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Berend Mannessen - Coach / Coordinator Juniors

PositionFlex Coach / Coordinator Dutch Juniors
Dutch National TeamSeptember 2011 - current (as Coach)
Games Dutch National Team26
Dutch Junior Team RedSeptember 2011 - current (as Coach/Coord.)
Games Dutch Juniors Red0
Dutch Junior Team WhiteSeptember 2011 - current (as Coach/Coord.)
Games Dutch Juniors White0

Clubs / Teams as Player
De Rijp (De Rijp, soccer, 1954)
RCH (Heemstede, soccer, 1955-1959)
ETO/Hoofddorp (Hoofddorp, soccer, 1960-1985)
Hoofddorp Pioniers (Hoofddorp, baseball, 1968-1978)
BV Hoofddorp (Hoofddorp, basketball, 1970-1973)

as Coach
Hoofddorp Pioniers (Hoofddorp, AC 1985; HC 1986-1989; 1995-2007; current)
DSC '74 (Haarlem, AC 1990; HC 1991-1993)
Alphians (Alphen a/d Rijn, HC 1994)
DSS (Haarlem, HC 2009-2010)
UVV (Utrecht, HC 2011)
National Teams
FC Netherlands National Softball Team (September 2011-current)
FC/CO Netherlands Junior Red Team (September 2011-current)
FC/CO Netherlands Junior White Team (September 2011-current)
(HC = Head Coach / AC = Assistant Coach
FC = Flex Coach / CO = Coördinator)

...Tournaments participated in...
as Coach
with Clubteams
HC tournaments/practice camps in Belgium

with Regional Haarlem Cadets Team
HC Dutch Championship Tournament

with Foreign All Star Team (FAST)
2009 - AC Holland Tour (Nieuwegein, Netherlands)

with Holland All Stars
2011 - HC Holland Tour (De Bilt, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior White Team
2011 - HC Right To Play Future Stars Tournament (Team White) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior Red Team
2012 - AC International Indoor Cup (Team White) (Schiedam, Netherlands)

with Dutch Junior Softball Teams
2012 - HC Future Stars Tournament (Team Pink) (Amsterdam, Neth.) (Red/White)
2013 - HC Future Stars Tournament (Team Green) (Amsterdam, Neth.) (Red/White)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2012 - AC Holland Tour (Nieuwegein, Netherlands)
AC World Cup of Softball (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
AC Seattle Series (Seattle, Washington, USA)
AC World Championship (Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada)
2013 - AC Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
AC European Championship (Prague, Czech Republic)
2014 - AC USA Tour I (various sites, Florida, USA)

(HC = Head Coach / AC = Assistant Coach)

2009 - Softball Coach of the Year
2012 - Nol Noutkamp Award
Since September 2011 Berend Mannessen, who celebrates his birthday on May 5 (born in Den Oever), is the new Flex Coach of the Dutch National Softball Teams. As Flex Coach, Berend assists the existing coaching staffs of the Dutch National Team and the Dutch Junior Teams during games and practices as a coach and instructor. Besides that, Berend will assist Head Coach Craig Montvidas as a Coordinator for the national youth-teams and organisation of practices and try-outs.

In 2011, Berend already assisted several times as a coach. In February of 2011 he was the coach of Team White (one of the Junior White Teams), which then participated in the second Right To Play Future Stars Tournament in Amsterdam. On May 15, Berend is the Head Coach of the Holland All Stars, a team compiled of players from the two top leagues that plays against the Dutch National Softball Team in the opening double-header of the Holland Tour.
In July, Berend assisted during the final preparations of the Dutch National Team before the European Championship in Italy. On the photo at right he is pictured with Coach Tracy Bunge during the last practice before the team left. On September 28, Mannessen coordinated the try-out of the preliminary selection of the Dutch Junior White Team for the 2012 season (photo left).

In 2012, Berend makes his debut as Coach of the Dutch National Team during its international trip to the United States (World Cup of Softball in Oklahoma City and exhibtion series in Seattle) and Canada (World Championship).

Berend was active as a coach at a young age. Initially, he led the peanutball-teams (T-ball) of his daughters. After that period, he kept on coaching them when the played in youth softball-teams.

In 1985, Berend was the Assistant Coach of Helma Kuijpers at the softball-team of Hoofddorp Pioniers. That year, the team played games for promotion and as Helma Kuijpers herself was a playing/coach, Berend was asked to serve as third base coach. After having led Pioniers four seasons as Head Coach (promotion from Second Division to First Division in 1988), Mannessen got the opportunity to coach in the Dutch big league for DSC '74 (the current Olympia Haarlem) as the Assistant Coach of former National Team Head Coach Nol Houtkamp. After his debut in the big league (1990), Mannessen became the Head Coach, succeeding Houtkamp, who himself went on to lead the team of Onze Gezellen. In his first season as Head Coach of DSC '74, his Assistant Coach was Paul Boonstra, who has been the Team Manager now for several years of the Dutch National Softball Team. Mannessen led DSC '74 for three seasons on the highest level, then took a step back to coach Alphians, which then played in a regional division.

In the early nineties, Coach Mannessen gave catching instructions at a winter school of the then-existing Haarlem Region, being joined back then by former National Team-player Lynn Geertman and José Nonnekens. Together with Ingeborg Cleeren, another former National Team-player, Berend twice coached the Haarlem Region Cadets Team during the National Championship Tournaments for Regional Teams. The first year, the team won silver, the second year, the team won the Dutch title with one of its pitchers being future National Team-pitcher Maaike Zijlstra, who currently is the Pitching Coach of the Dutch Juniors Red Team.

