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Anton Kops - KNBSB Boardmember/Delegate (2009)

PositionKNBSB Boardmember/Delegate (March-Nov.2009)
Games National Team0
National TeamMarch - November 2009 (as Delegate)

Teams as Coach
Twins (Oosterhout)
HC Ducks (Boxtel, 1997)
Sparta-Feyenoord (Rotterdam)
Gryphons (Rosmalen)
(Dutch Major League: 1997)

National Teams
DEL Netherlands National Women Softball Team (Aug.-Nov.2009)
DEL Netherlands National Junior Softball Team (Aug.-Nov.2009)
DEL Netherlands National Men Softball Team (Aug.-Nov.2009)
(DEL = Delegate)

Organisations Member of the Board KNBSB (March-November 2009)
...Tournaments Participated In...
as Organisor
2007 - European Championships Juniors (Rosmalen, Neth.)
(President Organizing Committee)

On March 28, 2009, Anton Kops changes position in the Board of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB). He moves from Player Development to Top Softball and succeeds André van Overbeek (with whom he is pictured on the photo at right). However, due to illness, Anton can not assume his new position when elected in March 2009. Therefore, André van Overbeek stays on as interim-Member of the Board. Luckily, towards the end of August 2009, it is announced that Anton has recovered completely and takes over the duties of André. On November 4, the entire 4-man Board of the Dutch Association steps down due to a conflict with its Jury of Appeal.

Initially, Anton Kops makes his debut in the Board of the Dutch Federation on April 2, 2008, when he takes over the post for Player Development. In his new position within the KNBSB-Board, Anton was responsible for the Topsport Softball Section and was overseeing the competitions at the highest levels, but also all activities concerning the national softball-teams for both women and men. In this role, Kops made arrangements with the coaches and staff-members of the national women (seniors/youth) and men teams, as well as having several meetings and talks with representatives of several organisations and members of the board of the Dutch softball-clubs.

After completing his study at the Academy of Visual Arts in the Netherlands, Anton Kops ends up in Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany). There, he experiences his first acquaintances with baseball and softball on the American military Air Force Base in Frankfurt. When Anton returns to the Netherlands after a while, he founds the baseball- and softball-club Bernisse in Heenvliet in 1973, which is situated close to Rotterdam. While not playing the sport himself, Anton Kops becomes an umpire in both baseball and softball.

After moving from Heenvliet to Oosterhout in the south of the country, Anton becomes an active member of Twins, the local baseball- and softball-club in that city. At Twins, his daughter Nynke starts to play softball and reaches the main squad of the club, with whom she plays in the Dutch big league between 1993 and 2003. In that period, he also learns to know current National Team Head Coach Craig Montvidas, who is the Head Coach of Twins in 1990-1994 and its Technical Coordinator in 1995. Because of the enthusiasm of his daughter, Anton starts to coach several softballteams at Twins, but also coaches softball-squads at Ducks (Boxtel), Sparta/Feyenoord (Rotterdam) and Gryphons (Rosmalen). At Ducks, Anton was the Head Coach in 1997 when the women team played in the Dutch Major League.

Besides coaching, Anton Kops holds several positions (member of the board and/or commissions) within Twins and organisations. In 2007, he is the President of the Organizining Committee of the European Championships for Juniors, which are being held in Rosmalen. He is not only active as a boardmember within Twins, but also in the public life and in corporate business.

After a career of 25 years at the executive level for an European Direct Marketing organisation, Anton starts his own company in 1992 and heads an advertising and marketing company, where he is the director.

Anton Kops sees ambition, teambuilding, organisation talent and communication as his most important qualities. He uses these characteristics in his postion as Member of the Board for Player Development, as well as Softball Affairs of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (KNBSB).

In 2012, Anton is a member of the Organizing Commitee of the European Junior Championships held in Rosmalen, The Netherlands.

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