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Olympic Games - Day 5

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Olympic Games - Day 5 - Saturday, August 9
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Day 5: Visits and Receptions

BEIJING (China) - Today, Saturday, August 9, was a day of an unexpected, but important visit in the Olympic Village and a reception at the Holland Heineken House.

In the morning, the Dutch Olympic Softball Team got an unexpected visit from Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The NOC*NSF had requested for appartements for the Dutch Prime Minister to visit and the softball-team had applied for that and was visited. Players of the Dutch Team said that Mr. Balkenende was very friendly and luckily all rooms were in proper order. Sandra Gouverneur acted as the guide and showed Jan Peter Balkenende around the appartment of the Dutch Softball Team.

Today was a relaxed day for the national team. After yesterday-evening's spectacular Opening Ceremony, everyone needed a little rest, as the legs were tired after the long outing around and in the stadium. By the way, Jolanda Kroesen and Kim Kluijskens were separated from the team after the Opening Ceremony ended when everyone had to return to the Olympic Village, but the two were assisted by some of the Dutch baseball-players and returned safely. There is a good cooperation between the Dutch baseball and softball-teams. The baseball-players are looking carefully after our softball-players.

After breakfast and lunch, everyone had some time off, but later in the day, it was off to the videoroom to watch videos. The team also had time to watch Dutch judoka Ruben Houkes win the first Dutch medal (bronze) of this Olympics.

Tomorrow, the Dutch team will get the mini-bicycles it had ordered. They were expected today, but the car of the bicycle-dealer had an even license plate and therefore wasn't allowed to drive today. During the Olympics, cars with even numbers and odd numbers drive day by day. By the way, it was reported that the Dutch Baseball Team also will buy some. The players are looking out to the bicycles. The Olympic Village isn't that big, but everyone goes back and forth frequently to arrange all kinds of things. It heavy duty for the knees of Coach Rob Walgien, so with the bicycles everything will go quicker and of course easier. Ealier in the day, the softball-team was able to get hold of some form of transport for the equipment, which is heavy to carry around.

In the evening, the Dutch Softball Team conducted another 2-hour practice session on the Olympic playing site. Tomorrow, the team has the day off. On Tuesday, the Olympic Softball Tournament opens. The Dutch Team then meets host China.

In the afternoon, KNBSB-President Ruud van Zetten, his wife Rienette and KNBSB-Boardmember André van Overbeek attended a reception of the Netherlands Olympic Committee, which was held at the Holland Heineken House. They also met Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, but also Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Secretary of Sports and were of course greeted by NOC*NSF President Erica Terpstra.

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende visited the Dutch Softball Team

The Softball Team poses with Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende

KNBSB-President Ruud van Zetten hands a gift to NOC*NSF Chairman Erica Terpstra
(Photo taken by Rienette van Zetten)

There were also gifts for Sports Secretary Jet Bussemaker and Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende
(Photo taken by Rienette van Zetten)

Coach Linda Wells rides the temporary equipment-transport in the Olympic Village
(Photo taken by Caroline Theunissen)

Coach Rob Walgien prepares the field after completion of practice in the evening
(Photo taken by Caroline Theunissen)

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