the European Championship in Prague on Tueday, July 9 with a 17-0 shutout-victory against Slovakia. The team collected 14 basehits, including three by Dinet Oosting, who also scored three runs and had six runs batted in. Virginie Anneveld and Lindsey Meadows each had three RBI's.

On Tuesday-evening, it already had become clear that the Dutch Team would finish in first place in its pool. That means that the Orange squad will open the Second Round (which is the qualifier for the Play-Offs) on Wednesday-afternoon against Sweden, starting at 3:30 PM.

The Dutch Team today played its first game on the main field of the tournament. The Orange opened the event on Sunday against Spain on Field B of the main complex, then traveled to the site of SaBaT Softball for the confrontation with Croatia on Monday.

On Tuesday-evening, the Dutch Team finished in first place of Group B, as Spain had defeated Slovakia, meaning the Orange became unreachable for the other teams.

Today, the Dutch Team played another productive game, as playing against 'weaker' teams always creates moments of adjusting. But by registering another convincing shutout-victory, the Dutch players underscored that they again approached the game disciplined and in a professional matter.

After being held scoreless the day before by Croatia, the Dutch Team today rallied for five runs in the opening at bat. With one out, Anne Blaauwgeers and Britt Vonk both reached on a bunt-single. A throwing error followed Britt's bunt, putting runners at the corners. After Britt had stolen second base, the bases were loaded when Saskia Kosterink walked. An error on a grounder by Virginie Anneveld then produced the first two runs, followed by a 2-run double by Dinet Oosting that made it 4-0. With two outs, a single by Lindsey Meadows lifted the lead to 5-0.

Six runs were added in the second inning when 11 batters stepped up to the plate. The bases got loaded when Merel Oosterveld (lead-off) and Britt Vonk (with one out) walked and Saskia Kosterink then was hit by a pitch. A single by Virginie Anneveld was then followed by an error, which cleared the bases. Moments later, Virginie scored herself on a single by Dinet Oosting. With two outs, Lindsey Meadows connected for an RBI-triple, then scored on a following single by Yonina Sint Jago that made it 11-0.

Six more runs followed in the third at bat with this time 10 Dutch players entering the batter's box. Britt Vonk led off with a walk, then Saskia Kosterink singled. A fielder's choice on a force play-grounder by Virginie Anneveld then loaded the bases, as no outs were made. Next, we saw some spectacular baserunning on a drive by Dinet Oosting. The three baserunners were closely running behind each other. While Britt ran for home plate, Virginie was running on the heels of Saskia en route to the plate. In the meantime, Dinet was arriving at third base with a triple and later scored on a sac-fly by Lindsey Meadows. Yonina Sint Jago followed with a single and Merel Oosterveld added a double, then both scored on a single by Anne Blaauwgeers, which lifted the lead to 17-0.

Dutch pitchers Ginger de Weert and Dagmar Bloeming combined on the second consecutive Dutch No-Hitter. Ginger pitched the first two innings and struckout three batters, Dagmar threw the third inning and retired all three batters she faced, including two strikeouts. Slovakia reached base only once, through an one-out walk in the first inning.

Box Score Netherlands vs. Slovakia

Today's scores
Pool APool B
Switzerland vs. Belgium2-11 (5)Spain vs. Croatia9-0 (4½)
Austria vs. Hungary10-0 (4)Slovakia vs. Netherlands0-17 (3)
Austria vs. Belgium4-1
Hungary vs. Czech Republic0-16 (4)
Pool CPool D
Germany vs. Denmark5-4Sweden vs. France2-1
Great Britain vs. Israel15-0 (3)Sweden vs. Italy0-7 (6)
Germany vs. Israel7-0 (4½)Ukraine vs. Poland3-4
Russia vs. Great Britain8-7

Final Standings First Round
Pool APool B
1Czech Republic4401Netherlands330
Pool CPool D
2Great Britain4312Sweden431
Nrs. 1 & 2 of each Pool will play for 1st-8th place in Second Round
Nrs. 3 & 4 of each Pool will play for 9th-16th place in Second Round
The three Nrs. 5 will play for 17th-19th place in Second Round
Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Spain will form Pool E
Austria, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden will form Pool F
Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia will form Pool G
Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine will form Pool H
France, Hungary, Israel will form Pool I

An overview of Field A on Svoboda Park, the home of SK Joudrs Praha

Announcer Jan Čech, Head Scorer Lenka RichterovŠ and two volunteers

The field is being prepared before the game

New lines are placed

Pitching Coach Karen Marr goes over the details with pitchers
Rebecca Soumeru, Dagmar Bloeming & Ginger de Weert

James and Lynelle, the parents of Lindsey Meadows with in the middle
Caroline Powell, her clubcoach at FysioExpert Olympia Haarlem

The mothers also formed a team
Here, we see Karin Versluis, Maaike Tuk and Margaret Gosewehr,
the mothers of Chantal Versluis, Karin Tuk and Nathalie Gosewehr

