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Tournament Bollate (Italy) - Day 4 - Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Dutch Team has scoreless day

Nederlandse tekst

BOLLATE (Italy) - The Dutch National Softball Team didn't score a run on Saturday, June 4, in the two games played on Day 3 of the Torneo 150 Anni Unitá d'Italia. In the afternoon, the Dutch squad played a scoreless 6-inning tie vs. organisor Sanotint Bollate, then was shutout 4-0 in the evening by Italy. On Sunday, the Dutch and Italian squads face each other in the tournament final. For the Italian team, this was its first win vs. the Dutch since the 2007 Olympic Qualifier, which eventually was won by the Dutch.

Netherlands vs. Sanotint Bollate
The day started with some heavy rain, but that stopped around 10 in the morning. After breakfast, the team watched the movie 'Rudy' together in the hotel, while Team Manager Paul Boonstra and Media Officer Marco Stoovelaar went to the laundry, where the orange uniforms were washed.

When the team arrived on the field, there was another overcast, but it remained dry, except for brief drizzling. But because of the weather conditions, it was decided that no new inning would be started after one-and-a-half-hour.

In the first game of the day, the Dutch played a scoreless tie vs. organisor Sanotint Bollate. The Dutch Team was held to only two basehits, which also accounted for the lone baserunners off Kate Robinson, who went the distance for Bollate. In 2009, Kate Robinson played in the Dutch big league for Gryphons. In the second inning, Areke Spel led off with a bunt-single, but (with two outs) a somewhat disputable call for Areke leaving first base too early ended the inning. In the sixth inning, pinch-hitter Karin Tuk led off with a single, then her pinch-runner Fabienne van Uden advanced on a sacrifice bunt by Dinet Oosting, but stranded at second base.

Dutch starter Femke van Dusschoten gave up two hits in 4 2/3 inning, while striking out five batters and walking four. The remainder of the game was pitched by Dagmar Bloeming, who gave up a lead-off single, then retired the next four batters she faced, which ended the game.

Centerfielder Solange Starrenburg underscored how wet the field was in the second inning. With one out, Solange dove trying to catch a hit by Manuela Fabrizi, barely missed, but made a spectacular splash right in the middle of a small 'lake'. Solange was wet from top to toe and had to change part of her uniform between innings. Fabrizi ended up with a double, but stranded on second base.

In the first inning, Bollate got the bases loaded with two outs, but a strikeout then ended that scoring opportunity. From the second inning on, Femke van Dusschoten retired nine batters in a row, before walking a batter with two outs in the fifth and then was relieved by Dagmar Bloeming, who completed the game.

Box Score game Netherlands vs. Sanotint Bollate

The umpires for the game vs. Bollate
Massimo Parri (field) and Angelo Nearco (home plate)

Dark clouds are hanging beyond the outfield

The players exhange gifts before the game

Kate Robinson, who went the distance for Bollate

Femke van Dusschoten started for the Dutch Team

Anne Blaauwgeers started as catcher

Areke Spel on first base after hitting a bunt-single in the 2nd inning

Moments later, Head Coach Craig Montvidas in discussion with umpire Massimo Parri
after Areke Spel has been called out for leaving first base too early

In the second inning, Solange Starrenburg barely misses catching a fly ball, but ends up in a small lake
(photo made and provided by Franco Bagattini - www.fastpitch.eu)

(photo made and provided by Franco Bagattini - www.fastpitch.eu)

(photo made and provided by Franco Bagattini - www.fastpitch.eu)

(photo made and provided by Nicoletta Bonaconza - www.fastpitch.eu)

Rightfielder Areke Spel feels how wet Solange Starrenburg's short is

Chantal Versluis looks on from the dug-out

Dinet Oosting connects in the third inning, but grounds out

Nathalie Gosewehr awaits her turn at bat

Femke van Dusschoten gave up 2 hits in 4 2/3 inning

Fabienne van Uden pinch-running at first base in the sixth inning

Dagmar Bloeming completed the game

livestream-coverage of the game against Bollate (1:39 hours)
Watch live streaming video from radiosoftball at livestream.com

Homerun Derby
Before the start of the second game for the Dutch Team, a Homerun Derby was held with 12 participating players, two of each team. Karin Tuk and Nathalie Timmermans represented the Dutch Team. Karin led off and belted two homeruns, Nathalie hit none. Geovanny Nuńez of the Caronno All Stars won the contest by hitting four homeruns. Last year, Geovanny Nuńez was a member of the national team of the Dominican Republic which participated in the World Championship in Venezuela. This season, she plays for Caronno in the Italian Softball League.