In 1995, Berend Mannessen returned back to Hoofddorp Pioniers and there he would lead the women softball-team for thirteen more seasons. After not being active for one year, he returned in the coaching box in 2009. He then coached the Haarlem-squad of DSS, whom he led in his first season to the championship in the 'Overgangsklasse', resulting in promotion to the Dutch big league. In the following season, DSS returned to the highest level after a 24-year absence, but then relegated again. Mannessen left the club as coach and then was named Head Coach for the 2011 season of the softball-team of UVV. And there, he also was succesfull, as he reached the Promotion/Relegation Play-Off with UVV and promoted to the big league. After a sweep against Centrals, promotion was a reality, but then Mannessen resigned after the season as coach.

Berend started playing baseball when he already was 21 and he then played for Hoofddorp Pioniers. Berend: ,,The baseball-division there was founded by two of my soccer teammates. They were Coen Lammerts and Arie van Zuilen, the latter passed away in 2011, when the club was named ETO as part of soccer-club ETO in Hoofddorp. As lots of my teammates went on to play baseball, I also started to play''. Berend played baseball for eleven years at Pioniers, primarily as an outfielder.

Berend has always played sports. He played soccer for 30 years (starting when he was seven) for the clubteams of De Rijp, RCH and ETO, which later became SV Hoofddorp. For the last club, he played 21 years in the main squad. Besides that, he also played four years basketball for BV Hoofddorp. ,,And for health-reasons, I still work out in a fitness school twice a week'', adds Berend.

Berend is marries with Nel and has two daughters, Ursula and Kitty, and one son, Henk. Ursula and Kitty both played softball. Kitty played in the big league with DSC '74. Son Henk still plays baseball for Hoofddorp Pioniers (currently in the second squad), but played several years ago with Pioniers in the big league.

What his favorites are concerned, Berend very much likes British police series and so he choice for his favorite actor is John Thaw, who plays the role of Inspector Morse in the British series of that name. He doesn't have a favorite actress.

What music is concerned likes Berend all genres. ,,Except hardrock and metal''. Phil Collins is his favorite male singer and Anouk his favorite female singer, while Queen is in first place what his favorite band is concerned.

Spaghetti Bolognese is Berend's favorite food and when could choose three persons to dinner with, he opts for Nelson Mandela, Al Gore and A.J. van Santbrinck, with whom he would love to talk about apartheid, the climate and children's.

Has Berend an idol? ,,Sorry, I don't have one.'' Another fact of Berend? He had never flown, before traveling to the USA and Canada with the Dutch squad in 2012!

2012 --- In the weekend of January 13-15, Berend serves as Coach of Team White, one of the two squads of the Dutch Junior Red Softball Team that participates in the International Indoor Cup in Schiedam (Netherlands). During the tournament, he assists Nathalie Franssen --- In January, Berend announces he returns to Hoofddorp Pioniers to be the Head Coach of the softball-team for a third period. He already coached there in 1985-1989 and in 1995-2007 --- In the weekend of February 11-12, Berend is the Head Coach of Team Pink, one of the five combination squads of the Dutch Junior Red and White Teams that participates in the 3rd Donnay/Right To Play Future Stars Tournament in Amsterdam.
2011 --- In February, Berend is one of the coaches of the Junior White-teams during the 2nd Future Stars Tournament in Amsterdam --- In his first (and only) season as Head Coach at UVV, he leads the softball-team to second place in the 'Overgangsklasse', giving the team the right to participate in the Promotion/Relegation Play-Offs against Centrals, which finished in seventh place in the big league --- In the best-of-five, UVV comes to a sweep and promotes to the Dutch big league --- In September, Berend becomes one of the Flex Coaches of the Dutch National Softball Team, but also will assist National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas with the coordination of the National Youth Teams.
2010 --- For a second year, Berend leads DSS, which returns to the big league after an 24-year absence --- As expected, the team has a tough season and relegates --- In November, Berend is named Head Coach of the Utrecht-based team of UVV.
2009 --- Berend makes his debut as Head Coach of the Haarlem-based DSS, but immediately is successful --- He guides the team to the championship in the 'Overgangsklasse' and that means promotion to the big league --- After the season, he is named Softball Coach of the Year.
1995-2007 --- In 1995 Berend returns as Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers, who he then leads for thirteen seasons.
1994 --- This year, Berend is the Head Coach of Alphians.
1991-1993 --- Berend succeeds Nol Houtkamp as Head Coach at DSC '74 (which now is Olympia Haarlem) and leads the softball-team for three seasons in the big league --- In the same period, he wins the Dutch championship with the Regional Haarlem Cadets Softball Team.
1990 --- Berend is the Assistant Coach of (former National Team-Head Coach) Nol Houtkamp at DSC '74, which plays in the Dutch big league.
1988 --- As Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers, Berend leads the team to the championship in the Second Division and promotes to the First Division.
1986 --- After being Assistant Coach for one year, Berend becomes the Head Coach of Hoofddorp Pioniers and leads the team for three seasons.
1985 --- Berend makes his debut as coach, being the Assistant Coach of the softball-team of Hoofddorp Pioniers.
1970-1973 --- Berend played basketball for BV Hoofddorp.
1968-1978 --- In these eleven season, Berend plays baseball (primarily as an outfielder) for Hoofddorp Pioniers.
1960 --- Berend plays soccer for ETO, which becomes SV Hoofddorp, where he plays for 21 seasons in the main squad.
1954 --- At age 7, Berend starts playing soccer for De Rijp, then plays for RCH a year later, where he played five seasons.

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