Returning from the batting cage, Britt Vonk and Saskia Kosterink

And here, we have Virginie Anneveld

Schedule & Results are listed at the clubhouse

Ed Kosterink and Fred Versluis, the fathers of Saskia and Chantal

Karin Tuk's father Jaap and her grandparents

Lindsey Meadows walks to the playing field from the batting cage

Media Officer/Scorer Marco Stoovelaar hangs up the Dutch flag in the dug-out

Pitching Coach Karen Marr gets some assistance in the bullpen

Head Coach Craig Montvidas before the start of the pre-game activities

Craig Montvidas hits grounders, while Czech TV registers the activities

Ready for another game

Today's umpires
Sara Dielen (1B, Belgium), Florian Lautenschlšger (HP, Germany) & Josť Sanchez (3B, Sweden)

Craig Montvidas meets Slovakian coaches Jan Zapalac and Dusan Borbely and the umpires

Ready for the National Anthems

Cobus Oosting again is the lead-singer of the Dutch National Anthem

The Dutch players and staff-members listen to the Dutch Anthem

Due to a technical problem, it was not possible to play the Slovakian
National Anthem, so the players sang it themselves

Exchange of gifts

The team-yell and then Play Ball

Slovakian starting pitcher Barbora SladekovŠ

Britt Vonk reaches on a bunt-single in the 1st inning
2B Laura FerancovŠ, who took over first base, gets the ball too late

With the bases loaded, Virginie Anneveld connects,
reaches on an error and brings in two runs

Cheering from the dug-out

Dinet Oosting follows with a 2-run double

Virginie Anneveld scores on Dinet's double

MarisŤla de Wind waits for a pitch in the 1st inning

Another look from the dug-out

Dinet Oosting scores the 5th run in the 1st inning on a single by Lindsey Meadows

Slovakian Head Coach Jan Zapalac looks on

Yonina Sint Jago is the 9th Dutch batter in the 1st inning

Ginger de Weert is the starting Dutch pitcher

Anne Blaauwgeers does the catching

Ginger de Weert pitched the first and second inning

Nicely decorated Slovakian helmet

Virginie Anneveld takes her position at 3rd base

Merel Oosterveld plays at 2nd base today

2B Merel Oosterveld takes over 1st base to elimimate Michaela KoštalovŠ
on a sacrifice bunt in the first inning

Lindsey Meadows plays in leftfield today
In the back is the banner for next years World Championship in Haarlem (Netherlands)

Britt Vonk takes her position at short

Merel Oosterveld steals 2nd base in the 2nd inning after leading off with a walk
2B Laura FerancovŠ didn't received the ball yet

Belgian umpire Sara Dielen

Looking on from the Dutch dug-out

The Dutch fans also look on

Dutch Junior-player Manoa Weijgertse today arrived in Prague after returning home
earlier in the day from Canada, where she participated in the World Junior Championship

Merel Oosterveld is on 2nd base and Britt Vonk at 1st in the 2nd inning
Coach Berend Mannessen looks at the action

Lindsey Meadows on her way to 3rd base with an RBI-triple in the 2nd inning

A Czech cameraman makes a close-up of the hair of MarisŤla de Wind

Playing in centerfield today is Yonina Sint Jago

MarisŤla de Wind plays in rightfield

Playing at first base is Dinet Oosting

Ready to field are 1B Dinet Oosting and 2B Merel Oosterveld

Saskia Kosterink singles in the 3rd inning
Paula Vojtekova is the catcher, Florian Lautenschlšger the umpire

Catcher Anne Blaauwgeers makes noise and has fun

Top 3rd: Britt Vonk (walk) is on 2nd base, Saskia Kosterink (single) is on 1st
Coach Berend Mannessen keeps an eye on the action

Virginie Anneveld follows with a grounder, but no outs are made, loading the bases

Dinet Oosting is the next batter...

...and she connects for a 3-run triple...

Spectacular baserunning by Saskia Kosterink and Virginie Anneveld,
who run closely behind each other

Virginie scores

Virginie and Saskia are welcomed after their baserunning-show

Moments later, Dinet Oosting scores on a sac-fly by Lindsey Meadows

The scoring continues, here Merel Oosterveld scores on a single by Anne Blaauwgeers

Pitching Coach Karen Marr gives MarisŤla de Wind a new hairstyle

Rebecca Soumeru looks on from the dug-out

Dagmar Bloeming throws the third inning for the Orange

Catcher Anne Blaauwgeers

Dagmar Bloeming retires the side and strikes out two batters

End of the game

The players thank the spectators

Head Coach Craig Montvidas is interviewed for the tournament's website

Czech television interviews Rebecca Soumeru

Virginie Anneveld is also interviewed

(photos made by Marco Stoovelaar (MS) and Fred Versluis (FV)

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