The players watch the remaining innings of the game between Bollate and Czech All Stars

Nathalie Timmermans and Karin Tuk represented the Dutch Team in the Homerun Derby

The twelve participating players in the Homerun Derby
Lara Cecchetti, Kate Robinson (both Bollate), Andrea Montanari, Alice Fiorio (both Italy),
Geovanny Nuńez, Eva Trevisan (both All Stars Caronno), Lenka Jaklová, Petra Křiklánová (both SK Joudrs Praha),
Petra Lechnerová, Lenka Ježková (both Czech All Stars), Nathalie Timmermans and Karin Tuk (both Netherlands)

Karin Tuk hits one of her two homeruns

Lenka Jaklová (Joudrs) was the next to hit, but had no homeruns

Calixto Soca Mijar, the Cuban Pitching Coach of the Italian Team, was the pitcher

Lara Cecchetti (Bollate) also hit no homeruns

Andrea Montanari (Italy) hit three balls over the fence

Next, Petra Lechnerová (Czech All Stars) was unable to hit a homerun

Nathalie Timmermans also hit no homeruns

Nathalie Timmermans and Karin Tuk have fun during the Homerun Derby

Petra Křiklánová (Joudrs) also was held to no homeruns

Alice Fiorio (Italy) hits one of her three homeruns

Kate Robinson (Bollate) then followed with one homerun

Lenka Ježková (Czech All Stars) then hit no homeruns

Veteran player Eva Trevisan (All Stars Caronno) also hit no homeruns

Geovanny Nuńez (All Stars Caronno) was the last hitter and won by hitting four homeruns

Geovanny sets her teeth in her Homerun Derby Award

The first posters of the European Championship were shown during the tournament
The Championships will be held July 31-August 6 in Ronchi dei Legionari (Italy)

livestream-coverage of the homerun derby (30 minutes)
Watch live streaming video from radiosoftball at livestream.com

Netherlands vs. Italy
In the evening, weather conditions improved, but the Dutch Team faced an early deficit in a game which was not limited to the 1 1/2 hour of playing time. Playing in front of 300 spectators, Italy opened the score quickly off starter Ginger de Weert. With one out, Sandra Bosdachin singled, then Andrea Montanari (who had hit three homeruns during the preceeding Homerun Derby) hit a 2-run homerun with two outs, which in the end was the deciding hit of the game.

Italy added a run in the second inning and another one in the fourth at bat, both scored by Sara Avanzi.

In the fifth inning, Rebecca Soumeru took over the pitching and retired nine of the 10 batters she faced.

The Dutch Team got on base in six of the seven innings played, but left nine runners behind. In the first inning, Chantal Versluis led off with a walk, but stranded on second base. In the second inning, two batters walked, but both were left. In the fourth inning, Karin Tuk doubled to register the first Dutch hit off Stella Turazzi, who went the distance and struckout eight batters. In the fifth, Yonina Sint Jago led off with a double, but also was left at second base. After leaving another runner in the sixth, two runners got on base in the seventh. With one out, Fabienne van Uden singled, as did Meike Witteveen with two outs. Next, Virginie Anneveld drove the ball into deep rightfield, but she had no luck, as the ball was caught just before the fence by rightfielder Lara Buica to end the game.

The last time Italy won vs. the Dutch squad was on June 15, 2007 when it won 7-4 in eight innings to reach to final of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Ronchi dei Legionari (Italy). The next day, the Dutch Team also reached the final, then beat Italy 3-2 in eight innings to qualify for the Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing (China).

Box Score game Netherlands vs. Italy

Yonina Sint Jago before the game against Italy

Virginie Anneveld throws a ball during a hitting drill

The umpires for the game against Italy
Angelo Nearco (field) and Manuel Cortes (home plate)

The coaches and umpires have their pre-game meeting

The Dutch players are ready for the game

The national anthems of Italy and the Netherlands are played

Dutch starter Ginger de Weert threw four innings

Andrea Montanari is greeted after hitting her 2-run homerun in the first inning

A view in the Dutch dug-out

Nathalie Timmermans talks with Coach Mireille Gill'ard
at first base after walking in the second inning

The sun sets on a nice evening in Bollate

Rebecca Soumeru took over the pitching in the fifth inning

End of the game; Italy wins 4-0

livestream-coverage of the game vs. Italy (1:20 hours)
Watch live streaming video from radiosoftball at livestream.com

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