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Anouk Fermont - Physical Therapist

PositionPhysical Therapist
Dutch National TeamJan. 2009 - current
Games Dutch National Team38
Dutch Junior Team RedOct. 2009 - current
Games Dutch Jr Team Red6
Dutch Junior Team WhiteOct. 2009 - current
Games Dutch Jr Team White0

Clubs / Teams as Player
VHC (Venlo, hockey)

as Physical Therapist
National Teams
Netherlands National Softball Team (Jan. 2009-current)
Netherlands National Junior Teams (Oct. 2009-current)

...Tournaments Participated In...
2005 - Roparun (Rotterdam, Netherlands/Paris, France)
2006 - Roparun (Rotterdam, Netherlands/Paris, France)

with Dutch National Softball Team
2009 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
Canada Cup (Surrey, Canada)
World Cup of Softball (Oklahoma City, USA)
European Championships (Valencia, Spain)
2010 - Holland Tour (Oosterhout, Netherlands)
2011 - Holland Tour (several sites, Netherlands)
Games vs. Argentina (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
European Championship (Ronchi dei Legionari/Staranzano, Italy)

with Dutch Junior Softball Teams
2010 - Right To Play Future Stars Tournament (Amsterdam, Neth.) (Red/White)
European Championship Juniors (Vienna, Austria) (Red)

Anouk Fermont (who celebrates her birthday on August 24) makes her debut in 2009 as Physical Therapist of the Dutch National Softball Team, sharing the postion with Sanne Oude Egberink. In October 2009, Anouk also becomes involved with the Dutch National Junior Team.

When Anouk lives in Venlo in the province of Limburg at an earlier age, she plays hockey for VHC, but her real passion is another sport. Since her youth, Anouk is a fanatic bicycle-rider and mountainbiker. She is not affiliated with a club and doesn't participate in events, but every year she participates in a big bicycle track, which is organized by ''her own little club''.

In 2005 and 2006, Anouk is a Physical Therapist accompanying teams who participate in the Roparun, a 530 km running event from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to French capital Paris in which people, running in teams, deliver a sportive accomplishment to raise money for people with cancer. In 17 editions so far, the Roparun-organisation raised almost 30 million Euro.

Before becoming a Physical Therapist, Anouk has a complete different occupation. In her study period, she is a member of student-boards and becomes an environment expert, working six years for an engineering advice bureau. There, she has an advisory position, giving advices concerning land use planning and environment issues. Because of these governmental matters, she attended several local public authority meetings.

But being a fanatic athlete, she missed something while doing this work. While playing sports, she becomes interested in Physical Therapy and frequently looks how her own Physical Therapists work. ,,It triggered something, so I decided to listen to my inner voice'', Anouk said and became a Physical Therapist herself.

Like Sanne, Anouk is one of 44 Physical Therapists working at Tamminga Fysiotherapie under the direction of Rob Tamminga, who himself is one of two Physical Therapists of the Dutch National Baseball Team. Because of her work, Anouk accompanies a lot of different athletes. While having served as a fill-in for some women soccer teams, Anouk has not yet been a staff member of a clubteam or national team so far. That meant that 2009 marked the fact that she was associated with a (national) team for the first time. After working for over two years now at Tamminga Fysiotherapie, several teams are being formed to perform coaching and support for different teams. Anouk forms a team with Sanne for the National Softball Team.

Anouk gets acquainted with softball during her school years, so the sport is not new to her. Anouk: ,,I like it very much being part of the team and being involved with it. I'm pretty fanatic myself, so I enjoy working with the girls working towards something. The players are great, there is lot of dynamic within the team. Besides that, it's fun to work together with Sanne.''

2011 --- On August 6, Anouk is a member of the staff when the Dutch Team again captures the title during the European Championship in Italy.
2010 --- In July, Anouk is the Physical Therapist of the Dutch National Junior Softball Team during the European Junior Championship in Vienna (Austria).
2009 --- In January, Anouk is named one of two Physical Therapists in the staff of the Dutch National Softball Team, succeeding Rob Oskam, who was with the team since early 2007 --- On May 3, on the first day of the Holland Tour, Anouk makes her game-debut with the Dutch National Team --- On August 1, during the European Championships in Valencia (Spain), Anouk is a member of the staff when the Dutch Team captures the first European title in 19 years.
2005-2006 --- Anouk participates in the Roparun, which raised money for people with cancer.

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